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chocolatquestions by 2bEj7R5


Questions for Discussion:

1. Discuss the mayor, Monsieur le Comet’s religious conviction. What is his attitude
   of life and what are the ways he rules over the town according to his religious ideas?
   What happens to his wife? What do you think is the reason he cuts his wife’s skirt?
   How and why do his concept of religion and ways of life change in the end of the
2. Discuss the significance of chocolate in the movie. How does chocolate affect
   people in general? Why is Vienne’s opening a chocolate shop in the midst of the
   Lent a threat to the town?
3. Discuss various characters in the movie: Pere Henri, Josephine, Armande, Luc.
     At what point they show a different desire for life that is sanctioned and
    suppressed by the authority embodied by the mayor, the husband, the daughter,
    and the mother. At what points they start to express their feeling, desire and
    needs to deviate from what is demanded?
4. Discuss the significance of Armande’s dinner party. How is it related to some of
  the town’s people’s transformation?
5. While Vianne seems to be the one who offers a way of life that is closer to human
   desire, there is something about her and her daughter’s life that is quite
   unsatisfactory. What is it? How do we relate the problem of their kind of life
   to Anouk’s kangaroo and their wandering and drifting with the north wind in this
6. Discuss the character Roux. The fact that he is a wandering Gypsy seems to put
   him into the category of the outsider, the atheist and the transgressor that is
    forbidden by the town. What he represents seems, however, closer to and is able
    to amend to the lack of Vienne’s life? What is it that is attractive about Roux?
7. At the end of the movie, Pere Henri says that
            “I think we can’t go around measuring our goodness by what we don’t do.
             By what we deny ourselves. What we resist. And who we exclude. I
             think we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace. What we
             create. And who we include.”
   How is Pere Henri’s sermon different from the Mayor’s religious ideas? How
   does it help to bring the town’s people and the mayor around to accept Vianne and
   the ways of life she represents?
8. Discuss the theme of suppression and transgression and the conflict between the
   religious dogmas and human desires in this movie.

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