It is so good to have you at church this morning by 2bEj7R5


									It is so good to have you at church this morning. You
are awesome. You drive all the way here to church or
use the train to get there. Thank you for taking the
time. It is much appreciated.

For those overseas visitors, thank you for coming.
You travel such a long way, endured the plane trip
and the custom queue. Thank you. May God reward

I want you to know with sincerity: I am sure God is
pleased that you are here. It is an expression of your
faith in the Creator of the Universe and the Lord
Jesus Christ. You are awesome.

Thank you, Pastor for inviting me to speak here this
morning. It is an honour, this is a great church with a
great history and an awesome God ordained future.
The best days are ahead of this church.

I declare to you today and I confirm what many of us
already know: The Bible is the Word of God, it is
unchanging. It is eternal. God speaks to each of us
through his word. So let us pray at the beginning of
this message:
Father, give us the Spirit of Wisdom and of Revelation
that we may know you better in accordance to
Ephesians 1:18 in Jesus’ name. Speak to us today.
Thank you. Amen.

I want to thank all the teams for making this service
this morning possible. Thank you for your contribution
and using your gifts. God shall reward you. You are
the best.
My text this morning is Ephesians 4:28
(NIV) He who has been stealing must steal no longer,
but must work, doing something useful with his own
hands, that he may have something to share with
those in need.

At this very moment, within the next 30 minutes, our
greatest need in this church service is to hear from
God. All the teams in this church and I are working
together with God to bring about this delivery.

Isaiah 52:7-8 says the same as Ephesians 4:28.

From these passages, there are 2 groups of people.
There are 2 responses within one of the group.
There are those who have resources and there are
those who do not have resources. With those who
have resources, there is one who helps others in
need; and there is one who takes from others
secretly, in fact, take from the ones in need.

A resourceful person is well managed, kept his
resources secure, and value what he has.

Exodus 22:1 shows that the behaviour of stealing may
not be caused by lack. If a thief is caught, he is to
repay five times what he has stolen, five cattle to be
exact. Think of the amount of work with one’s hands
involve in raising 5 heads of cattle.

The focus of Ephesians 4:28 is something to share
with those in need. Let us stay locally. Who has the
greatest need in Sydney, Australia? I would suggest
the answer is an unborn child. This person cannot
breathe on her own. She cannot drink or eat on her
own. Her mother is the one protecting and feeding
her while God is knitting her together.

At this moment, I want to thank and think the
generosity of my mother who carried me and the
generosity of my father who supported my mother.
Everyone in this church service was an unborn child
once. I was once in desparate need and I was helped
for the whole 9 months; just with oxygen alone.

Not every unborn child has the support of a father.
Her father was willing to give his part but he did not
support the mother of the unborn child who was
carrying the unborn.

Not every unborn child makes it to full term and lives.

In Australia, our churches have ministries and our
government has agencies to help dysfunctional family
stronger. It is worth carrying the unborn child. It is
worth supporting the pregnant woman. There is no
telling who this new baby will become. God has given
her gifts and ordained a destiny for her. There is no
telling how many people she will help. All the fathers
and mothers in the house, you are coaches of
champions. Our nation has children protection
legislations because we believe the future of our
nation is our children: our children with Jesus.

The first commandment of God to mankind was “Be
fruitful, increase in number, fill the earth and subdue
it.” Genesis 1:28. The ideal original plan of God’s
design is for healthy married couple of a man and a
woman to build a new generation.
1992, in the Assemblies of God NSW state
conference, Pastor Brian Houston said this phrase
and it changed my life forever. He said, “the best
thing a minister can do is to love his wife and
children”. This is true. Our children with Jesus are
our future. Parents, your children need you. They
need your living reality of the forgiveness of God.
They need your godly example. They need your
prayer. They need you living the Word of God. They
need your obedience to Christ. They need you to be
filled with the Holy Spirit. They need your
commitment to the local church, the body of Christ.
They need you to tithe so that the flood gates of
heaven will open over their homes. They need you to
tithe so that they know God will prevent the vine in
their inheritance will not caste their fruit and the pest
from devouring their inheritance. They need you to
show what it means for the nations to call someone
blessed. They need your example of self discipline so
that they will not become spoil brads. They need you
to fulfil you call of service in your church so that they
might build on your legacy. They need your daily
earnestness because Jesus may come back
tomorrow. They need your foresight to wait for Jesus’
second coming.

Everyone of us might not have a good start. We have
taken our parents’ mistakes. We might have stolen.
However, God will forgive you and I if you and I ask
him to forgive us because Jesus is the atoning
sacrifice for our sins. He will purify you. He will
provide a way out of temptation for you. He will
refresh you. He will sanctify you through and through.
He will strengthen you and protect you from the devil.
God is faithful. He will keep you strong till the end
and make you stand firm in Christ. When you united
with Christ through water baptism, the body of sins is
rendered powerless. You can sow a new seed of
righteousness and reap a harvest that will change
your future.

To conclude I want to share a story how the church
of Jesus Christ helped me. It is in my website: It is titled “Health”.

