Analysing the Vancouver Riots by 2bEj7R5


									                                 Analysing the Vancouver Riots

               HSP3M: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

Purpose: Students will write a 5 page report applying key ideas and concepts from the course
expectations and apply them to Vancouver Riot of June 15, 2011. Students will identify some of
the contributing factors and how anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists would explain
the behaviour displayed that day.

Overall Expectations:

-demonstrate an understanding of the social forces that influence and shape behaviour
as described by anthropologists, psychologists, and sociologists;
-analyse socialization patterns from the perspectives of anthropology, psychology, and

Specific Expectations:

– evaluate the major contributions to our understanding of the idea of self in relation to
others made by at least one of the leading practitioners in each of anthropology (e.g.,
Franz Boas, Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict), psychology (e.g., Sigmund Freud, Jean
Piaget, Karen Horney), and sociology (e.g., George Herbert Mead, Irving Goffman).

– analyse the role of the mass media in influencing individual and group behaviour;

– explain why behaviour varies depending on context and on the individuals
involved (e.g., at work, within a family, in sports, in a crowd, in a large city or small

– identify the primary and secondary agents of socialization (e.g., family, school, peers,
media,work) and evaluate their influence;

– demonstrate an understanding of anthropological, psychological, and sociological
theories that deal with socialization (e.g., enculturation, nature versus nurture, social

– evaluate the role of cultural influences in socialization (e.g., as they affect gender
The Checklist

Teacher’s Tasks                                                      Date completed


            1] Read the provincial government’s report on the
            Vancouver riot. This can be found on the myclass site.

            2] Review the social scientist Hall of Fame and apply
            several concepts to the Vancouver Riot.

            3] Review and apply the Inquiry model for social
            science research.

            4] Develop your hypothesis as to the cause of the riot
            and develop three arguments to support your position

            5] Use a minimum of 5 websites and create a
            bibliography following the APA format. Use
            to assistance.

            6] Write all your work as a Google doc and share with
            your teacher and one other person in the class. We
            will give you feedback.

            7] Give feedback to another person in the class.

            8] Review the expectations of writing a research paper
            for this department.

            9] Write a reflection about your hypothesis and
            research and what your next steps would be.

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