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									                                                       CHANGE OF LUNCH MENU
   The Southernway Federation of Schools                                  Wednesday 11th July 2012
                                                                        Sausage in a Roll instead of

                                                                              Sausage & Mash.
                                                                       All other choices will stay the

                                                       ATTENDANCE CUP
                                                       The expected average percentage
                                                       attendance for a child is 95%.
          School Telephone Number –                    Larch and Sycamore Classes
                                                       both had 97.6% and were awarded the
               01752 706360                            “Beechwood Attendance Cup”. They were
                Email address –                        followed by Silver Birch with 97.3%. This was for
  Beechwood.Office@southernway.                        the week beginning 25th June 2012.                               Congratulations and well done to those classes                and keep up the good work.

 Living, learning and growing                          GOODBYES!
                                                                   At the end of this term we will sadly
                                                                       be saying goodbye to several
                                                                       temporary members of staff, many
                                                                      who have supported us by covering
                     Friday 6th July 2012              sick leave and temporary vacancies.
                                                       Many thanks to Philip Hanrahan who has covered
                                                       our Assistant Head's role, at very short notice, for
  Each week we ask one of our classes to               this term. Philip has been a key contributor in
                                                       maintaining stability for our Year 5/6 children. We
   produce some work for the newsletter
                                                       wish him every success on returning to his
          Special Work from Ash Class                  substantive Assistant Head's role at Keyham
                                                       Jo Hudgell will also sadly be leaving us at the end
                                                       of the term after completing her temporary
                                                       contract. We will miss her energy and
                                                       enthusiasm and wish her happiness for the
                                                       Dan Golbourn and Richard Hibbert joined us on
                                                       short term supply to cover absence earlier this
                                                       year and have very kindly continued to support us
                                                       throughout the term, ensuring consistency for the
                                                       children. Thank you to them both for being so
                                                       supportive and flexible throughout, we really
                                                       appreciate their loyalty and wish them every
                                                       success in the future.

                                                       We welcome four new teachers to
                                                       our team in September.

                                                       Mr James Gentile - Assistant Head - Year 6
                                                       Miss Jessica Harmsworth - Class Teacher –Year 5
                                                       Mrs Judy Snowball - Literacy Leader - Year 3
                                                       Miss Hannah Martin - Class Teacher - Year 1
Excellent ‘Chunking Division’ by Daisie B in
Ash Class                                              SCHOOL CUTLERY
                                                       It would be appreciated if you have any spoons or
                                                       forks belonging to the school that has come home
                                                       in your child’s packed lunch box, you return
We are intending to hold the Year 6 leavers
                                                       them to the school kitchen please.
assembly on Thursday 19th July at 9.00am. There
                                                       If your child has a yoghurt please
will be a letter sent out to Year 6 parents shortly.
                                                       provide a plastic spoon we can no
Please see Miss Warren.
                                                       longer supply one due to a shortage.
On Thursday 28th June Gifted and Talented                Diary Dates
                                                         (All dates may be subject to change)
children from Beechwood and Oakwood
Primary Schools went to the University of                Tues 10th July – Year 5 Swimming
Plymouth for the Maths Master-class.                     Tues 10th July – Year 6 Mount Edgcumbe Visit
                                                         Wed 11th July – KS2 Sports Day 9.15am
                                                         Wed 11th July – M & M Production £1
MAKING SENSE OF MATHS                                    Thurs12thJuly – Making Sense of Maths
Year 4 and Year 5 Parents                                                    9.00am-10.00am
                                                         Thurs 12th July – KS1 Sports Day 1.15pm
As a school we fully understand                            Fri 13th July – Pennywell Farm Visit
that Maths teaching has changed                            Fri 13th July – Year 6 Leavers Disco
over the years.                                                             7.00pm-9.00pm
Mr Kelleher the Federation Maths Leader is inviting      Mon 16th July – HMS Hero Parents & Children
you in for an informal chat about how you can                              Group 3.15pm-4.25pm in the
support your child and prepare them for future                             Children’s Centre.
success in maths.                                        Tues 17th July – Year 5 Swimming
This is an opportunity for you to discuss anything to    Tues 17th July – London 2012 Lunch
do with maths and any concerns you may have.             Thurs 19th July – Year 6 Assembly 9.00am
The session will briefly highlight key areas that will                      (Letter to follow)
help your child make the most                              Fri 20th July – School Leaver Lunch
progress in maths.                                         Fri 20th July – End of Term 6 – mufti donation
                                                           Mon 3rd Sept – Non pupil day
The session will be held on Thursday 12th July           Tues 4th Sept – School re-opens
between 9.00am and 10.00am at Beechwood
Primary. (Please sign in at the main entrance.)
                                                         Armed Forces Day
I look forward to meeting you and helping you                        HMS Heroes groups from
support your child’s maths learning.                                 Beechwood & Oakwood were
Mr Kelleher supported by Jenny Oliver FSA.                           invited to join other HMS
                                                                     Heroes groups from other
                                                                     schools , on board RFA Mounts
      Beechwood Primary School’s                         Bay for a steam past the Hoe on Saturday
           Stars of the Week                             30th June. They enjoyed bangers and mash
        We follow the “Golden Rules”                     for lunch and made as much noise as
                                                         possible whilst waving their banners at all
           Week of the 2nd July 2012
Catkins Nursery am     Maya Y                            the people as we sailed by. A very windy yet
Catkins Nursery pm     Jasmine C                         enjoyable day!
I CAN Unit am          Ryan B
I CAN unit pm          Charlotte T                       ARMED FORCES
Woodpecker             Alisha M                          We would like to say a massive
Kestrel                Billy G                           thank you to Ginny Jones and
Robin                  Jessica L                         Jenny Oliver, our FSAs who have
Ladybird               Grace P                           both been extremely busy over the last
Otter                  Lola M                            few weeks supporting Armed Forces fortnight.
Nightingale            Millie D                          Our service family children and other classes
Ash                    Natalia D                         have represented the school at numerous events
Hornbeam               Poppi W                           during this time and throughout the rest of the
Elder                  Sam P                             year. Our schools’ and 'HMS Heroes' work has
Silver Birch           Olivia H                          developed a very high profile across the city. Well
Larch                  Lindsey B                         done to all of them, we are very proud of how all
Sycamore               Shannon S                         the children conduct themselves throughout all
Whitebeam              Holly P                           these occasions.

Join FREE at your local library!
                                                             We hope you enjoy your weekend!
“Story Lab”, visit your nearest Plymouth
library from Saturday 14th July.
                                                         Mrs Andrea Norris Miss Lisa Reburn
                                                         Executive Headteacher Head of School

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