Mid-State Technical College _ Stora Enso are a Model for Workforce by wuyunyi


									            Spring 2001

   A Newsletter about the Corporate
  Donation Program of the Wisconsin
 Technical College System Foundation

 Mid-State Technical College
 & Stora Enso are a Model for
      Workforce Training

  Lakeshore Technical College
Partners with Fisher Hamilton for
       Electronic Training

  Fox Valley Technical College
    Completes Graphic Arts
     Center of Excellence

 Northeast Wisconsin Technical
College Machine Tool Advisory
 Committee Builds the Ideal
     Training Curriculum

     Help educate Wisconsin’s
    workforce...donate equipment
     to the Technical Colleges
    I N                         T H I S                                                                     I S S U E                                                                                                   Mid-State
      3          MSTC and Stora Enso: A Model for Workforce Training                                                                                                                                             Technical College
      5          Mid-State Technical College; Stora Enso
                 Power-Packed Partnership: Lakeshore & Fisher Hamilton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    & Stora Enso:
       7         Fisher Hamilton; Lakeshore Technical College

      8          Fox Valley Technical College Completes Graphic Arts Center of Excellence                                                                                                                        A Model for
                 AmeriPrint Graphics; Fox Valley Technical College
                 Donors to the Fox Valley Graphics Arts Center
                 Representative John Gard Recognized for Leadership Ability
                 NWTC Machine Tool Advisory Committee
     13          D & S Machine Service; Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
     14          Rockwell Automation Just Doesn’t Know When to Stop Giving

                 On our cover:
                 Flexography students in the new
                 Fox Valley Technical College Graphic Arts Center


                                          WISCONSIN                                                        NICOLET AREA
                                                                                       Phillips                       Minocqua

                                                Rice Lake                                                                            Rhinelander

                     New                                                                      Medford                                                       NORTHEAST
                     Richmond                                                                                                        Antigo                 WISCONSIN
                                      CHIPPEWA VALLEY                                               NORTHCENTRAL                                                         Marinette

                                       Menomonie            Chippewa Falls                                          Wausau
                       River Falls                      Eau Claire                              Spencer                                                                                               Sturgeon
                                                                                                                        Wittenberg                                                                    Bay
    The Wisconsin
    Technical                                                                                 Marshfield
                                                                                                             Stevens Point                                                Green Bay
    College System,                                                                     MID-STATE                                    FOX VALLEY
    established in 1911,                               Independence                                         Wisconsin
                                                                          Black River Falls
    includes 16 regional                               WESTERN WISCONSIN                                                                                    Oshkosh                      LAKESHORE
    post-secondary education
                                                             La Crosse                        Mauston                                                                                     Cleveland
    districts with 46 campuses                                        Sparta
                                                                                                                                              Fond du Lac
    statewide serving over 440,000                                       Viroqua                                                                   Beaver Dam
    students annually. Corporations                                                                     Reedsburg
                                                                                                                                               MORAINE            West
    contract with the Colleges to train                                                                                                         PARK              Bend                Mequon
    over 125,000 members of the                                                                            MADISON AREA                                                          Milwaukee
                                                                                                                                                                                     West Allis
    corporate workforce each year.                                                                                  Madison
                                                                  SOUTHWEST                                                             Watertown                               MILWAUKEE AREA
    This issue of Donation Matters                                WISCONSIN                                                 Fort Atkinson                                             Oak Creek
    highlights the four districts shown                                        Fennimore                                                                                                           WAUKESHA
                                                                                                                                     Janesville                                                     COUNTY
    in pink on map. Future issues will                                                                       BLACKHAWK                                      Elkhorn

    visit with our 12 other technical                                                                                       Monroe                          GATEWAY                      Kenosha
    college districts.

                                                                                                                                    “ Mid-State
                                                                                                                                      Technical College
                                                                                                                                      is a great value for
                                                                                                                                      our employees and
                                                                                                                                      for Stora Enso.”
                                                                                                                                    – Jay Capelle,
                                                                                                                                      Maintenance Manager for
                                                                                                                                      SENA’s Wisconsin Rapids
                                                                                                                                      No. 16 paper machine and
                                                                                                                                      converting operations

Left to right: Greg Drewiske, SENA Project Electrical Engineer; Jay Capelle, SENA Maintenance Manager; and Pete Sturgul, SENA
Corporate Maintenance Manager. SENA employees teach regularly at Mid-State, helping to create SENA’s future workforce.

