Google whacking programme by JZaRVc


									Google whacking programme


- improve people’s imagination
- have fun
- try finding a Google whack

Equipment list

-   Home-made snap cards
-   Big dictionary
-   Pens and paper
-   String
-   Balloons

Time plan
7:15 – 7:35    people arrive and socialise
7:35 – 7:45    ice-breakers
7:45 – 7:48    Introduction
7:50 – 8:00    Activity 1
8:00 – 8:25    Activity 2
8:25 – 8:35    Activity 3
8:35 – 8:45    Activity 4
8:45 – 8:50    Conclusion
8:50 – 9:00    Hatikva and announcements
9:00 - …….     End


Play penguin game – or any other random game


The exec is sitting in a semi circle, some lying down and others just
daydreaming – all seeming very bored.

Spencer: I’m bored
Seb: me too
Chaya: there is never anything to do
Andrew: all we have is the laptop and msn isn’t working
Gabz: I can’t believe you’re saying this! The internet has everything you
would ever want to know in it, and you’re saying you guys are bored?
Spencer: that’s kinda true, I guess.
Chaya: yeh! A while ago I heard about this thing called “Google Whacking”
but I don’t know what it is – all I know is that it uses Google.
Andrew: I know what that is!
Seb: me too!
Andrew: basically you type 2 real words into Google and you have to try and
get only 1 result.
Chaya: that’s really easy! You could do anything?! Let’s say….

Ends in a freeze frame of all of them just with thinking faces on

Main Body

Divide members into 4 groups

Activity 1 – on the carpet in one corner

Play word association

This game proved to us that we got from the word Flower pot to the word…...
and how our imagination can really get us to anywhere.

Play word disassociation

This game shows that some of us can really say such random things and it’s
surprisingly hard for others to think of things up on the spot. This is a good
alternative if you are getting boring results in “word association”, it also is
funny to see what people think of up on the spot!

If there is time left:

Randomness is all about being different and being original. Everyone has an
individual personality, whether it’s being out load or quiet or crazy and mad or
even shy. Everyone shows their personality differently and it’s often shown
through randomness.

Activity 2 – on the carpet in the other corner

Try think up of some ideas hat could be used for Google whacking and write
them own on a list – use the big dictionary and their imagination.

There is actually a Google whacking website that shows the Google whack –
however now they are noticed “Google whacks” they have quite a few
websites saying they are “Google whack” – get it? so here are some original
- Anxiousness scheduler
- Squirreling dervishes
Rules to find a Google whack! Make sure both words become underlined once
searched. Try some at home and I would LOVE it if you guys contacted me if
you got one – cos honestly, I’m obsessed with it!

Have a few small discussions (each aprox 5 minutes long) about the following

- Why does daffy duck wear a towel when he comes out of the shower even
though usually he doesn’t wear any clothes?

- Why is it in the TV programme “sponge-bob-square-pants” they have to run
a bath even when they actually live under water?

- Why is it that in T.V shows that are supposedly over a few days, the
characters never go to the toilet?

- Why is it connect 4? And not connect 5, 6, 7 etc…

- Why is it “snakes and ladders” Because we never slide down snakes? Why
not slides?

- What came first: chicken or egg? / Lighter or match?

Everyone has different views on topics. Now, these topics were harmless and
random but you will find out that everyone think differently when discussing

Activity 3 – on the wooden floor

Play the game “snap” – take it in turns for each member to pick the snap

Explain - Google whacking is about matching up words in the right way so
you only get 1 result!

On snap cards have these pictures/ words:

-   Google whack
-   Picture of exec
-   Picture of fish
-   Picture of a light bulb
-   Picture of the number 2

In this game we proved that each card has a pair similar to itself. Like
personalities, everyone has someone just like themselves, these are friends 
in BBYO everyone is bound to find somebody like themselves and will always
make friends.
Activity 4 – in the space outside

Give out to each member:
- 1 piece of paper
- 1 long bit of string
- 1 felt tip pen
- 1 small balloon

Now in pairs you have 5 minutes to try and make the most imaginative,
random and funny invention. The inventions don’t have to be possible but try
being inventive. Each invention must have a purpose and have several special

Now display your inventions to the group.

This proves that when given any products it is ALWAYS possible to make
something out of it. Similar to life – things may seem useless but we always
get something out of them.


Back to how they were in the conclusion but they all seem more excited and
sitting up.

Spencer: I can’t believe we were saying we were bored before when we could
have been Google whacking!

Gabz: I know! Its so weird how even the 2 most random words you type in
still come up with thousands of results.

Chaya: but there are quite a few real Google whacks!

Seb: I know! Such as…. Bamboozle guzzler, antiestablishmentarianism
psycho and even ambidextrous scallywags

Andrew: random…. or what.

Gabz: in this programme we showed what you can do when you are bored –
but we missed out the best thing to do – BBYO! There are several events
during the year and every Sunday there is always a chapter meeting or social.
Even during the week you could get involved with Bournemouth BBYO by
writing a programme. You will never be bored with BBYO!

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