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									       The Essence of Layered Traffic
       Killing the Traffic Killers First

                    By Wayne Sharer

1 The Essence of Layered Traffic |

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    2 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
Table of Contents
The Essence of Layered Traffic .................................................................. 1
Killing the Traffic Killers First ....................................................................... 1
   Eliminating the 3 Big Killers ..................................................................... 4
   Locking Up Killer #1 ................................................................................ 6
   Getting a Stranglehold on Killer #2 ........................................................ 10
   Talking Down Killer #3........................................................................... 13
   How to Move On ................................................................................... 15
   Disclosures and Disclaimers ................................................................. 17
   Earnings & Income Disclaimers ............................................................. 21

      3 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
 Eliminating the 3 Big Killers

Hello again, good to see you, I’m Wayne Sharer.

I want to share with you some things I discovered in the past couple of
years that’ll save you countless amounts of time, and start you seeing real
customers and real profits in the next 30 days or less.

Is this something that can help your business? I’m confident it can and will!

I agree with you this opening sounds like a lot of the same old hype, and
what I would add is it’s because traffic and leads are what every business
needs to achieve any profits at all, so it’s the only place you can realistically

So stick with me, because what I’m going to show you has been proven by
thousands of people and by the most successful online business owners
anywhere. It just simply is reality, and is what almost every $67 program
leaves out.

Now you might not know me, but I’m the guy who invented Layered
Traffic… and if you’re anything like me, you’re inbox is overflowing with
product offers promising you instant push button traffic, and guaranteed
customers. Am I right?

You’re seeing traffic software, and instant solutions all claiming to deliver
non-stop traffic for free. When I talk to my friends, they like to joke around
and blame me for all those wild claim emails.

Well, have you ever wondered why there are so many products offering up
hands-free, lead generating solutions? Why there’s one offer after another
offering nearly the same worthless dream?

Well, there’s a good reason for it…

    4 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
It’s because every new online business is starving for traffic, and your
business is do or die when it comes to getting leads and highly targeted

You might not see how this plays out yet, but you will once we have
covered the basics of the 3 biggest killers of online business, and then
you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a few simple changes.

This works because of the powerful control you gain by eliminating these
three killers. I know this is not clear yet, but it will be once you’ve
completed this short video, and you’ll be amaze at how simple it is.

So in this video you should sit back and relax, and imagine what you can
achieve as you easily adjust your business or build it in this proven method
making lead generation so effective.

Now I’m pretty certain I haven’t discussed this in public, and I’ve only
shared this with my top students, but this video is really what it’s all about.

It’s what you’ll come know as the basis for Layered Traffic.

This may sound a little mysterious or crazy.

But it’s pretty simple, and you’re going to see how this makes everything
work like a charm.

Now let’s get started.

    5 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
 Locking Up Killer #1

The First Big Killer of Online Business…

…Never taking the time to fully define your niche.

Maybe you can’t see this yet, because you may have thought you really
had this part wired… and when you do see the rest, you’ll see exactly why
it’s so critical, and how it’s easy for you to fix.

So I’m sure you know a business niche is essentially the market you will be
providing products and services too.

I know you understand this. If you have products and services for
barbecuing, then barbecuing is your niche, right?

The same is true if you sell products for losing weight… then weight loss is
your niche.

Well, maybe I’ll shock you…, this is where all of the problems getting
targeted traffic and leads to your business begins.

In the examples I just gave, the problem is the niche is way too broad. It’s
too big. It’s not defined in the eyes of your customer, or in the eyes of
search engines, and market places.

Are you beginning to see in your mind why this is true?

The real money markets can be broken down to very specific things.

Now please note I’m not suggesting that any of the niches or markets I
state here are the big money markets. They may or may not be. I’m just
making up examples for frameworks as we go. Is that ok?

So a plausible example for narrowing down the barbecuing niche might be
something like providing products or services to people who want
backyard, brick ovens. Do you see how much more focused this is?

    6 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
This same method of thinking applies to weight loss products. Wouldn’t it
be easier to sell to folks looking for “low fat, low carb diets” or “diabetic
vegetarian weight loss plans” than to everybody in the world looking for all
kinds of weight loss solutions?

