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									                           4-H & FFA CAT SHOWMANSHIP JUDGING SHEET
                             Fill out the top portion and bring with you to the show

EXHIBITOR NAME: _________________________________ CAT NAME: ________________________

EXHBITOR’S AGE: (Circle One: Junior         Intermediate       Senior)

Instructions: When you exhibit the cat before the judge, you will be scored on the following. Be
prepared to give the judge the following information about your cat during the examination by
participant. Also, be prepared to answer any questions the judge might ask you about the cat. The
judge will fill out the bottom portion of the form.

SHOWMANSHIP SCORING                                     MAXIMUM POINTS                 SCORE

CAT’S APPEARANCE & TEMPERMENT                                   15                     _______
General health of cat: evidence of good grooming;
Cat demonstrated good temperament; allows
Examination without clawing or hissing

EXAMINATION BY PARTICIPANT                                      25                     _______
Participant will be asked to show the judge the following:
Pick up Cat
Hold cat (safely carry to the table)
Check Abdomen
Check Eyes
Check Ears
Check Nose, Mouth, Teeth, Gums
Check Nails or Claws
Check Skin and Coat Condition

SHOWING CAT                                                     30                     _______
Exhibitor will be asked to demonstrate control
of cat during examination.

EXHIBITOR’S APPEARANCE AND PRESENTATION                         10                     _______
Clean and neat appearance; good sportsmanship,
good attitude toward cat.

TOTAL POINTS EARNED                                             100                    _______

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