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June 6, 2012

Hello dear Nesbit families!

This is the very last Wednesday letter of the 2011-2012 school year. The year has gone by in a blur and if I do say so
myself, it has been a TREMENDOUS, HAPPY year. Together, we have done our very best to love our children, educate
our children, fundraise for our children and lift our children to their fullest potential. Over the summer, my hope is that
you, as families, will have many opportunities to laugh, to enjoy, to explore and to be as close of a family as is possible. I
am certainly looking forward to those same kinds of experiences over the summer with my family. We will be spending
a week in Cabo San Lucas and I am very excited as this will be our first vacation to Mexico!

My hope is that you will also have your child spend a small portion of their day (30 minutes or so) on some kind of
academics. As you all know, there is such a thing as “summer slump.” During the summer months, children will
generally experience some sliding backwards in academics if they do not engage in activities that will prevent such a
slump. Here is a list of two things that I would like to suggest for you.

         Read to or have your child read for 30 minutes a day. Go to the library and check out books. OR, have your child
          log into their raz-kids.com account as those accounts will remain active through for all children throughout the
          summer. If your child cannot remember your child’s login information or password, please email your child’s
          teacher or myself and we will provide it.

         Have your child log into ixl.com every day. Ixl.com is our math website where children have individualized
          accounts that provide them with math reinforcement that is perfect for their level. As with raz-kids.com, ixl.com
          will be available for all children throughout the summer. Again, if your child cannot remember their login
          information, please contact your child’s teacher or myself and we will provide it.

I hope that your find these suggestions helpful and I do wish you all a very lovely summer. I will miss you all and will
look forward to your return in the fall. We achieved so much together this school year that it makes me wonder what
the possibilities will be for us together next year! Can’t you just imagine and feel in your bones how great we will be
together in the 2012-2013 year??!! I can and I can’t wait for the year to start!



Robin Pang-Maganaris
Here are a few announcements:

Donate to School Force NOW by June 30!                      construction here all summer long. The office phone
If you haven’t yet donated to School Force, please send     number will be disconnected and a temporary phone
in our School Force donation TODAY. Nesbit School and       line will be installed. At this time, we do not know the
your very own child needs the monies School Force           new phone number but as soon as we know it, I will
raises to be able to continue to afford the quality         post it on the website.
education that your child receives every day. 25:1
classrooms, as opposed to 32:1 classrooms, are because
of School Force. 4th and 5th grade Music and Science        Visit our school website often!
happen because of School Force. Our librarian and           Be sure to visit our school website often as it contains
reading specialist are paid for by School Force. Nesbit     important information that will keep you informed.
School Needs School Force. And, School Force needs          http://nesbit.brssd.org. If you would like to subscribe
YOUR donation.                                              to this Wednesday letter on-line, go to the “Principal
                                                            and Staff” section of the website, click on “Principal
Please pick up your child’s medication in the office        Page’, then click on “Wednesday Letter.” By then
                                                            clicking on the “Alert me when changed” button and
Friday, June 8th – Last Day of School. Early Dismissal      filling in your email address, you will receive an
Day at 12:20 p.m.                                           automatic email notifying you that a new Wednesday
9:00 – 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony                         letter has been posted.

Please be on time picking up your children. Due to          Join our Nesbit Facebook Group
construction, our entire campus will be closing promptly    Search for Nesbit School in Facebook and join our group
at 12:45 p.m. as construction will begin shortly            so that you can receive school and construction updates
thereafter.                                                 over the summer.

Saying “Goodbye and Best Wishes” to three teachers          2012-2013 School Calendar
We will be saying “Goodbye and Best Wishes” to both         If you are looking for a copy of our school calendar, it
Ms. Marsh (1st grade), Ms. Barrie (1st grade) on the last   can be found on our school website. Please go there to
day of school. Ms. Marsh was the long-term substitute       view it.
for Ms. Giannini and as Ms. Giannini will be returning
next year, we do not have a position for Ms. Marsh.         Important Dates for 2012-2013
Also, our enrollment for next year has changed and will
be needing to release Ms. Barrie as we do not have a        Friday, 8/24, 4:00 – 6:30, Welcome Back Packet PICK UP
position for her. Mrs. Simmons will be leaving Nesbit       day for all.
for a full time job at Redwood Shores (her position here    Monday, 8/27, Welcome Back DROP OFF day and “find
is only part-time). All three teachers did an               out who your teacher is” day
OUTSTANDING job here at Nesbit and will definitely be       Tuesday, 8/28, 10:00 – 12:00 Kindergarten Meet &
missed. Nesbit will not be the same without all three of    Greet
them. Let us all be sure to give them our very best         Wednesday, 8/29, 8:25 a.m. First Day of School
wishes as they move forward into the next stages of
their careers.                                              Summer volunteers will be needed to unpack the school
                                                            starting 8/23-8/28. Please set aside some time during
Summer Construction                                         those days to help us unpack boxes into our beautifully,
As you all know, Nesbit will be going through extensive     remodeled school!

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                                New Hot Lunch Vendor for 2012-2013

The District has contracted with a new company to provide district-wide lunch service for all children. The
company chosen by a group represented by all of the schools is called Kid Chow.

Kid Chow’s fall menu will be online by August 1st and you can begin placing your lunch orders at that time.
Hot lunch will begin on Thursday, August 30, the day after the first day of school. Look for Kid Chow’s
informative welcome letter and menu in your registration packets (http://www.kidchow.com)

Kid Chow will be offering their “VIRTUAL CAFETERIA” to our students featuring a broad selection of hot
and cold lunch items each day: organic fruits & veggies, burritos, quesadillas, pot stickers, warm pastas,
macaroni and cheese, all natural hamburgers and chicken tenders, veggie sushi, salads, sandwiches, yogurts and
more. Kid Chow operates a nut-free facility and offers an array of gluten-free, non-dairy and vegetarian menu
options. As an earthbound company, Kid Chow publishes 4 menus each year celebrating the flavors and tastes
of the seasons.

Kid Chow’s goal is to enable parents to order lunches as if they came from their own homes and kitchens. By
letting parents pick the exact bread, sauce and condiments their kids like, it’s as if they had prepared these
lunches themselves. Kids really enjoy these personalized, home spun lunches packed in an old fashioned brown
lunch bag.

http://www.kidchow.com. has a sophisticated and feature rich website that enables parents to order and pay for
lunches online via credit card at http://www.kidchow.com.

                                        Ordering begins on August 1, 2012!

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