Using Google for Business by 2bEj7R5


									Using Google for Business

Finding out where you stand

Checking on the competition

Find exactly what you need

Registering your business

Letting your customers find you easily

    -   Reviews
    -   Check-ins

Connecting other profiles to maps

Google Apps

    -   Email
    -   Calendar
    -   Documents
    -   Drive

Google Ranking

    -   Web master tools
    -   Do’s and don’t’s

Who, where, what and why with Analytics (note in the presentation only do 70% of the items and then
say the other stuff is done in a workshop)

Google product feed

Google plus

Keeping up-to-date with google and where to find good advice

    -   Google alerts
    -   Google reader
    -   Matt Cutts
    -   Google Blog

10 Google products you didn’t know exsist and should (the end)

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