How can a business know which technical                              STORA-ENSO NORTH AMERICA (SENA) and
college graduates will make the best employees?                 Mid-State Technical College have succeeded in
There’s only one sure way—by having your key                    forging a superb, close working relationship
people actually TEACH those students. This                      between skilled training institution and
approach streamlines the training process and                   manufacturer. SENA is the leading employer in
brings employer/trainer in face-to-face contact                 the region, with a large skilled workforce and
with trainee.                                                   ongoing training requirements. Currently the
     But even the best, most informed instructors               company has approximately 70 apprentices in
need support. How can a company be sure its                     the program.
new hires have received the finest technical                         The first of three key ingredients in the
training on the world’s best equipment? The                     model workforce training relationship is on-staff
solution parallels the teacher staffing: by                     trainers. Two of SENA’s Wisconsin Rapids
helping the technical college create a                          main employees teach regularly at Mid-State—
customized training curriculum, AND the                         Maintenance Manager Jay Capelle and Project
company can encourage its equipment suppliers                   Electrical Engineer Greg Drewiske are adjunct
to donate state-of-the-art equipment to the                     instructors for the school’s Programmable Logic
technical college. Everyone benefits... students,               Controller classes.
businesses, and the equipment suppliers
themselves through their broadened exposure.                    Continued page 4

                                       Mid-State Technical College & Stora Enso
                                       Continued from page 3

    — Dr. Brian G. Oehler, President
        Mid-State Technical College

    “ Mid-State Technical
      College is dedicated
      to working closely
      with area business
      and industry. We’re
      fortunate that many
      of the state’s finest
      companies look to us
      to train their workforce.
      Stora Enso North
      America has chosen               Left to right: Dr. John Clark, MSTC Vice President of Academic Affairs; Pete Sturgul, SENA Corporate Maintenance
                                       Manager; Greg Drewiske, SENA Project Electrical Engineer; and Jay Capelle, SENA Maintenance Manager
      us as its key
      educational partner.
      We’re proud to work                   A second key element is cooperative                   relationship: “The Wisconsin Technical
      with directly with top           curriculum development. SENA has                           College System is one of the best in the
      leadership and look              helped develop associate degree training                   world. Dr. John Clark, Mid-State’s V.P. of
      forward to continuing            curricula focused on its particular needs.                 Academic Affairs, is always willing to go
      our close relationship.          The company then mandated the associate                    the extra distance. The learning curve of
      Every Tech College in            degree as a minimum qualification for                      our employees who attend Mid-State
      the system should have           apprenticeship. The College provides                       Technical College is always much shorter.
      a partner like ours!”            basically ALL the apprenticeship related                   The student’s rapid on-the-job productivity
                                       training for the company’s employees.                      comes from their recent exposure to new
                                       SENA has one of the largest apprentice                     technologies. We’re committed to investing
                                       programs in Wisconsin, and they expect                     in our personnel, and Mid-State is where
                                       enrollment to grow, since the company will                 we’ll make that investment.”
                                       soon be re-indenturing their electrical and                     Top-of-the-line equipment is the
                                       instrumentation personnel in the dual                      final key ingredient in building a great
                                       classification of E/I technician.                          instructional program. Instructors utilize
                                            Peter Sturgul, SENA’s Corporate                       a laboratory built around generous
                                       Maintenance Manager, sums up the                           ROCKWELL AUTOMATION donations of
                                                                                                 Continued page 14

Mid-State Technical College                                                                          Foundation Board Members
                                                                                                     Eugene Lehrmann, President
                                                                                                     Immediate Past President (National),
Mid-State Technical College has campuses in Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, and                         American Association of Retired Persons
                                                                                                     Chairperson, Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care
Marshfield with a center in Adams. The comprehensive main campus on the eastern edge                 Past State Director, Wisconsin Technical College System
of Wisconsin Rapids is sited in the “golden sands” area of Wisconsin River Valley, and               Past Member, National Hospice Organization Board

it’s highlighted by spring-fed ponds and lovely woods. Enrollment is over 13,000                     James Elliott, Secretary
students in over 57 programs. Over 97% of graduates get jobs within six months of                    Member and Past President,
                                                                                                         Wisconsin Technical College System Board
graduation. The College provides more than 290 courses to 3600 employees of area                     Member of Greater Milwaukee Committee
businesses under the customized instruction contracts.                                               Past President, Milwaukee Building Trades Council
                                                                                                     Past Member of Competitive Wisconsin

