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                                                                       Mission Statement
      Each person is a unique creation of God. All of us are gifted. Every aspect of what we think and do should be based upon the Gospel values of
                                                               Peace, Justice, Truth and Love

As a school, we will do our best:                                                           As parents/carers we will do our best:

     to fulfil our mission statement and uphold the values of the Catholic Church             to support the mission statement and uphold the values of the Catholic Church
     to provide a broad and balanced curriculum and keep parents informed termly              to ensure our son/daughter attends school regularly and punctually
      about their son/daughter’s progress                                                      to telephone the school on the first day of absence by 10.00 am and on return
     to keep parents informed of any serious problems that may arise in school, i.e.           send a written explanation
      concerns about work, behaviour or bullying                                               to ensure that our son/daughter arrives at school in correct school uniform and
     to monitor use of homework diaries and respond to parental concerns                       properly equipped
      expressed therein                                                                        to undertake not to request leave of absence in term time except in exceptional
     to deal with parental concerns promptly aiming to make an initial response                circumstances
      within twenty four hours                                                                 to keep the school informed about changes in home address, telephone number
     to provide a quality teaching and learning experience for each student                    and other contact information
     to maintain an open door policy for teacher/parent discussion                            to keep the school informed about any concerns or problems which might affect
     to apply the school’s policy* on rewards and sanctions fairly and keep parents            my son/daughter’s work or behaviour, e.g. bullying, family concerns
      informed.                                                                                to actively support my son/daughter with homework and sign the homework
     to provide parents with a half termly newsletter and all relevant information             planner each week
      regarding school life                                                                    to respond to all school concerns promptly and effectively
     to set, mark and monitor homework effectively                                            to support the school’s disciplinary policy, including evening detentions. I am
     to ensure a safe, secure learning environment                                             aware of school policy that possession of illegal drugs in school will usually lead
     to provide equality of opportunity for all students                                       to permanent exclusion
     to listen to the students and provide opportunities for them to contribute to            to attend parent/teacher consultation evenings and other relevant meetings
      school life through the student council                                                  to support the Nicholas Breakspear School Association where possible
     to provide a range of extra curricular activities and opportunities for out of           to encourage my child’s active involvement in extra curricular activities
      school hours learning

                                                                   As a student, I will do my best:
     to work within our Mission Statement and respect the needs and rights of
      others. I shall under no circumstances bully other students.                             to record all homework in the homework diary and complete it on time
     to arrive at school each day on time, in full and correct school uniform and             to make sure any letters/messages between home and school are delivered
      with the correct equipment                                                                promptly
     to show respect for and co-operate with all members of the school community              to work to the best of my ability and respect the right of other students to learn
     to follow the NBS Code of Conduct                                                        to take pride in my school and become actively involved in school life, including
     to accept fairly applied sanctions including evening detentions                           extra curricular activities where possible
     to behave well on journeys to and from school                                            to respect school property and help keep the school free from litter and graffiti

    *All policy documents are available on request at school.
    Policy: Home School Agreement                                               Last Review: 01/06/08                                    Staff/Gov Responsible : BWE / DMH
    Pages: Page 1 of 1                                                          Review Date: 01/06/09                                    Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School

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