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					Instructions for creating your Professional Portfolio using Google Sites
   Go to

   Click on sign up for the sites or enter your google/gmail

   Fill out the form.

   If you signed up for a site, you will need to open your email and verify your
    email address. Follow the web link in your email to create your website.

   Go to “Click here to manage your account profile” then click on “sites” then
    “create site.”

   Enter your site name. Examples include: julieharlin, jharlin, j-harlin, etc.

   Be sure to click the button “share with everyone.”

   Then choose a theme. You can change it later if you need to.

   Click on “create site.”

   You are now ready to begin entering your own personal information. Click
    on “Edit Page” to make changes to the page. Enter “Professional Portfolio”
    as the name of the page. Include an introductory paragraph or insert a
    picture (remember to keep it professional).

   Your next step is to create a new page where you will post all your
    assignments for class. Click on “create new page.” Then click on the file
    cabinet (this will allow you to add files to this page).

   Title the page “Samples of Work” or something similar. Be sure to put it
    under “professional portfolio” so that this page will show up as a heading on
    your first page.

   You can then add files by clicking “add files.”

   Each time an assignment is due you will log back in, go to your samples of
    work page, and add the new assignments.

   Your web address will be:
   Be sure to email this web address to your instructors before the first
    assignment is due.

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