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									9th September 2011                                    Term 1                                           No.1

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Dear Parents

I hope you had a restful, safe holiday and that your children have been looking forward to the new term as
much as I have! They have certainly been eager to get through the gate in the morning and are all looking so

I would like to welcome all of the new Foundation children, children who have joined other year groups and
parents who have joined our school. I hope you and your children settle happily into Sissinghurst School and
enjoy the rich experience we offer. We would like our new parents to join us on Monday 12th September at
9:10am for coffee, along with members of the FOSS (Friends of Sissinghurst School). This will give you an
opportunity to get to know some of our existing parents, who will be able to answer queries you may have.

Hopefully you will all have taken time after school to visit our playground and see our new equipment. The
children are very excited about the new climbing apparatus and trim trail and I know Mrs Lyon and the Lion
Class are enjoying their new role play house too. Again, a very big thank you to all who helped to make this

When I started at Sissinghurst a year ago, I asked all of you about the things you liked about our school and
the things we could do to make it better. Here is a list of the ‘Better if...’ comments and what we have done
to address them.

Football club for yr3/4                                Mr Flanders is offering a Football club again this
More club choices after school                         Hopefully, as our clubs list shows we are now offering
                                                       a wider range of clubs

More sports (what will happen when Mrs Jenkins         Mr Heath a PE teacher has joined our staff

Pick up from hall chaotic/ too crowded/ need in-       Pick up from the hall now only takes place when it is
out/ playground                                        raining heavily

Better security at pick up                             This site is very secure and the staff are always
                                                       vigilant at pick up time

Year groups kept together/not split classes            Unfortunately with our pupil admissions number of 20
                                                       per year group we will always have mixed year groups
Sports hall wants painting (no longer relevant)

Bring back swimming lessons                            Swimming starts next week for Jaguar Class and
                                                       after Christmas for Eagle class

Timetables for each class so we know what the          Class termly letters
children do/have done each day
In good weather produce/cakes stall outside            The produce/cake stall is outside
Greater use of website/e mail for communication        You will shortly be receiving data sheets so we can
and sharing of school life                             update our records. Please make your email address is
                                                       on there.

To be invited to school plays/class assemblies         Parents are invited to concerts/plays/class
                                                       assemblies and every Friday for celebration assembly

More direct involvement from dads-after school         Dad’s are always welcome to come into school or
clubs perhaps                                          start/support a club

Meet the teachers/support staff for your child’s       Open evening in July
class so know who’s who

Lost property in central place                         In office area. Please ensure items are labelled
More support for PTA-more members                      Always welcome! The more the merrier!
                                                       Numbers have increased since the move to the new
More uptake of school dinners                          school and dinners being cooked on site.

New school!                                            Here we are!

The pupils’ list has also been addressed and many of the ideas area now taking place.

If you feel you have any new suggestions please put them in the suggestion box in the entrance area.

As mentioned swimming starts next week, this is a compulsory part of the curriculum and all children are
expected to attend. I apologise if the letter we sent out was not clear. We need a parent each week to
volunteer to accompany the children on the coach to the pool. They would then be given a lift back to school
at 3:15pm with Mrs Dunn. We could perhaps have a rota? If you are able to help please let Mrs Keelin know.

Mrs Rankine is going to start a Netball Club for years 4,5and 6 on a Monday after school, beginning 19 th
September. Also Mr Flanders will start a football club for KS2 at the same time. If your child would like to
join either club please let Mrs Keelin know.

We are enthusiastic about the start to the year, Eagle Class have begun their WWII topic by making gas
masks and turning their room into an air raid shelter for the afternoon. Panda and Zebra Class have spent
the day as ‘Intrepid Explorers’ finding out about the school outdoor areas. They have navigated with a
compass, used binoculars to see interesting things and had a visit from Mr Tucker one of the architects
responsible for our new school. Lion Class are learning about themselves and I await with interest Jaguar
Class topic starter.

