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									Middlesex County NOW
PO Box 1432, Highland Park, NJ 08904

                                        July, 2012
Officers                                        represented at the conference by our vice
President – Skip Drumm                          president, Lisanne Powers.
Vice President – Lisanne Powers
Secretary – Alan Gross                          2012 Elections
Treasurer – Roberta Berlin                      Do you have a favorite candidate whom
Campus Liaison – Sarah Kelly                    you would like to see elected? Go and
Newsletter Editor – Skip Drumm                  volunteer to work in her/his campaign. I’m
State Board Rep – Gabby Celeiro                 going to keep saying this until Election Day
State Board Alternate -Sarah MacCombie          in November. This is a critical period in our
                                                country’s history, and women’s rights are in
                                                peril. Ms. Magazine details the top 10
Our Next Meeting                                rights that we are likely to lose here. It is
Our next meeting will be Monday, July 9th       really scary.
at the home of Rich and John. Dinner will
be served, once again courtesy of our           For those interested in working in the
hosts. Let me know if you're planning to        Obama for America campaign, their NJ
attend, so we can have enough food for          headquarters are nearby:
everyone.                                       542 Georges Road, 2nd Floor
                                                North Brunswick, NJ 08902
2012 Remaining Chapter Meeting Dates
July 9
August 13                                       Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF)
September 10                                    News Digest: Paycheck Fairness Act
October 8                                       Filibustered by Senate Republicans
December 17 (Party)                             The Paycheck Fairness Act failed to get the
                                                60 votes necessary to break the
                                                Republican filibuster in the US Senate
2012 National NOW Conference                    today and was not brought to the floor, with
   Fri, June 29 - Sun, July 1                   all Republicans voting against the bill and
      Baltimore, Maryland                       all Democrats voting for the bill in a straight
     “Energize! Organize!                       party-line vote. The Paycheck Fairness Act
   Stop the War on Women”                       sought to protect women's right to equal
                                                pay by closing loophole of the Equal Pay
Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina                Act of 1963. Under the proposed law,
Monologs was keynote speaker at the 2012        employers would have been required to
National NOW Conference. Also speaking          demonstrate that salary differences
and receiving “The Woman of Courage”            between men and women who do the
Award was Sandra Fluke, who had been            same work are not due to gender.
much in the news as a target of right wing      Employers would have also been barred
politicos for her stance on birth control and   from retaliating against employees who
women’s rights. Our chapter was                 share paycheck information with coworkers.
Middlesex County NOW
PO Box 1432, Highland Park, NJ 08904

