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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Ever since it was first introduced in Malaysia back in the 50s, MILO® has always been the choice of Malaysians.
Needless to say, as the largest consumer of MILO® beverages in the world, Malaysia is truly a MILO® nation.

The iconic MILO® van has always been a symbol of delicious MILO® goodness. Children and adults alike from all
walks of life eagerly wait for the van during sporting activities at school. Ever since its debut, the MILO® van has
been a hit with MILO® lovers and there is one question that we were always asked: How do we replicate the
distinctive, delicious taste of MILO® from the sampling van in our homes?

We listened, and today we are proud to reveal the secret - MILO® Sejuk! This new, convenient pack brings back
the classic taste of MILO® into Malaysian households. In formulating the product, our team of experts
benchmarked MILO® Sejuk versus the MILO® sampling van recipe. So now Malaysians can enjoy the healthy,
delicious taste of MILO® ANYTIME!

For more than 6 decades, MILO® in Malaysia has been enjoyed mainly during breakfast. Most of us start our
mornings with a hot cup of MILO®. With MILO® Sejuk, we would like to encourage Malaysians to reach for that
second cup of MILO® in the afternoons to evenings by giving them the delicious goodness of a glass of cold MILO®,
made simply by adding fridge-cold water.

The new product is now available in all major hypermarkets and supermarkets in Peninsular Malaysia. It retails at
RM11 for a box of 15 stick packs and RM5 for a box of 6 stick packs. And for a limited time only, consumers will be
able to pick up a MILO® Sejuk glass for free when they purchase a box of MILO® Sejuk 15’s, for the ideal nutritional
size for your child.

I would like to thank all xxx (pls insert final number here) staff of Nestlé Malaysia and the media for joining us here
today to show support for our launch. Kudos to the team and I hope all of you enjoyed the taste of MILO® Sejuk as
much as the team and I do.

Terima kasih.

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