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					September 10, 2012

To Faculty and Staff of Northern Arizona University

Re: Conduct, Ethics, Reporting and Transparency (CERT Program)

The University expects its employees to maintain the highest standards in their conduct to serve as
examples for our students and outside community as they observe our everyday business. It is with this
goal in mind that we have developed a mandatory CERT Program that will require annual and other
periodic certifications of how we conduct our day-to-day business. The Board of Regents also expects all
University employees to conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner as part of our responsibilities as
University citizens. Moreover, private business has learned its lessons through poor conduct in that
businesses have gone bankrupt leaving many private citizens in a lurch for financial resources for their
retirement and every day expenses. Congress passed the Sarbanes Oxley Act to address these
shortcomings in the private sector, however, the public sector has been given the opportunity to police

Towards that end, NAU offers this program as a way to assure that the public we serve has confidence
that we are doing the absolute best we can in managing resources and that our teaching, research,
scholarly activities, business and work practices are of the highest standard. Other universities have not
conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and they are paying the price for tarnishing or
destroying their hard earned good reputations. Someone once said that “A good reputation is hard to
earn, and very easy to lose”. NAU intends to keep its good reputation in-tact for a long time to come and
we are asking you to comply with the CERT program online reporting mechanism as a way to help in this

In order for us to meet the obligations outlined in this program, I am pleased to announce the CERT
course, which includes:

           The Standards of Expectations and Conduct
           An Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosure (e-CERT)
           Resources for employees to better understand their obligations under this program. A
            website has been created that includes links to the various policies and laws that apply to
            conduct and conflict of interest, examples and FAQs, and links to key resource offices. An
            optional tutorial and quiz is also provided for faculty and staff to check their understanding
            of these obligations.
I believe it is important that each of us becomes aware of our obligations in this area, and therefore
all current staff, faculty, graduate assistants, student employees and volunteers are expected to
complete the program by November 30, 2012. As new employees are hired, they will be directed to do
the same. As employee circumstances change throughout the year, the Employee Conflict of Interest
Disclosure (e-CERT) must be updated within 15 days of when changes occur. Each employee completing
the e-CERT will receive an email with their responses.

Thank you for your attention to the requirements in this program. The CERT Program can be accessed at
CERT Course . For the first time through the program, participants will need between 20 and 40 minutes
to review all materials and complete their disclosure. Those participating in sponsored projects may
require more time to complete the disclosure, and may wish to review disclosure requirements prior to
accessing the CERT Program.

Because this is our pilot year of the program, we welcome your feedback on the materials provided in
the feedback survey at the end of the course. It is our hope to add enhancements to this program from
the feedback we receive by the second year. Thank you for your commitment to this program and
upholding a culture of integrity and compliance at NAU.


John D. Haeger

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