                                                                                                     Velma Hamilton, Vice President
                                                                                                     Wisconsin “Mother Of The Year”
Stora Enso                                                                                           Doctorate in Humanities, Phi Beta Kappa, Beloit College
                                                                                                     Past Dean, Madison Area Technical College
                                                                                                     Founding Member, NAACP, Madison Chapter
STORA ENSO is a major global producer of            Europe’s second largest forest products
forest products—magazine papers,                    corporation, the Finnish-based Enso.             Robert Aagaard, Treasurer
                                                                                                     Attorney at Law
newsprint, fine paper, and packaging                Stora’s corporate history dates from its first   Member of Wisconsin Bar
                                                                                                     Member of University of Wisconsin Athletic Boosters
boards. The company produces over 15                mining deed ... in 1288. Enso grew from a
million tons of board and paper products            sawmill operation on the southern coast of       C. Phillip Johnson, Board Member
                                                                                                     Past Member of Wisconsin Bar
each year. STORA ENSO has over 45,000               Finland. It began recently... in 1872.           Past President of Wisconsin Technical College System Board
employees in more than 45 countries.                    In August of 2000, STORA ENSO                Past Board Member, U.W. Board of Regents
                                                                                                     Past President, Wisconsin Technical College
STORA ENSO sources a significant portion            bought Consolidated. Headquartered in                System Foundation, Inc.

of its raw materials internally, with over 7        Wisconsin Rapids, it focuses on the              Paul Hassett, Board Member
million acres of land in Finland, Sweden,           manufacture of coated and supercalendered        Past President, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce
                                                                                                     Past Secretary of Administration, State of Wisconsin
Canada, Portugal, and the United States.            printing papers, with a range of other paper     Past Chief of Staff, Governor Warren Knowles
     STORA ENSO originated in 1998 merger           and paperboard products. It has plants in        Member, Board of Directors, M&I Bank

of the Swedish corporate giant Stora with           Biron, Kimberly, Niagara, Stevens Point,
                                                    Whiting, Wisconsin Rapids, Duluth,
                                                    Minnesota, and Port Hawkesbury,
                                                    Nova Scotia, employing approximately
                                                    6,800 people.

                “Very smart. The most effective way to
               sell your product is to train people on it.
               We get a big bang for our training dollar.
              The Mid-State training model is the perfect
                marriage of business and education.”
                        – Peter Sturgul,
                          SENA’s Corporate Maintenance Manager,
                          commenting on Rockwell Automation’s $5 million donation
                          of equipment to the Technical Colleges

                                   Power-Packed Partnership:
                                   Lakeshore & Fisher Hamilton

    —Dennis Ladwig, President
     Lakeshore Technical College

    “ We’re pleased to
      partner with Fisher
      Hamilton L.L.C. to
      provide a electronics
      maintenance and repair
      program to satisfy a
      growing market need.
      Industrial automation
      has made major inroads
      into the Lakeshore           Donald Taddy, Fisher Hamilton Industrial Specialist and Robert Latowski, LTC instructor, with a portable SLC500 training module
                                   that matches the actual SLC500 processor’s panels used on the factory floor.
      service area.
      Technological change is
                                   It’s a dynamic partnership with four                                 Lakeshore has been aided in its training
      a daily issue for local      members: management at FISHER                                    of FISHER HAMILTON union workers by a
      manufacturers, and we        HAMILTON L.L.C. (the world’s largest                             large donation of advanced industrial
      look forward to helping      manufacturer of laboratory furniture and                         automation equipment from ROCKWELL
      business and industry        fume hoods), staff and administration at                         AUTOMATION.
      either at our campus or      Lakeshore Technical College, and the two
      at their plant. We’re out    major unions at FISHER HAMILTON—The                             “ The new SLC’s are driving industrial
      to increase Wisconsin        International Association of Machinists                           change. We believe that self-paced,
      industry’s high produc-      and Aerospace Workers and the United                              individualized, hands-on instruction is
      tivity and sharpen its       Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners.                            the key to serving business and industry.”
      competitive edge.”           The focus is on electronics training. FISHER                    – Wayne Orsted,
                                   HAMILTON has made a large investment in                           Lakeshore’s Electronics Core Instructor
                                   workforce training, and Lakeshore has
                                   pitched in by creating a unique Four in One                           Bob Latowski of Lakeshore comments:
                                   electronics program to support FISHER                            “ROCKWELL AUTOMATION’s gift of portable
                                   HAMILTON and the unions. The program                             training modules has given us the horse-
                                   provides maintenance and repair training                         power to really perform for industrial
                                   in electronics, electronics servicing,                           companies. I can go right to the workplace
                                   electro-mechanical, and electrical power.                        and provide on-site, job-targeted training.
                                                                                                    I can actually teach PLC and SLC trouble-
                                                                                                    shooting right there on the industrial floor.”

