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									How to Get a Job on Linked In

Social networking is not just for teenagers, but real working adults. LinkedIn is like the professional
equivalent to Facebook because it is social media networking geared toward companies. You can use it
to make professional contacts, find a job, or even start a business. Just having a profile on the website
alone will not necessarily get you a job, but it can be a start if you know what to do.

LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Twitter

LinkedIn is just one of the many social media networking websites on the Internet. There are many
others such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google Plus that also allow you to make professional
contacts and secure a job. The main difference between LinkedIn and the other social media
networking websites is that they are geared toward young people being social about the things that
interest them. A lot of the information they share and discuss on Facebook and Twitter are of a
personal nature, although many companies have a presence on those websites. LinkedIn is all about
providing detailed information about your professional background only. You can use the other
websites for the same purposes, but it is recommended that you be very cautious about the what type of
personal information you share.

What to Do On LinkedIn

        Post a Complete Profile – A lot of people will try to post a basic profile that is missing key
         information and some how think that it will draw employers to them. It is essential that you
         write a complete profile that lists your education, credentials, and previous positions.
         Provide a complete resume and keep it current. Post a professional picture that will present
         your best image to prospective employers and contacts because it will allow them to put a
         face with your name. The information should be detailed enough for employers to
         understand what your responsibilities in your previous positions and what skill set is you
         could offer them.

        Make Connections – The next thing you should do is pursue all of your professional
         contacts. Many of the people you know are probably already on LinkedIn, so you can
         simply send them a message to establish a connection. You can also reach out to people
         who are not listed in LinkedIn by sending them an email to invite them to the website.
         Definitely let everyone know what you are trying to do and ask them to refer you to the
         appropriate people and resources to help you get a job.

Networking on LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn is very much like networking in real life. Before you contact anyone, it is key
that you already know exactly what you are looking for in terms of an employer. Think about not only
the industry in general, but specific companies that you would be interested in working for. It is never
all about you and it is better to create an mutually beneficial arrangement that works for both parties.
Never approach people without thinking about what you can do for them as well.

        Target Hiring Managers – Since your objective is get a job, you should target hiring
         mangers specifically. Try to find as many connections in your personal contacts to that
         company and see if they have a personal connection with a hiring manger. The reason why
           it is best to seek out a hiring manager specifically is because they are the people that can
           actually say yes to you. Contacting the HR department is rarely beneficial because their
           primary function is to weed people out of the application process as opposed to actually
           hiring them.

        Obtain Inside Information – Even if you are not in contact with a hiring manager, you
         should try to make connections with anyone that was or is employed at the company of your
         choice. You should ask them what it was like to work there and obtain inside information
         about the company that you can use to get your foot in the door.

        Find People Like You – Take a real look at your peers and figure out what types of positions
         they are getting. Look for patterns in terms of which companies they came from and where
         they are going. It may not be necessary to follow them and do everything they did, but it
         will allow you to understand the trends in the industry and navigate your way around more

        Network Even If You Have a Job – Networking is a key part of your career and it is vital
         that you continue to network even if you have a job already. Doing this will ensure that you
         will be ready to pursue new opportunities and it will also help you find a job even faster if
         you happen to lose your job for whatever reason.

LinkedIn holds a tremendous amount of opportunities if you know how to look for them. Make a
complete profile, get in touch with all of your contacts, and then narrow your focus on the companies
that interest you most.

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