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									The GOP 100 Day Agenda: A Midterm Report
Last year, Republican legislative candidates campaigned on a 100 Days that Will Change North Carolina
platform. This past Wednesday was the 50th legislative day of the 2011 General Assembly session. Here is a
status report of the items in the GOP agenda.

-- Pass The Healthcare Protection Act, exempting North Carolinians from the job-killing, liberty-restricting
mandates of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obama-Care”). Status: Passed House
and Senate. Vetoed by the governor.
-- Fight to protect jobs by keeping our Right to Work laws intact. Status: No efforts to restrict Right to
Work laws have advanced in the General Assembly.
-- Reduce the regulatory burden on small business. Status: The General Assembly passed and Gov. Bev
Perdue signed a law that restricts regulators’ ability to require more rules that result in a substantial cost.
In addition the General Assembly has established a Regulatory Reform Committee to recommend rules and
regulations that should be abolished.
-- Fund education in the classroom, not the bureaucracy. Proposed cuts to the public schools budget target
personnel outside the classroom. Status: The House budget is expected to be in committee and on the floor
over the next two weeks.
-- Eliminate the cap on charter schools. Status: A bill has passed the Senate and House. The bill is now in a
conference committee.
-- Pass the Honest Election Act, requiring a valid photo ID to vote. Status: Such a bill has been approved
by the House Elections Committee. It’s now in the House Appropriations Committee.
-- Pass the Eminent Domain constitutional amendment to protect private property rights. Status: A bill has
passed the House Judiciary Committee. It is scheduled for a floor vote in the House on Tuesday, April 26.
-- End pay-to-play politics and restore honesty and integrity to state government. Status: Bill has passed
the House Elections Committee and is now in the House Judiciary Committee.

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