     The industrial work floor has grown                  Fisher Hamilton
much more automated in the last few
years in response to competitive                          FISHER HAMILTON L.L.C. is the world’s
demands for heightened productivity.                      largest manufacturer of laboratory furniture
Greg Mittelstadt, Lakeshore’s Training                    and fume hood. It’s a wholly owned
Director, notes: “Industry’s rapid increase               subsidiary of Fisher Scientific International
in the use of automated production                        Inc. As the world leader in serving science,
equipment has produced a great demand                     Fisher Scientific (www.fishersci.com) is
for electrical/electronics technicians who                the global sources of laboratory supplies
can program and maintain the sophisti-                    and equipment, e-commerce procurement
cated new equipment. A few dozen                          technology and related services for
                                                          research, healthcare, science education
                                                          and occupational safety. Alchematrix
  “The demand for qualified                               (www.alchematrix.com), a business-to-
  electrical/electronics technicians                      business e-commerce subsidiary of
  continues to grow in Wisconsin and                      Fisher Scientific, incorporates all of
  throughout the nation. The Electronics                  the capabilities and functionalities of
  Industries Foundation projects that the                 fishersci.com, the world’s largest and
  year 2004 will need 2.5 million new                     most comprehensive virtual marketplace
  technicians. Lakeshore Technical                        for buying scientific supplies.
  College and Fisher Hamilton have                             FISHER HAMILTON L.L.C., based in
  forged an electronics training                          Two Rivers, WI has been developing
  partnership to deliver the skilled                      furniture solutions for the technical
  workers.”                                               environment since 1880. It specializes in
  – Doug Lindsey,                                         customized configurations of cabinetry,
    Lakeshore’s Dean of Agriculture, Trade and Industry   countertops, fixtures and fume hoods for
                                                          laboratories, as well as furniture systems for
highly-skilled technicians with advanced                  local-area networks. FISHER HAMILTON
equipment have the capability to produce                  has more than a million square feet of
an enormous amount of product. It’s truly                 manufacturing space and a work force of
revolutionary.”                                           1,100 associates in Two Rivers.
     Donald Taddy, Industrial Specialist
for 26 years at FISHER HAMILTON, says:                    Lakeshore
“Lakeshore has really done the job for                    Technical College
us with on-site electronics maintenance
                                                          Lakeshore Technical College has campuses
training. We’ve shifted technology to the
                                                          in Cleveland, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan.
                                                          The 160-acre main campus in Cleveland
processors. The new technology—way
                                                          overlooks Lake Michigan on a rolling,
beyond the PLCs it replaces— requires
                                                          natural wooded site midway between
a solid understanding of electricity and
                                                          Sheboygan and Manitowoc. A meandering
processor software codes. Lakeshore’s
                                                          stream highlights one of Wisconsin’s most
Bob Latowski has made this training
                                                          scenic Technical College campuses.
partnership work for all of us. FISHER
                                                          Enrollments currently exceed 18,000
HAMILTON has moved right into the
                                                          students in 46 major program areas. The
twenty-first century. We appreciate the
                                                          college provides 730 courses to 8600
help from Lakeshore and ROCKWELL
                                                          employees of area businesses under the
                                                          customized instruction contracts, and 90
                                                          technical assistance contracts support local
                                                          business and industry.
                                     Fox Valley Technical College’s Gra

