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					 This Isn’t What It Looks
By Pseudonymous Bosch
    Power Point by Cara Haring
 Cass- is one of the main characters. She goes back in time to learn
   “the Secret” . She is in a coma for the main part of the book, but it
   shows where she is inside her head.

 Max-Ernest- is also a main character. He has to find a way to bring
   Cass back to the present during the book.

 The Jester- is the founder of the Terces society and he knows “the
   Secret”. He is Cass’s ancestor and he is a VERY important
   character in the book.

 Lord Pharaoh- he is an EVIL dead alchemist who created the
   Midnight Sun. He comes back to life in the book so he can figure out
   the secret, but he isn’t successful. He escapes in the end of the
          About the Author
 Pseudonymous Bosch has written some
  episodes of the Nickelodeon show “Rocket
  Power” in 2001 and 2002.
 The author uses a pen name
  Pseudonymous Bosch, so people won’t
  know his real identity. He says the books
  he writes are confidential so his identity
  must be secret.
 He is believed to be Raphael Simon.
 This book takes place in the past and
  present. Cass is in a coma and in her mind
  she is sent back to Medieval times.
 The book also shows what Max-Ernest is
  doing in the present. He must find a way to
  read Cass’s mind while she is in a coma.
 The book takes place at the hospital,
  school, the renaissance fair, Cass’s
  house, and the medieval kingdom.
   Cass ate powerful chocolate so she could find her ancestor and learn “the secret”.
    The chocolate she ate sent her into a coma.

   When Cassandra is sent back in time, she finds her relative who is a jester. The
    jester supposedly knows the secret of how to live forever.

   While Cass helps the jester in the past, Max-Ernest has to bring Cass out of a coma.

   A magician name Pietro told him he has to read her mind to bring her to the present.
    His old friend Benjamin Blake secretly knows how to read minds.

   Benjamin “helps” Max-Ernest and almost gets to read Cass’s mind. Max figures out
    Ben is a spy for the evil group the Midnight Sun, so he makes him leave.

   Cass finally brought herself back to the present time .

   She almost learns the secret at the end of the book. She finds it in a trunk on a piece
    of paper, but the paper turns to dust before she could read it.
                Conflict/ Resolution
   Cass vs. Herself
  > When she went back in time she had trouble finding the Jester and getting
  back to the present. Then, she didn’t remember anything that happened
  from when she went back in time. A lot of pressure is put on her to
  remember what happened so the Terces society can figure out the secret.
  Weird things then happen to her when she is on the present and she is
  VERY confused what time period she is in.
   Resolution: Cass sees a stone that reminds her what happened. She was
  not confused anymore and what she remembered brought her to find “the
 Cass vs. Lord Pharaoh
  < Lord Pharaoh is EXTREMELY EVIL. He died but came back to life in
  search of the secret. He thinks that Cass knows the secret (but she doesn’t)
  When she told him she doesn’t know it he tries to kill Cass, Max-Ernest, and
  Resolution: Cass escapes from Lord Pharaoh because she tosses him a
  mirror. He is so vain he admired himself in it and she had time to escape.
 Cass vs. The Midnight Sun
   < The midnight sun tries to harm her and her friends and escapes with a
  clue of how to find the secret.
    Resolution: The “bad guys” didn’t care about Cass after they got the clue and they
 The theme of the story is perseverance.
 The characters have to be persistent and
 keep trying to be successful in the book.
 Max- Ernest had to be determined so he
 could research ways to bring Cass out of a
 coma. Cass had to try hard to find the
 jester and save the bandits. The
 characters accomplished their goals in the
 end of the book because they were
 persistent throughout the story.
             Book Review
 I liked the book This Isn’t What It Looks
 Like by Pseudonymous Bosch. It was the
 fourth book in the secret series. The book
 has more action than the third book and is
 more interesting. The story had fun
 settings and a cool time twist. I would
 definitely recommend this book.
        The End!

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