At the age of 44, I had my first eye test by the optometrist, I

still have 6/6 vision. When I was age 20, I was failing my study

at university in Sydney. I just received Christ as Saviour and I

was attending my local church in Woy Woy NSW. I asked God

for help with my study in Jesus’ name. I remembered distinctly

that there were 2 things I needed to do: attending all the

lectures and stop watching television. If I kept watching so

much television I would have failed study and wrecked my eye

sight. Jesus protected my eye sight and empowered me to

do some more good. If I did not ask the God of righteousness

and truth for help, I would not have completed with my degree

definitely with a computer science sub-major and you might

never see this web site.

If a person cannot see, he cannot do a lot of harms to others

because he will miss his target. Neither can he do a lot of

good or evaluate. In the time of Jesus, Bethsaida was a town

filled with people making a lot of wrong decisions. A person
could not see was brought to Jesus. Jesus, not only healed

this man who fought blindness and had not seen anything or

done anything really bad or good for a long time, he protected

him by taking him out of a harmful and faithless environment

first and sent him home where he could start building his life

again with the goodness of God.

Physical healing must accompany with life management so

that a person may live for righteousness. 1Peter 2:24-25. This

comes from Jesus, our Saviour and Lord and connects with the

local church which the bible defined as the body of Christ.

1Corinthians 12:9 tells us that one of the nine manifestations

of the Holy Spirit is the gifts of healing.

I would like to take this opportunity right at this
moment to help you to allow God to bring a positive
change to your life.

If you want a positive change and you have never turn
to Jesus for that change before, to help me and the
team of helpers here in the church to pray with you,
pray for you and answer any questions that you may
want to ask later, would you put up your hands, right
at this moment, please? (Wait …………….) Thank you.
Please put your hands back down.

It all begins with a prayer to Jesus. I need you to
repeat this prayer with me. You are praying to Jesus.
I am just helping you with the words. Those who are
part of the church, please pray with me also as an
encouragement to those who turn to Jesus for the
first time. Thank you. Let’s pray out loud.

Jesus, I believe you died and rose again. I believe you
are God’s son. I ask you to forgive all my sins. Come
into my heart. Be my Saviour and Lord. Thank you.

Congratulation! I want to assure you that all your sins
are forgiven and forgotten by God. You are now a
child of God.

1John 1:9 says that if we confess our sins, He is
faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us
from all unrighteousness.

The next step to help you build a strong relationship
with Jesus, to listen to him, to know him, to activate
the promises I mentioned earlier, we have a New
Testament bible to you as a gift. One of the team of
helpers will come and give you a copy after the

The helper will also be answered any questions you
have as well as explained briefly this prayer, this
commitment you have just made with God. They will
have also other resources to help you in the future.

I would like to take the opportunity to pray for anyone
fighting illnesses. It may be yourself or your friends
and family who are not present in this meeting.

1Peter 2:24-25 NIV He himself bore our sins in his
body on the tree so that we might die to sins and live
for righteousness; by his wounds you have been

Matthew 8:2-4 Jesus healed the man fighting leprosy

Matthew 8:5-13 Jesus healed the Roman centurion’s

Matthew 8:14-15 Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law.

It is God’s will to heal the sick.

We believe God’s word, we ask according to his will,
we will have what we asked of him.

God is able to do immeasurably more than we all ask
or think.

We ask, God will act, situation will turn around by him
so that healing will take place.

In June 2002, my wife’s uncle went to his general
practitioner in Grafton NSW about a complaint of
chest pain. He was on a health food diet. The doctor
advised him and his wife that he might have a serious
heart attack in the near future. If he felt strong pain
around his chest, then call an ambulance. After they
returned home from the doctor, that same night, the
pain came. They called an ambulance and they went
to Grafton hospital. He died clinically in the
ambulance and his wife prayed that Jesus would
bring him back to life. The hospital staff brought him
back to life with all the technologies. However, his
heart was damaged badly with less than 20%
working. Grafton hospital does not have facility to
perform heart surgery. So He was flown by helicopter
to Royal North Shore Hospital, enduring a 13 hours
flight including setting him up. He was operated on at
RNSH. Pastor John Iuliano was the first person
outside our aunt prayed for him in person. According
to her, he was able to tell Pastor John that he saw a
glimpse of heaven. My wife and I were the first family
prayed for him in person beside our aunt. He had a
successful heart operation and he was able to talk to
us. We prayed for him. He shook my hands with
strength. He was completely healed in 2 weeks. He
returned to work full-time. The specialists at RNSH
considered it as a miracle. Our uncle thanked all the
pastors from AOG/ACC NSW prayed for him.

Please put up your hands and we as a church can
agree in prayer with you and for you in Jesus’ name.

We thank you that you are our healer that by your
wounds we have been healed. We ask for healing,
health and strength for everyone responses to this
appeal including those family and friends we stood on
their behalf in Jesus’ name. To God be the glory.

When you get home, you will notice improvement,
would you e-mail or send Pastor a note of what
happened so that the church can give praise to God
and rejoice with you? Thank you. These praise
reports will also become landmarks and references
for you in the future that God is faithful. The pastor
and the church will keep standing in prayer with you.

Thank you, Pastor.

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