    — Dr. Laurence Johnson
      Fox Valley Technical College

    “ Fox Valley Technical
      College has received
      national recognition
      for its excellent
      instructional staff,
      superbly equipped
      facilities, and focus
      on serving business
      and industry. We look
      forward to continuing
      our close relation-
      ships with the
      business community.
      Our customized
                                     Flexography and printing students learn on state-of-the-art equipment in the newly completed Graphic Arts Center of Excellence.
      programs are a key
      part of Fox Valley’s
                                     The Fox Valley Technical College has                                   FVTC’s Manufacturing Technologies
      service to our
                                     completed a new 32,000-square-foot                                Dean, Dan Kilpatrick, commented on the
      business and                   Graphic Arts Center of Excellence.                                Graphic Arts Center: “This incredible
      industrial community.          Designed to enhance training opportunities                        educational asset is possible only with the
      Every day, we solicit          for local businesses, the Center is located                       contributions and support from our donors.
      the opportunity to             within the D.J. Bordini Center, just across                       These organizations are the “Who’s Who” in
      serve area businesses          Bluemound Drive from the main campus                              the printing and paper industry. Their efforts
      in training their              complex. The Center will help staff assist                        as great corporate citizens have been a
      future employees.”             industry in research and development,                             driving force behind the creation of the
                                     provide equipment and space to run product                        finest print and paper training center in the
                                     trials, and allow equipment manufacturers to                      world. Just a few days ago, our machinery
                                     demonstrate their products. The facility                          was largely outmoded. We’ve gone all the
                                     includes state-of-the-art printing, publishing,                   way to the finest equipment in the world!”
                                     pulp and paper, and digital imaging                                    The Graphic Arts Center for Excellence
                                     equipment. This graphics center is tops in                        houses three degree programs; Flexographic
                                     the world for training the next generations                       Printing, Printing and Publishing, and Pulp
                                     of professionals. Xerox has a demonstration                       and Paper Technician.
                                     center in the facility with over $2.5 million
8                                    of its equipment in a single room.
aphic Arts Center of Excellence
                                                    AmeriPrint Graphics
                                                    AMERIPRINT GRAPHICS of Neenah
                                                    is a classic American success story.
                                                    This commercial printer supports its
                                                    community, helps train its employees,
                                                    produces high-quality products, and
                                                    enhances close family relationships.
                                                    They provide a model for all to admire.      Wayne Nemecek and Beth Nemecek
                                                         Beginning in 1992 with just six         Co-Presidents and Owners of
                                                                                                 AmeriPrint Graphics, Inc.
                                                    workers, Owners Beth and Wayne
                                                    Nemecek have grown AMERIPRINT
                                                    to 55 employees. They have invested
                                                    in the world’s finest print equipment,
                                                    including 7 sophisticated Heidelberg
                                                    presses. The Nemeceks are proud of
                                                    their cutting-edge prepress area and
                                                    their comprehensive finishing services.
                                                    AMERIPRINT ’s special “niche market”
                                                    is mid-sized printing jobs—between
                                                    quick printing shops and the large-
                                                    scale, large-run industrial printers.
                                                         In 1993, after touring Fox Valley’s
                                                    printing facility, they recognized that
                                                    the College’s printing machines were
                                                    obsolete—the newest campus presses
                                                    were manufactured before AMERIPRINT ’s
                                                    oldest machines. Something had to be
                                                    done. They soon began campaigning
                                                    for the successful Fox Valley Technical
        Terry Bergen, Executive Director of the     College $23.5 million referendum,
   Fox Valley Technical College Foundation          which funded major improvements in
   noted “The Center is home to millions of         the training facility and its equipment.
   dollars of donated equipment. Many               The couple’s efforts led to AMERIPRINT ’s
   individuals gave freely of their time, money,    recent recognition by the Appleton
   and expertise to make this project possible...   Post-Crescent as the Fox River Valley’s
   people like Robin Jackson, President of the      “Small Business of the Year.”
   International Corrugated Packaging
   Foundation, Beth and Wayne Nemecek of            Fox Valley
   AmeriPrint, Glynn Wilson of the Grant            Technical College
   International Corporation, and the General
   Manager of Xerox, Jeanne Kleman. Many            Fox Valley Technical College’s main
   of our corporate partners went to THEIR          campus is in Appleton, with a second
   suppliers to solicit donations. The efforts of   campus in Oshkosh. There are FVTC
   this group and many others have created a        regional centers in Chilton, Clintonville,
   training center for the graphic arts that is
                                                    Neenah, Waupaca, and Wautoma,
   unparalleled in the Midwest.”                    Continued page 10

                                 Donors to the Fox Valley Graphics Arts Center:
“ We are so proud of the         AAA Press Specialists, Inc.      Duralam Inc.                      Menasha Corporation
  new Graphics Arts              AKZO Nobel Inks                  Enercon Industries Corp.            Foundation, Inc.
                                 All Printing Resources           Fasson                            Menasha Packaging
  Center. The cooperation        Allison                          Fife Corporation                  MicroClean
  among our staff, the           Anderson Vreeland                Fort James (Georgia Pacific)      Midwest Rubber Plate Inc
  faculty, and the print and     Appleton Papers                  Foundation for the Flexographic   Mueller Graphics
  paper industries has been      Automatan                           Technical Association          Outlook Label
  truly wonderful. We are        Banta Corporation Companies      FulFlex                           Pitman
  fortunate to have so           Bay Machinery                    George Whiting Paper              Praxair
                                 BCM Inks, Inc.                   Grant International               Press Color
  many great benefactors         Bemis Company Foundation         Great Northern Corporation        Printron Inc.
  who see the clear link         Benton Graphics                  Green Bay Engraving               Progressive Ink
  between quality training       Bieffebi                         Harper Corporation of America     Promo Edge
  and their long-term            Bingham Flexo Services           Harris & Bruno                    Propheteer, International
  competitive edge. Future       Bottcher USA                     Hayes Manufacturing Group         RamPage Systems, Inc.
                                 Buckeye Corrugated               Heidelberg USA                    RBP Chemical Company
  productivity is in the         Comco                            Independent Printing              Rogers Corp.
  hands of our graduates.        Consolidated Engravers           International Corrugated          Rotomereies
  These great companies          Consolidated Papers Corporate       Packaging Foundation           Smurfit Stone
  have taken a major               (Stora Enso)                   International Papers Foundation   Stork
  step to ensure that the        Container Graphics Corporation   INX International                 Sun Chemical
  U. S. print and paper          Corr-Choice Inc.                 J.M. Heford Ltd.                  Thilmany
                                 Covers Unlimited                 Kelleigh                          3-M
  industries will remain         Creative Carton Corp.            Kimberly-Clark                    Unilux
  internationally                Daewyler                         Kodak Polychrome                  UV Technology Inc.
  competitive.”                  Day International Inc.              Foundation, Inc.               Valley Roller Company Inc.
–    Dr. Susan May,              Dean Printing Systems            Lewisburg Container               Verity I.A.
     FVTC’s Vice President for   DICAR Inc.                       Mark Andy                         Xerox Corporation Inc.
     Instructional Services      Du Pont                          Mathews International Corp.       X-Rite Inc.
                                                                  McKinley Machinery