You’re right to think it’s not always easy to break things down this way, but
how much time and how much money will you save building your business
if you take the time to accurately apply this up front? I’m certain you see
it’s easier up front and that’s because you understand this a little more.

So going beyond simply having your niche focused and pin pointed for the
right people, here are a few other things you want to consider when you
choose your business niche…

First, you’re likely to have your greatest success in something you already
enjoy. Does this make sense?

It’s definitely easier to focus on something you already like and know well,
then on something you have to learn completely from the beginning. I think
you agree with me there.

So this leads to finding out if what you enjoy is actually profitable. There’s
really no point to starting a business in something you enjoy, if it is not
going to be profitable. If your business doesn’t make money, then it’s not a
business. Even non-profits have to make money.

Fortunately for you and me, the internet makes it possible to determine this
easily, and without ever spending a dime for market research, or testing.

So while choosing your niche, and finding one you enjoy, use the power of
the web to let you know if you also made a profitable choice. One of my
favorite tools for this is a site called “Offer Vault.”

This is a place where you can see if your niche is making any big sales or
not. Competition is good, because it means you can profit, and if others
are making money in you prospective niche, then you can too! And you can
see this at Offer Vault.
    7 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
Next, you need to know if there really is enough traffic for you to profit from.
Remember, if you’re online without any traffic, you may as well have dug a
hole and buried yourself, because you are just wasting your time. I know
you don’t want to waste your time or you money. So would knowing where
the traffic is before you begin make you substantially better off?

The good news here is you can do this free and easy as well. Your friend
Google the search engine has everything you need built right in.

Just go to and type in your niche, and then look at the page.

Are there lots of those paid advertisements at the top and down the right

If so, this is a great indication. In fact, it’s fantastic.

Now look on the left side, and click where it says “more.” This extends your

You’ll see choices for things like videos, blogs, discussions, books and

If you click these things, and find more than a few entries for each, you
have found where all the traffic is for you desired niche.

Now you have a real leg up on your competition.

You found something you enjoy

You’ve narrowed down the focus

You know before you start, it’s profitable

And you know where the traffic and buyers are. Can you see the pay-off

I agree this may be overly simplified, but think about how much easier and
faster you will be profitable, and achieving your life’s goals if you do this
correctly now, and don’t wait until you’re so frustrated you simply quit.

     8 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
Alright, now let’s look at business killer number two…

    9 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
 Getting a Stranglehold on Killer #2


Yes, that’s right… keywords

Like me, you may have thought this one is easy.

Have you ever noticed that many of the products for online business tell
you simply to brainstorm a list of 100 or 200 words you think your
customers use to find products or services in your niche?

If you’ve done this like me, you probably also noticed this is a really bad

In fact, it can take you so far in the wrong direction, even after doing the
previous step correctly, that you’ll literally be tearing your hair out in
frustration trying to get targeted leads and visitors to your site. I know you
don’t want that to happen.

Choosing the best and most profit potential keywords right from the start
doesn’t require you to brainstorm anything. It’s already been done for you,
and you can get all the information free.

Are you aware you can even have the most powerful keyword analyzing
tool on the market for free?

I’m not talking about the Google Adwords keyword tool, though it is good,
and it is free. So hold on one moment, and I’ll tell you how to get exactly
what I’m talking about here.

First, let me emphasize for you how important it is to use keywords your
customers use to think, focus and find your products and services,
particularly those they use when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

   10 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
Who would you really rather have find your product or service right this very
second… someone looking for more information about the potential
solutions, or someone ready to buy your solution?

Which one is easier to get them to hand you their credit card?

I know you chose the person ready to buy. So you want to know the words
your potential customer is thinking when he or she searches as they’re
ready to buy…

…and you want to have these words as you main keywords for your

Yes, for your coaching business, your affiliate marketing business, your
drop shipping business, your information marketing business… literally for
any business you may be doing online.

So how are you going to do this?

When you click the link below… don’t do this yet… but when you click the
link below you will be taken to the page to download the tool that actually
does this for you.

It is the most powerful keyword analysis tool available – and I’ve tried
almost everyone that has come out in the past couple of years – so you
really don’t need to do any testing, I’ve done that for you without you
knowing it...

So when you get to the page – now pay attention – when you get to the
page, it says it’s a trial offer, but no credit card is required.

