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									Public Health
The “Big Picture”
What is Public Health?


   Thoughts?
What is Public Health?

        The sum of all official or
         governmental efforts to
          promote, protect, and
          preserve the people’s
Public Health Achievements
Top Ten PH achievements:
 ◦   Seat belts
 ◦   Tobacco as a health risk
 ◦   Safer work places
 ◦   Healthier moms & babies
 ◦   Vaccines
 ◦   Food safety
 ◦   Water fluoridation
 ◦   Motor vehicle safety
 ◦   Control of infectious diseases
 ◦   Decreased morbidity from heart disease
   “For decades, public health had been
    eclipsed by novel surgeries and the drama
    of the emergency room… The big
    problem is that when public health is
    successful, nothing happens, because
    we’ve prevented it from happening.”
         Stephen Smith, Boston Globe, 1/7/2003
Public Health is many things
             A System

           A Profession

             A Method

       Government Service

      The Health of the Public
Three Core Functions of Public Health

   Assessment
    ◦ What are the health problems of a population or
   Policy Development
    ◦ Collectively deciding which actions or
      interventions are most appropriate for the
      problems identified.
   Assurance
    ◦ The necessary interventions will be put into
      place, assuring conditions in which people can be
   Unique Features of Public Health

                       **Social Justice

     Inherently                           Grounded in
   Political Nature                         Science


Link with Government
                          Focus on
What is Social Justice?
   Justice indicates fairness in the distribution
    of benefits and burdens in society.
   Access to health services, or even good
    health itself is considered a social benefit…
    and conversely, poor health is considered a
   There are significant factors within society
    that impede the fair distribution of benefits
    and services (e.g. social class, heredity,
Social Justice Continued
   Many modern public health problems
    disproportionately affect some groups…
    ◦ Collective actions are then necessary

   This means that those less affected take
    on greater burdens while not directly
    benefiting from those actions.
Problems requiring collective actions?
   Health Care Reform
    ◦ Big news right now!

   Poor Public Education Systems

   Poverty
Uncommon Culture
   Public health is multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary
    and utilizes a population-level focus.

   The link between people working in Public
    Health is NOT a specific professional degree or
    work setting…

   Public Health professionals are connected by
    the intended outcomes of their work..
    Promoting, protecting, and preserving the
    public’s health.
    A Sampling of Public Health Professions

   Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs      Medical Care
   Chiropractic health care              Mental Health
   Community health planning and         Occupational Health and
    policy development                     Safety
   Environment                           Oral Health
   Epidemiology                          Podiatric Health
   Food and nutrition
                                          Population, Family Planning &
   Gerontological health                  Reproductive Health
   Health administration                 Public Health Education and
   HIV AIDS                               Health Promotion
   Injury Control and Emergency          Public Health Nursing
    Health Services
                                          School Health Education and
   International Health
   Maternal and Child Health
                                          Social Work

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