                                 Fox Valley Technical College
                                 Continued from page 9

                                 as well as more than 20 other outreach locations which bring classes directly into the
                                 students’ communities. Two other FVTC facilities – the D.J. Bordini Center in Appleton and
                                 the S.J. Spanbauer Center in Oshkosh – serve dual purposes as program delivery sites and
                                 as business and industry training centers.
                                      The Appleton campus is one of the finest and most advanced technical college facilities
                                 in the nation. More than 50,000 students work in more than 70 major program areas, and
                                 over 94% of graduates land jobs within six months of graduation. The College offers over
                                 3,000 courses to 27,000 area business employees; most are customized to meet the specific
                                 needs of local employers.
                                      FVTC has several unique focuses: a range of specialties in the paper and flexographic
                                 industries, aviation, quality improvement, natural resources, and agribusiness.

Representative John Gard
Recognized for Leadership Ability
The Wisconsin Technical College System        Technical College, remarked: “It’s my       “ John Gard’s support
receives gifts of instructional equipment     pleasure to recognize John Gard’s             for local taxpayers and
from business and industry, and from          leadership. We truly appreciate his           education are part of
the federal surplus property program.         longstanding interest in the Wisconsin        the legislative record.
The System gets millions of dollars           Technical College System and NWTC.            His skill as a legislative
of equipment each year to support             His support has made it possible to bring     leader has made life
the training over 450,000 technical           in over $675,000 in donated federal and       better for Wisconsin’s
college students.                             corporate equipment to NWTC and the           citizens. The Wisconsin
     This newsletter, “Donation Matters,”     other units of local government in the        Technical College System
exists to recognize the organizations and     Marinette and Oconto areas.”                  Foundation recognizes his
individuals that, through their generosity,        Representative Gard expressed his        leadership abilities and
provide equipment to the colleges. We’re      appreciation of the schools themselves:       thanks him for his efforts.”
also pleased to recognize legislative         “Our Wisconsin Technical College            – Gene Lehrmann,
leadership that directly improves the         System has served as a dynamic partner        Foundation President and Past State
                                                                                            Director of the Wisconsin Technical
quality of technical education.               with business and industry in our             College System
     The Wisconsin Technical College          community and across the state in
System Foundation and Northeast               developing a highly-skilled workforce
Wisconsin Technical College recently          ready to take on the new century. The
honored Representative John Gard,             customized hands-on training provided
Wisconsin’s 89th Assembly District.           by our technical colleges will enable our
In a ceremony held in Marinette, Dr. Jeff     state’s economy to thrive.”
Rafn, President of Northeast Wisconsin

                                                                                            Left to right: Loren Brumm, WTCS
                                                                                            Foundation; Representative John Gard;
                                                                                            and NWTC President Dr. Jeffrey Rafn
                                                                                            at ceremony recognizing Gard for his
                                                                                            leadership ability.

                                       NWTC Machine Tool Advisory Committee:
                                       Building the Ideal Training Curriculum

     — Dr Jeffrey H. Rafn, President
       Northeast Wisconsin
       Technical College

     “We really depend on
      the input of the
      Program Advisory
      Committees to build
      the right curricula
      for our students.
      Their experience
      and enthusiasm
      help us turn out
      better workers.”

                                       Alan Hiles, NWTC Associate Dean of General Studies; Robert Volm, D&S Project Manager; and Joseph Gosz, Planning &
                                       Services Manager at EMI International.

