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Disabling Google Toolbar Popups
If you have a Google toolbar you may need to disable the popup blocker
before using TELL ME MORE.

Look for the blocked icon on your toolbar to see if the toolbar is set to block popups.

To disable the Google popup blocker just for TELL ME MORE, go to the site and login.
Once you are on the site, click on blocked. Blocked will change to Popups okay.

To disable popup blocking completely, right click on the Google toolbar and then
select Google from the list. Uncheck the Google listing and that should turn off
Google popup blocking. To get the Google toolbar back, just right click anywhere on
the toolbar and then reselect Google.

Toolbars from Yahoo and MSN etc. also have popup blockers. If you are using one of
those toolbars check to make sure that the popup blocker is turned off.

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