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           Classroom Expectations
          Be on time to class, it begins even if you are not there! Penalties for
           being late are: 1st verbal reprimand, 2nd tardy note given to student, 3rd or
           more referral.

          Come in, take your seat and begin the bell work that is on the board. The
           bell work will never require you to talk to your friends; you will only have
           five minutes to complete the problem. Work wisely!

          Come to class ready to work every day. Have paper and pencil daily;
           sharpen your pencil before the bell rings.

          Food (candy or gum) and drink (even water bottles) are never allowed in
           my room. Please leave them in your locker or a trashcan.

          Restroom visits should be taken in between classes or at lunch. Don’t ask
           to go to the restroom unless you have your 2008-2009 Agenda Book and
           it is an emergency.

          The bell only rings it doesn’t dismiss class, I will dismiss class. Everyone
           must be seated before the entire class can be dismissed.

          I realize that communication with your friends is very important to you;
           however the passing of notes in my class is not acceptable. All passed
           notes will be collected, dated and placed in your file.

          Good manners, cooperation, a positive attitude, honesty, no profanity,
           and respect for others are expected at all times. Remember the “The
           Golden Rule”. Claiming work that is not yours or cheating will result in a
           “0” on the assignment and a referral.

          Homework is due on my desk before the bell rings on the assigned due

                           WD I Classroom Expectations
                    This is your 1st homework assignment, due 8/22/07

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