                                       One of the major strengths of Wisconsin’s                        Northeast Wisconsin Technical
                                       Technical College system resides outside                    College’s Machine Tool Operation/Technics
                                       the schools themselves ... in the insight and               Program Advisory Committee shows the
                                       imagination of the citizens of Wisconsin                    great value these committees bring to the
                                       themselves. The business community plays                    table. The college is committed to
                                       a vital role in crafting the state’s technical              improving its state-of-the-art numerical
                                       education agenda. Since 1913, citizen                       control machine tool program. To do so
                                       advisory committees have advised the                        additional equipment is needed. Gary
                                       technical colleges on both changing                         Morgan, Northeast’s Dean of the Trades
                                       technology and the instructional needs of                   and Technical Division, explains: “Our
                                       local industry. The Technical College                       Machine Tool Advisory Committee
                                       system includes 1,000 statutorily-mandated                  encouraged us to look to the future and
                                       advisory groups providing counsel to                        upgrade our CNC machines. They have a
                                       almost all program areas. Committee                         clear picture of what’s coming down the
                                       members include local employers,                            road in the industry. So we looked around
                                       employees, and program graduates.                           for expertise to help us make the best
                                                                                                    Continued page 14

D & S Machine Service                                                                                We thank these
                                                                                                     recent donors:
D & S MACHINE SERVICE, located in                                                                    ABB
Luxemburg, manufactures specialized                                                                  American Bolt Corporation
custom metal products. Management has
over 200 years of experience in specialty
                                                                                                     Carl’s Collections
machining. The 65 employees handle
machining, fabricating, burning, and
                                                                                                     Century Tel
painting. D & S takes on machine jobs                                                                Climatic Control Company
other organizations can’t do ... the tough                                                           Cooper Power Systems
ones. Most products need special analysis                                                            DAKE
and require extremely complex technical                                                              Delphi Energy & Engine Systems
skills to resolve. The company a long                                                                Distribution Dynamics
roster of specialty production machines,                                                             EVCO, Inc.
                                                                                                     Faust Co Inc
 “ D & S has the people that can solve                                                               Hammes Co
   most complex machining problems.”                                                                 Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
 – Bob Volm, D & S Project Manager                                                                   Hayes Manufacturing Group
                                                                                                     Holt Electric
                                                                                                     Innovation Voice Technologies
                                             D&S Machine Services President Dave Dax and Jean Dax.   JJ Stengel
                                                                                                     John Deere
                                                 Dave Dax, President of D & S, works                 John May & Associates
                                             closely with his wife Jean on this growing              Marshall Erdmann & Associates
                                             business. They founded the company in                   Microsun Systems
including 5 axis Varnsdorf TOS horizontal    1986 and have expanded to satisfy their 135             Midland Plastics
boring mills, 5” Scharmann, 4” Wotan, and    corporate customers, who demand top                     Milwaukee Cylinder
4 1/8” Summit horizontal boring mills.       quality and dependable delivery. They                   Nor-Lake Inc.
They also use 10-ton bridge cranes and a     choose D & S for its track record and for               North Shore Bank
10’ by 16’ plasma burning machine.           the high quality of its workforce.                      The Oilgear Company
                                                                                                     Parts Associates
                                                                                                     R&B, Inc.
                                                                                                     Rexnord Corp. Plastics Division
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College                                                                Rockwell Automation
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College has major campuses are in Green Bay, Sturgeon                  Schroeder Installation Systems
Bay, and Marinette. Thirty-two Regional Centers stretch from Tipler to Shawano to                    Sentry Insurance
Washington Island. The main campus on Green Bay’s west side is sited on a gently rolling             Thomas Industries
former apple orchard. 40,000 students train in 77 major program areas. The College also              Waukesha Industrial
provides over 1,000 courses customized to meet the needs of 11,000 business employees.               Williams Engineering
And 140 technical assistance contracts further support business and industry.                        Zero Zone

All donations help...these            NWTC Machine Tool Advisory Committee:
are some of the things
our colleges make the                 Building the Ideal Training Curriculum
most of:                              Continued from page 12