                                                                              Cathy Penfold

  New Pupils:                           Taylor, Caitlin Mathieson,            School Clubs
  We welcome the following new          Amelie Koster, Elliot Marks,          Clubs start on Monday 12th
  entrants to Lion Class: Jodie         Harry de Coverly, Sola                September and will finish the
  Chandler, Elizabeth Gilbert,          Horley, Florence Shimmin.             week beginning 5th December.
  Daisy Gurr, Juniper Thomas-           We also welcome: Jack                 Please check the list in the
  Davies, Charlie Swift, Daren          Bunyan (Zebra Class), Anna            parent’s shelter as some of
  Banan, Harvey Hodson, Sophia          Wade and Megan Hansted                the clubs are oversubscribed.
  McPhillips, Maddie Hawkins,           (Jaguar Class).
  Annie Leach, Elizabeth
  Chandler, Callum Waller, Alexi
Flower Show                      carry a little bit of               No jewellery/bracelets/
The Sissinghurst Flower Show     Sissinghurst with me, in my         wristbands to be worn in
takes place on Saturday 17th     heart. I wish you all the best      school.
September in the school hall     for the rest of your time at
at 2.30pm. There will be an      Sissinghurst; make the most         Please note that signposting to
exhibition of the pupils’        of all those opportunities!         information, resources or
artwork as well as other         With kind regards                   provision by other outside
                                                                     agencies does not constitute an
entries. There will be a Mufti   Julie Pearce
                                                                     endorsement or recommendation
(non-uniform) day on Friday
                                 FOSS                                of such information, by
16 September for those                                               Sissinghurst School.
contributing entries for the     The produce stall raised
show. Letters home on            £701.79 in the year                 It is strongly recommended that
Monday.                          2010/2011. This amount is to        all parents/carers check details
                                 be split equally between the        with providers to ensure that the
                                 five classes and will               service being provided meets
School Meal Prices
                                 be available for the class          their individual requirements in
The price for a child’s school
                                 teachers and children to            terms of quality, safety,
meal has increased to £2.20                                          appropriateness etc. It is also
per day with effect from 1st     spend between now and July
                                                                     advised that where possible
September 2011. The cost of      2012.
                                                                     parents/carers visit the provision
meals for Term 1 will be         Also, the FOSS Pimms Stall          and review inspection reports
£77.00. Please pay in advance    at the Sissinghurst Village         where available.
for meals either weekly or       Fete raised £155 for FOSS
                                 funds - and I would like to         Whilst every effort has been
                                 thank all the volunteers who        made to ensure the accuracy of
                                                                     the information provided,
                                 turned up on the day to run
To all the Staff, Parents                                            Sissinghurst School cannot
                                 the stall.
and Children at Sissinghurst                                         accept responsibility or liability
                                                                     for any errors which may have
School                           Threadworms                         occurred. Neither can
I hope that you have all had a   We have had a couple of             Sissinghurst School be held
fun filled summer and have       cases of threadworms                responsible for any losses which
managed to re-charge your        reported. Please help to stop       you incur, whether financial or
batteries ready for the new      this spreading by emphasising       otherwise, from partaking in or
school year! I would like to     to your child the importance        relying upon such information,
say a big thank you to all of                                        resources or provision.
                                 of washing hands with soap
you who contributed to my        after going to the toilet and       Diary Dates
leaving presentation; I was      before eating food.                 5th September – Start of
overwhelmed by the kindness
                                                                     Term 1
and generosity shown. It has     Reminders                           9th September - Beginners'
been hard to say goodbye         All monies should be handed         Service 9.10am in School hall
after ten extremely happy        into the school office and not      13th & 14th September -
years at Sissinghurst but I      sent to the classroom.              Kent Tests
am very busy preparing for my
                                                                     17th September –
final teaching practice and      Earrings not allowed on PE          Sissinghurst Flower Show
excited about finding my first   days or must bring micro pore       30th September - Harvest
teaching post. I have always     tape and cover ears                 Festival Service in Church
felt privileged to work at       themselves. Responsible for         9.30am
Sissinghurst. I have learnt so   own earrings if taken out.          18th October - Open
much from all the teachers       Note needed if child unable to      Morning for Reception 2012
and Teaching Assistants alike.   do PE.                              9.30-11.30am
What an opportunity to have
                                                                     21st October - End of
been part of such a great        All medicines to be given to        Term 1
team of professionals. The       Mrs Keelin who will                  31st October - Start of
children have also been          administer.                         Term 2
amazing to work with and I       If appropriate, when a child        7th November - Healthy
have thoroughly enjoyed my       receives first aid a slip will be   Schools Week             PTO…
time with them. I will always    sent home.
8th November - Eagle Class
8th November - Parent
10th November - Parent
12th December - Nativity
Dress Rehearsal and
performance 2pm
13th December - Nativity
Evening Performance 6pm
16th December - End of
Term 2

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