Bishop Kenny High School Course Guidelines by JZaRVc


									         Bishop Kenny High School Course Guidelines
Course Name: Geometry Honors
Course Instructor: Ms. Smith                            Instructor Email:

Course Website:

Materials and Supplies:     Textbook
                            Pencils, fine tip dry erase marker, and eraser (instructor will not provide)
                            Ruler, compass, protractor
                            1½” 3 ring binder with 5 dividers
                            Loose leaf paper, 3x5 index cards
                            Calculator (Instructor will use TI-84 Plus as class example)
*Students are responsible for bringing the proper materials to class everyday. I will not allow
students to return to their lockers for books, homework or other materials.
Grading Policy:
Tests, quizzes, bellwork, and homework must be completed in pencil. Homework will be due at the
beginning of class and will not be accepted late. Homework, bellwork, and participation will be 10%
of your total grade, quizzes will be 30% of your total grade, and tests will be 60% of your total grade.
Classroom Rules/Expectations:
1. Each student is expected to abide by the uniform code, the Honor Code, and the rules stated in
   the Bishop Kenny Student Handbook.
2. Students are expected to be in their seats and prepared for class when the bell rings.
3. Each student will respect the instructor and others present in the classroom.
4. Students are expected to give each test, quiz and assignment their maximum effort.
5. Students will remain seated until the bell rings and they are dismissed by the instructor.

Make-up Policy for Tests and Quizzes: Unexcused absences will receive a grade of zero for all work
missed. Students with excused absences will be given the number of days they were absent to make
up the work and are responsible for turning assignments into instructor. Since tests are
announced, if a students misses the day before a test or test day they will be required to make up the
test the day they return during class.
Time Available for Additional Help: I will be available most Monday and Wednesday mornings
beginning at 7:15am for additional help. I will also be in my classroom after school Tuesdays until
4:30pm. Additional free tutoring is provided by the National Honor Society.

I have read and I understand the Course Guidelines, and I will honor them.
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