Volcano Resume by 095rp4


									                                   Resume Poster Rubric

Your poster must have the following components:

Pictures of Volcano with captions: 10 points __________

Map of Region (with volcano and neighboring volcanoes identified): 20 points __________

Resume: 70 points __________
   Identifying Information: 10 points __________
        o Name
        o Location (including latitude, longitude, country, continent)
        o Elevation
   Description of Volcano: 15 points __________
        o Type
        o Eruption Style
        o Magma Composition
        o Current Status
   Eruption History: 15 points __________
        o Recent History     With facts and details about some of
        o Past Eruptions     the eruptions
   Additional Information (should have one or more of the following): 15 points ________
        o Formations Created
        o Economic Loss/Loss of Life
        o Interesting Story
        o Mitigation Efforts
        o Benefits
   References in correct format (at least 3 must be used): 10 points _________

You will also be assessed for neatness, grammar and spelling: 5 points ________

Total Points Possible: 100                 Points Earned: __________
                                        Volcano Resumes
      In this project you will research a specific volcano and then create a resume for that
volcano. Your resume will describe its location (longitude, latitude), physical characteristics,
eruption history and additional information of interest. Writing should be in complete sentences
and in the first person (I, my, me). You are also required to include references for the
information on your resume.
      The chart below compares a personal resume to a volcano resume and gives the
requirements for each section you are to write.

                                          Resume Requirements

         Human resume                                Volcano resume
         Identifying Information                     Identifying Information
         Name, address, phone number,                Volcano name, elevation, and location
         cell-phone number, fax, e-mail              (including longitude and latitude, closest
         Personal data or details                    city or country, and the name of the
                                                     continent or region)
         Description of yourself                     Description of Volcano
         Qualifications, education, additional       Type of volcano (shield, cinder cone, or
         training, licenses, certifications, or      composite), eruption style, magma
         accreditations                              composition, current status (dormant,
                                                     extinct, or active)
         Employment history or work experience       Eruption history

         Work history, background                    Recent history, past eruptions
         Additional Information                      Additional Information
         Accomplishments                             Formations or other features created
         Scholarships and awards                     Economic loss and loss of life
         Portfolio                                   An interesting story: for example, when
                                                     Mt. Pelee erupted, one survivor was
                                                     found in the local jail.
                                                     Possible mitigation, such as sirens, escape
                                                     routes, or monitoring
                                                     Benefits for the area: for example, after
                                                     the Japanese volcano Sakurajima erupted,
                                                     the island produced a good crop of
                                                     kumquats because the soil was enriched
                                                     by volcanic ash.
         References                                  References
         People who know you and who will vouch      Bibliography of sources used to gather the
         for your credibility                        information. Internet sources must be in
                                                     correct format

               Research Links:
Volcano World – http://volcano.und.edu
Earth’s Active Volcanoes – www. geo.mtu.edu/volcanoes/world.html
USGS, Cascade Mountain Range – http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov
Hawaiian Volcanoes – http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov

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