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					                                                                     28th June 2012

Dear Parent / Carer

STAFFING 2012-2013

Staffing arrangements for next year have been organised and we are pleased to
be welcoming a number of new staff to Manor Junior School from September. Miss
Champion will be joining our teaching team and Mrs Ede and Mrs Campbell our
support team. I know they will make a big difference to the school and hope they
settle in quickly. Children will be finding out staffing arrangements on Thursday 5th
July when they will have the opportunity to meet or find out about who their new
classteacher will be.

Sadly we will also being saying goodbye to a number of staff at the end of this
term. Mr Blissett and Miss Stiff will be embarking on PGCE courses to gain their
teaching qualification and we wish them well for next year and the future. Mrs
Ferguson and Mrs Stewart will be retiring from the School. They have given so
much to the life of Manor during their many years here and I know they have had a
positive impact on the lives of so many over this time. I know you will want to join
me in wishing them a happy, healthy and relaxing future and in thanking them for
their loyalty, dedication and commitment to the school and the children they have
worked with. Finally Mrs Blissett will changing roles next year as she embarks on
her GTP teacher training at Manor. Again we wish her every success.

Congratulations also to Mrs Findlay who has been appointed to the role of Deputy
Headteacher from September. Mrs Findlay is already a huge asset to Manor and
this new role will offer her more opportunity to use her expertise and strengths to
help support the strategic development of the whole school in future years.


On behalf of the ‘Junior Leaders Olympic Committee’ from Manor Junior School,
South Farnborough Junior School and St Bernadette’s Primary School, we are
organising an inaugural Rushmoor-based relay to celebrate the 2012 Olympics
and the sterling work that has been undertaken in and across local schools in
promoting the seven Olympic values.

The running relay will involve all the pupils from the above schools carrying and
passing on a newly designed flag for 2,012 consecutive minutes starting at 9.40am
on Tuesday 10th July and finishing at 7.12pm at the Rushmoor and Hart Sports
Awards’ evening on Wednesday 11th July. The flag will then be presented to the
School Games Organiser to be flown at future Sporting events within the district.

Manor Junior School pupils will be flying the flag during the school day on
Wednesday 11th July before passing it on to the Olympic leaders for the last
evening leg. Each pupil will undertake at least one circuit of 201.2m and we are
hoping that through this event we can raise some additional funds to support and
sustain our programme of extra-curricular clubs next year. We are asking all pupils
to try and raise a small donation for this cause.

Any adults willing to help with the evening / overnight sections of the running relay
would be welcomed. Please indicate your availability on the attached form.


Thank you to all of you who have completed and returned the annual parent
questionnaire. We are currently correlating your responses and I will summarise
the main findings for you all before the end of term. One key issue that the school
is reviewing is our programme and expectations of homework. We know that many
of you have different ideas and opinions of what homework should be set and
different experiences of how your children respond to the homework tasks they are
asked to undertake. In order to address this matter I have attached another short
questionnaire to unpick your views a little further. We will also be conferencing
pupils across the school to ascertain their views. It is our intention to then hold a
workshop / meeting in early September to feedback the findings, to explain our
future homework programme and to support you with any individual difficulties you
may have experienced or be experiencing in supporting your child.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Sammes
                               2012 RUSH RELAY
                      Passing the Flag – Setting the Legacy


Child’s name: ______________________________________ Class: _________

Amount of donation: _________________________________________________

Signed: ___________________________________________________________

Please Print Name: __________________________________________________

Adult Volunteers

I would like to volunteer to participate in the 2012 Rush Relay. I certify that I am fit
to undertake the Rush Relay run and that the organisers are in no way to be held
responsible for any injury, loss or illness to my person as a result of this event. The
same applies to my possessions. Please forward me further details.

Print Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________



Email: ____________________________________________________________

Contact Number: ___________________________________________________

Running availability (Please tick a time band of your availability):

Date                          Time                          Availability (please tick)
Tuesday 10th July             4.00pm – 8.00pm
Tuesday 10th July             8.00pm – 12.00 midnight
Wednesday 11th July           12.00 midnight – 4.00am
Wednesday 11th July           4.00am – 8.00am
Wednesday 11th July           4.00pm – 6.00pm

Please return to Mr Sammes by Friday 6th July c/o the school office.
                        Homework Audit - Summer 2012

What are your thoughts about the current homework programme, as outlined in the
pupil planners?

   1) Is the current amount of homework appropriate?

   2) Does the amount recommended in the planners match the amount actually

   3) Is the level of homework pitched appropriately?

   4) Are homework tasks differentiated enough for your child to be able to
      achieve them either independently or with limited guidance / support?

   5) Are homework tasks challenging enough to reinforce and extend learning

   6) Is there a suitable balance of activities over time including open challenges,
      reinforcement of basic skills and learning of key knowledge?

   7) Are instructions to support the completion of homework easy to understand?

Any other comments




       Please return this form to the school office by Friday 13th July 2012.

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