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What Obama Has Done During His                  FMF News Digest: Personhood Initiative
Three Years in Office                           Pursued in Montana
On Obama’s first day in office, he signed       Opponents of abortion are working to
the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Here is a     include a personhood initiative on the
brief list of Obama’s accomplishments to        state's ballot this November. The
compare with Romney’s statement that this       personhood initiative, known as
has been a “failed presidency.”                 amendment Cl-108, seeks to define life
                                                under state law as beginning at the
                                                moment of fertilization, granting fertilized
FMF News Digest: DHS Bill Includes              eggs with the full rights and privileges of a
Anti-Abortion Rider                             person under the Montana state
The US House of Representatives passed          constitution. As a result, Cl-108 would not
a Homeland Security spending bill that          only put a woman's right to an abortion in
includes an anti-abortion rider. Under the      danger, but it could also threaten the rights
provision of the bill, Immigration and          to oral and emergency contraception, IUDs,
Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be              in-vitro fertilization, and stem cell research.
prohibited from providing abortion services
to illegal immigrant detainees. The bill was
approved by the GOP controlled House on         FMF News Digest: House Bill Restricts
a straight party-line vote, 234-182.            DC Abortions
According to the Associated Press, the bill     A spending bill released on Tuesday by US
has little chance of being passed in the        House of Representatives Republicans
Senate.                                         maintains provisions that restrict abortion in
                                                the District of Columbia and a planned bill
                                                seeks to further restrict abortion in DC.
FMF News Digest: MI House Panel                 Under the introduced spending bill, DC
Approves Restrictive Abortion Law               would be prohibited from using its
A package of anti-abortions bills in            taxpayers' money to subsidize the cost of
Michigan was approved by a State House          abortions for low-income women, a
Panel yesterday and the bills are expected      provision that has been included in every
to be brought to a floor vote next week.        version of the spending bill since
Under the proposed laws, abortion would         Republicans took control of the House in
be banned after 20 weeks; doctors would         1994.
be required to screen women seeking
abortions to make sure they are not being
coerced; doctors would be prohibited from       FMF News Digest: Thousands Protest
using webcams to provide consultation as        Turkish Anti-Abortion Proposal
women undergo medication abortions; and         Protesters rallied in Istanbul on Sunday to
there would be new restrictions on              protest proposed anti-abortion laws by
disposing of fetal remains. The Detroit         Turkish Prime Minster Tayyip Erdogan. An
News reports that one of the bills also         estimated 3,000 to 4,000 protesters
requires clinics that perform abortions to be   gathered, most of them women. One
licensed as surgical centers.                   protestor, Bahar Guler, told Reuters that "it
                                                is our right to choose when to give birth or
Middlesex County NOW
PO Box 1432, Highland Park, NJ 08904

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to have children at all. We will not bow to     that appeared in the November 2011
AKP [Erdogan's political party]                 newsletter. (Available on our website:
fundamentalism.”                                www.nownj.org/Middlesex). For more
                                                information: mimi_pichey@hotmail.com or 732-
As reported in the Feminist Daily Newswire,     316-1078.
Erdogan's proposed legislation would put
severe limitations on abortion. Under
Erdogan's proposed plan, abortions would        Be a Foster or Adoptive Parent
be legal only for medical reasons, and the      Bill Scott and Pam Irvin of the NJ Dept. of
procedure would only be permitted within        Children and Families, Division of Youth
eight weeks of conception. Analysts have        and Family Services, graciously joined us
questioned Erdogan's motives, citing his        at our June 11th meeting. They provided
desire for Turkey to be among the top ten       an informative presentation on the need for
economies by 2023 and his stance that           foster or adoptive parents. There are
population growth is crucial in achieving       thousands of NJ children who need the
that goal. The Health Minister of Turkey        warmth and guidance of a family. Foster
also recently proposed penalizing hospitals     parents can be single, married in a
that carry out elective cesarean sections,      domestic partnership or a civil union. The
stating that he believes they lead to lower     important thing is their willingness to and
birth rates.                                    ability to parent. If you or someone you
                                                know would like to learn more, please
                                                contact Bill Scott,
Saving Abortion: What can you do?               william.scott@dcf.state.nj.us,
“Seeking Women with a Story to Tell”            Tel. (908) 497-1488.
By Mimi Pichey
The Rutgers University Choice group (RU
Choice) has partnered with the Middlesex        Guest Contributors are welcome!
County chapter of NOW to record women’s         Send articles, poetry, and other items of
stories, both taped and written. Our goal is    interest to the chapter at
to post some short videos and written           Middlesex@nownj.org.
memories on a website and reach out to
young people using the internet. We're
hoping that these vignettes can educate         What issues would you like to see our
young people about the dangers that await       chapter address?
if we don't pay attention to preserving the     Please reply to Middlesex@nownj.org.
rights we gained in 1973.

The videotaping is being done by Rutgers        How to Contact your State and National
students. Check out the several that have       Legislators:
already been posted at Never Go Back. If        Go to www.Congress.org. Enter your zip code
you prefer, it could be done so that you are    to find your legislators and their contact
not recognizable. You would have the            information.
ability to approve the final product before
publication. You are also welcome to
share a written memory such as the one

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