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					Administrative Code Part 280: Identification of Sections Affected by Smart Grid Deployment
                                                                                  SG   Affected By
     Section   Scope of Rule            Description
                                                                                  ?    Which Application
                                        Duty of all to demonstrate good faith
     10        Policy                                                             N    N/A
                                        and fair dealing
                                        Applies to eligibility, deposits,
     20        Scope                                                              N    N/A
                                        payments, conditions for shutoff
     30        Saving Clause            ICC may amend, waive, alter, etc.         N    N/A
                                        Old debt/bad credit = deposit needed;
     50        Applicants for Service                                             Y    Prepayment
                                        credit score recordkeeping rules
               Current Customer         Late bills = deposit required; amounts,
     60, 70                                                                       Y    Prepayment
               Deposits                 refunds, rules, records
                                        Incorrect overcharges refunded with
     75        Refunds                                                            N    N/A
                                        Attempted meter read at least bi-
     80        Estimated Bills                                                    Y    AMI or AMR
                                        monthly; estimated bills allowed
               Past Due/Late            Due dates, late charges, postmarks,
     90                                                                           N    N/A
               Payment                  one annual late fee waiver
               Unbilled                 Limits on old billing; tampering proof
     100                                                                          N    N/A
               Service/Tampering        burden on utility
     105       Illegal Taps             Responsibility for theft of service       N    N/A
               Deferred Payment         Eligibility, details for past due
     110                                                                          Y    Prepayment
               Plan                     arrangements
                                        Option of equal monthly installments
     120       Budget Payment Plan                                                N    N/A
                                        for estimated current annual bill
               Discontinuance of        Shutoff conditions, requirements,              Remote C/D,
     130-136                                                                      Y
               Service                  notices                                        Prepayment
               Heat, Other                                                             Remote C/D,
     138                                Reconnection seasonal payment plans       Y
               Reconnection                                                            Prepayment
               Disconnect Master        Inform tenants of pending shutoff,
     140                                                                          N    N/A
               Meters                   receivership
                                        Fee as per tariff, one waiver required         (tariffs, not rule
     150       Reconnection Charge                                                N
                                        annually                                       affected)
     160       Dispute Procedures       No disconnect while dispute in process    N    N/A
     170       Complaints to ICC        Informal, formal complaint procedures     N    N/A
                                        Post in public and conspicuous office
     180       Public Notice of Rules                                             N    N/A
               Second Language          Warning in 2nd language of need to
     190                                                                          N    N/A
               Notices                  translate
               Info re: Credit,
     200                                Info booklet available at all offices     N    N/A
                                       Language informing of impending                 Remote C/D,
     Appdx A   Shutoff Notice                                                     Y
                                       shutoff                                         Prepayment
                                       Language on shutoff delay if
     Appdx B   If Illness No Shutoff                                              N    N/A
                                       household illness
     Appdx C   Public Notice re: Rules Language of notice that rules available    N    N/A
               Deferred Payment        Language on arrangements to pay over
     Appdx D                                                                      Y    Prepayment
               Notice                  time

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