                                      decisions. Bill Herman of Productivity
New product and inventory:            Wisconsin, a Pewaukee-based machine tool
automotive components, power          dealer, offered a creative solution to our
supplies, electronics, industrial
                                      needs. He suggested HAAS AUTOMATION for
controls and sensors, laboratory
                                      a good deal on some excellent equipment.”
and medical equipment and
supplies, water and air pumps,             The Northeast staff worked with HAAS
hydraulic components, small           AUTOMATION of Oxnard, California to
engines or automotive                 purchase a major HAAS machine tool at a
and truck engines                     deep discount. The deal included an
                                      Entrustment Agreement for two additional
Machinery, equipment                  machine tools (a CNC turning center and an
& tooling:                            auto-loading vertical machining center)
electric motors, machine shop
                                      worth $200,000. Under the agreement,
equipment and tooling, robots,
and laser cutting equipment
                                      HAAS replaces them with newer equipment
                                      every second year. HAAS also donated four
Printing equipment & supplies:        machine tool simulators with working
printing machinery, paper             programmable controls. This represents a
and inks                              major step forward for the college.
Maintenance equipment                      “NWTC is considered a HAAS Factory
& supplies:                           Technology Center,” explains Al Hiles,
hand tools, warehouse shelving        Northeast’s Dean, General Studies. “HAAS
and racks, workbenches,               brings prospective machine tool purchasers
abrasives, nuts, bolts or screws      into our lab for demonstrations. And this
Material handling equipment:
                                      gives our students the chance to show those
pallet jacks, forklifts, power        companies how well they know the
hoists and jacks                      equipment. This can lead to inroads for
                                      future employment.”
Office supplies & furniture:               Bob Volm, Chairman of the Committee      Gary Morgan, NWTC Dean of Trades & Technology
from furniture to paper, computers,   and Project Manager at D & S MACHINE          with Robert Volm, D&S Project Manager
printers or copy machines             SERVICE of Luxemburg, states: “Our            committee. The new HAAS entrustment
Raw materials:                        company needs Northeast’s graduates to        will ensure that Northeast students will
wood products, plastic pipe,          meet our employment needs. We’re proud        receive training on the most modern
windows and doors, metal rods,        to play a role on the College’s advisory      machine tool equipment available.”
plates, chains and bar stock
Heavy equipment & vehicles:
from automobiles to bulldozers to
airplanes and marine equipment        Mid-State Technical College & Stora Enso
                                      Continued from page 4
Buildings or land
Cash gifts                            industrial automation control equipment.      recognizes that its long-term success is
                                      Graduates from Mid-State’s program go to      best served by having well-trained and
                                      work at SENA on the same ROCKWELL             highly productive workers ... and a
                                      AUTOMATION equipment they’ve trained          technical college committed to close
                                      on. This makes for VERY efficient             training support of a local industry.
                                      training.                                     We’ve got both of those in Wisconsin
                                           This inter-woven training model          Rapids.
                                      demands both a manufacturer who

Rockwell Automation Just Doesn’t                                                            TECHNICAL
Know When to Stop Giving                                                                    SYSTEM
Milwaukee’s ROCKWELL AUTOMATION                software for its training programs in
has long been a generous friend to the         Electromechanical Technology, Computer       WTCS Board
Wisconsin Technical College System,            Network Systems, and other areas.            Edward Chin, State Director
and their civic spirit continues with three        Southwest Wisconsin Technical            Blackhawk
recent large donations of state-of-the-art     College received advanced automation         Dr. Eric A. Larson, President
equipment.                                     equipment for its technical                  Chippewa Valley
    Fox Valley Technical College               apprenticeships in Electromechanical         Dr. William Ihlenfeldt, President
received advanced automation equip-            Technology, Industrial Electrician           Fox Valley
ment for the college’s Automated               Apprenticeship, Construction Electrician     Dr. Laurence F. Johnson, President
Manufacturing Systems, Electronics,            Apprenticeship, and Maintenance              Gateway
Electromechanical programs as well as          Mechanic/Millwright. Students will be        Dr. Samuel E. Borden, President
various other programs and night classes.      able to familiarize themselves with the
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION’s donation                 process control systems widely used in       Dr. Dennis J. Ladwig, President
helps make it possible for FVTC to train       automated manufacture.
                                                                                            Madison Area
students and employees on state of the art         ROCKWELL AUTOMATION is a role            Dr. Beverly S. Simone, President
industrial technology.                         model for first-class corporate citizenry,
    Chippewa Valley Technical College          and the Wisconsin Technical College          Mid-State
                                                                                            Dr. Brian G. Oehler, President
received donated equipment of Modular          System appreciates the company’s
Programmable Logic Controllers and             continuing commitment.                       Milwaukee Area
                                                                                            Dr. John R. Birkholz, President
                                                                                            Moraine Park
                                                                                            Dr. John J. Shanahan, President
STAFF                                                                                       Nicolet Area
Diane Sutton                                                                                Dr. Adrian Lorbetske, President
Dewey Frauenfelder
Bob Gilbertson                                                                              Northcentral
Bill Wilson                                                                                 Dr. Robert C. Ernst, President
Jack Ferreri                                                                                Northeast Wisconsin
                                                                                            Dr. H. Jeffrey Rafn, President
Dorothy Harms                                                                               Southwest Wisconsin
Wisconsin Technical College                                                                 Dr. Karen R. Knox, President
System Foundation, Inc.
One Foundation Circle                                                                       Waukesha County
Waunakee, WI 53597                                                                          Dr. Richard T. Anderson, President
www.donatetoeducation.com                                                                   Western Wisconsin
email: corporate@wtcsf.tec.wi.us.                                                           Dr. Lee Rasch, President
Call 1-800-322-1354 or 608-849-2444
                                                                                            Wisconsin Indianhead
Milwaukee area office 262-789-8270                                                          Mr. David R. Hildebrand, President

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