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									                                        Interview Questions

Applicant’s Name___________________________________________________________________________

Position Applying for________________________________________________________________________

Interview Date_____________________________Interviewee_______________________________________


            Questions                                         Answers
1. Are you currently working?

2. May we contact your current

3.   Where? What position?

4. How long? Dates?

5. What were your
responsibilities/duties for this job?
Liked most? Liked least?

6. Who is your current supervisor?
What would they say about your
strengths or weaknesses.

7. Why are/did you leave this


             Questions                                        Answer
8. What is your definition of
leadership? What would your peers
say about you as a leader? What
would your staff say?

9. What is your definition of being a
manager? What would your peers
say about you as a manager? What
would your staff say?

10. Are you a good teacher? Why?
What makes you a good teacher?
11. Are you a good student? Why?

12. Discuss your experience in
providing leadership to a diverse
management team. Discuss
problems and solutions?

13. How do you develop a strong and
consistent team?

14. Define your role as member of
the team?

15. How do you monitor and define
the success of your team?

16. What is the importance of and
how do you develop in-service

17. Do you view yourself as an
effective trainer? Why?

18. What procedures do you use to
provide for the training needs of your

19. How do you evaluate the success
of your training methods?

20. How often should training be

21. Job Description: Can you meet
the essential functions of the job?

              Questions                   Answers
22. Communications: What
procedures and timetables do you use
to consistently and effectively
communicate with: Customers?
Your Staff? Other Departments?
Fellow Management?

23. In your career, describe your
biggest success? What made it so?

24. In your career, what’s the one
thing if you had to do over again, you
would do differently? Why? What
would you do?


             Questions                    Answers
25. Do you think you would like
working here?

26. Why do you think you are a good
candidate for working here?

27. What do you think you could
bring to working here?

28. What made you come here to

29. What is your greatest strength
and why? Weakness

30. Imagine your best boss, describe
their best trait.

31. Imagine your worst boss,
describe their worst trait.

32. Have you ever had any
interaction with the elderly?

33. Do you feel comfortable with
being around the elderly?

34. We do thorough reference
checking for the last 7 years, is there
anything that you might be leaving
out that would be job related?


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