Google Docs Assignment by 2bEj7R5


									                            Google Docs Assignment

    Create a Google Docs account
    Generate a quiz, survey, or online worksheet that you could use with students in
       your classroom
    Generate a collaborative activity for students in your classroom.

Part 1: Create your own Google Docs account.

Part 2: Create a quiz, survey or online worksheet; just like the technology survey you
completed during the first session of this course.
Basically all of these fall under one term within Google Docs; it’s called a “form.” The
reason this is so valuable is because you can create the questions, embed the form onto a
website (like your wiki or other teacher website) and then students can access it from
any computer with Internet access. Also, all of the results are organized into a
spreadsheet and are stored for you to view at your leisure. You will soon see that this is
both an efficient and effective way of doing business!

   1.   Once you’re signed in, click “New” and “Form.”

   2.   Now decide whether you would like to create a quiz, survey or worksheet. I
        don’t use many surveys at all in my classes, but I have used this resource for
        quizzes and worksheets.
   3.   Generate the form. I’m not giving any minimum criteria because you are the
        expert of how this resource could be best applied to your own unique teaching
        situation. Just create something you can actually use. Consider how you could
        use it for an upcoming lesson or unit.
   4.   Once you’re done, click on “More Actions” and “Embed.”
   5.   Now copy the entire code that appears.
   6.   Create a new page on your wiki called “Google Docs Form Assignment.” Click
        “Edit this page.” Now paste the embed code for your form on this page and
        click “Save.”
   7.   On your main wiki page under “My Assignments,” create a title for “Assignment
        1: Creating a Google Docs Form” and insert a hyperlink to the page containing
        your embedded form.
Part 3: More advanced Google Docs Applications

At this point we’ve only scratched the surface. This is because the major value of
Google Docs is contained within its collaborative power! Perhaps in your classes,
students do research and create presentations. Maybe they even use Microsoft Word,
Excel and PowerPoint to do this.
        Imagine that you are doing a research and presentation activity in your class.
Students will be working in groups of three. Students need to meet minimum criteria
described by you and they need to create a PowerPoint presentation containing at least
2 spreadsheets, tables and/or graphs with supporting data. Also, they need to create a
Word document outline to use during the presentation. In addition, they need to create
a “works cited” page.
        The amazing thing about Google Docs is that all of this can be accomplished
collaboratively. That is, if each of the students has a Google Docs account, all of them
can work on each of the project elements simultaneously, or on their own, 24-7 from
any computer that has Internet access. Is Google Docs a magical solution to all of the
obstacles that teachers encounter during presentation activities? Heck no! But it does
give us great project flexibility.
        As a part of this assignment, you need to create an activity in which students
use Google Docs effectively in your classroom. This activity should be a word document
like this one providing students with directions describing the objectives, directions, etc.

NOTE: Your activity should NOT include the directions for students to create Google
Docs accounts. Instead, assume your students already have accounts. Create an
activity that is at least 2 pages in length and is something you can actually use!
When you’re done, place the activity document on the same page as your “Google Docs

Form Assignment” using this button        on the “Edit this Page” toolbar. You need
to browse for the document, upload it, double click it once, and SAVE.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions. Good luck!

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