This is true. But listen closely here…

The tool you download has something like 8 modules in it. One of the
modules is the keyword analysis tool. Even though the trial offer expires
after something like 14 days, the Keyword module remains fully functional,
and fully free. You even get the updates when they come out…

   11 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
And the updates come out frequently.

Then just follow the training videos with the tool, and do exactly like it says.
All the right parameters are pre-programmed into the keyword analysis.
You barely have to think to find the keywords your buyers are using.

Experience just once how easy this is, and you’ll understand why
everything else you may have done to find your keywords was causing you
so much endless frustration. That frustration ends here.

So when we are done here together in just a few moments, use the link
below before you close this tab, or you might never find it again, and this is
something you must have to make everything about your business, from
here on out, hundreds of times more successful, and unmeasureably more

   12 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
 Talking Down Killer #3

So let’s move on to the final business killer… Not Knowing Your
Customers’ Language!

By paying attention here, you will immediately start to notice how powerful
your awareness of your customers’ wants and desires are to your ability to
deliver exactly the product they want, when they want it.

So when I say you need to know your customers’ language, I’m not talking
about knowing English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese or whatever
language your market speaks from a national perspective.

I’m talking about you actually (and figuratively) being inside their head, and
knowing what they are thinking in their own way of thinking it. Is this
beginning to make sense?

So sit back and relax and think for a moment about what you really do
when you go to any website looking for something. Close your eyes and
think of something you want or need and think of the website you go to in
order to find this. Are you seeing it clearly in your mind?

Ask yourself, what made you believe you are in the right place?

What were you thinking just prior to going there?

What were your expectations for knowing you found the right place?

I’m guessing at least part of your answer to yourself is that you saw the
words that connected with what you were thinking. The website seemed to
“know” magically exactly what you were looking for.

The product provider connected with you in your language… in your
thoughts, in your way of thinking.

Am I right? Is this making sense to you so far? Can you see the pay-off for
you if you can connect with your customer in their own way of thinking?

   13 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
Once again, online, you can find out how your customer is thinking for free.
So there is no excuse for you starting an online business without having
found this out before you begin.

Remember that list of things on the left side of the page at Google? You
know …the stuff we used for your niche research.

Well, this is the stuff that comes straight from your customers’ minds.

So promise me a second thing – the first was you’ll get the free keyword
analysis tool. The second is, before you do anything like putting up a
website, and before you do any marketing or advertising, you will go to the
videos, and forums, and blogs, and news sites, and discussion sites in your
niche and read what the actual readers are saying and copy down the
words and phrases they are using.

The ones they use repeatedly. The most common words or phrases your
future customers are saying.

Then, when you complete this course, you’ll be in position to profit because
you will have eliminated all three of the business killers.

All three will be squashed. You won’t have to worry about these things,
because you identified them before you ever began.

   14 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
 How to Move On

So firstly, check how many of these three things you may need to adjust
and notice how easy it is now make these adjustments as long as you have
empowered yourself with the free tools and resources you’ve seen in the
past few minutes.

Second, you are now aware of the fact that the power of Layered Traffic is
completely presupposed in this… the question of this being useful for
ensuring your business has the best chance for success is never
challenged, whether you have realized it or not.

It may seem like a complicated subject, but as we go through the upcoming
videos, and you discover some of the techniques… you likely will already
start to become fully aware of how easy it is for you to put Layered Traffic
into practice.

You don’t need to be some big fancy guru to make this work. That ability
just happens as you develop your business.

You don’t need years of experience, and tons of cash to get a business up
and running with real customers arriving the day your website goes live.
I’ve done this starting with nothing, and realizing steadily growing success
seemingly coming from nowhere.

That’s the power of Layered Traffic.

I hope you put it to work in your business because it just plain works.

Now, you’ll be getting a few more videos and in the next video, I’m going to
take you deeper into the blueprint of success for you getting all the traffic
you need to start building your business to whatever level you desire.

I’m going to show you examples, of exactly the results I got after fully
developing the Layered Traffic methods.

   15 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
So stay tuned. And in the mean time, tell me what you think of Layered

And more importantly, tell me how you think you can put it to work in your

Just scroll right down and put a comment down there and tell me how it can
work in your business.

Then click the link to get your world class keyword analysis tool, completely

And stay tuned for the next videos.

   16 Killing the Traffic Killers First |
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