My name is Thomas Dewhirst by JZaRVc


									                                                  Personal-I moved to this area in 1956.
                                                  As a young boy, I worked on our family
                                                  beef farm, which covered land in both
                                                  the towns of Washington and Stanford.
                                                  There I learned the importance of
                                                  “community” by developing
                                                  relationships with other local farmers. I
                                                  was also active in 4H cattle shows,
                                                  where I learned the importance of
                                                  teamwork and responsibility. I
                                                  graduated from Millbrook High School
in 1966. After graduating, I continued to work on our family farm as well as with
several local business owners here in Stanford. I was employed by Agway Energy
Products for 23 years. I started as a delivery driver and was promoted to Service
Department Supervisor. I served in that position for 14 years. As Supervisor, I
strengthened my teamwork and problem solving skills. Using the company’s resources,
training programs and with hands on experience, I strengthened my leadership abilities
and learned the importance of support and guidance in a team. I was employed by the
Town Highway Department since 1966 and recently retired in 2010. I proudly
performed my duties in keeping our town roads and grounds neat, clean and safe for my
community. Most of you have seen me as the “Man on the Tractor”. My wife, Erin, and
I have enjoyed 30 years together here in Stanford. Though we no longer farm, we still
reside on part of the original acreage. We have enjoyed the conveniences of the Town
Recreation Park and Town Library as local resources for our family. Preservation of
these resources as well as supporting small businesses is of great importance to both of
us. Our country is up against many struggles both politically and economically. It is
imperative, more than ever before, that we all work together on a local level to do all
we can. A continual plan for fiscally responsible actions and “common sense”
decisions and directives will be the key moving forward. I belive my greatest strength is
my desire to serve. I look forward to working with the board to bring fresh ideas to the
table and implement existing plans to benefit the town and its people. I will remain
steadfast in my ability to learn and grow with each of you for the good of the cause. My
goal will be to listen to the voice of my neighbors and act on their concerns and to
assist our board members to help form solid working relationships with all residents. I
look forward to working as a team to support the future needs of our growing
community. I will work to represent the best interests of all who reside here. I love my
town and plan to remain a lifetime resident here in Stanford. Your thoughts and
opinions are important and deserve to be heard. I look forward to meeting and talking
with you in the coming months. email

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