Senior Project by n079e60


									May Term
           Brennon Sapp 2005

The Problems

   State testing is over
   AP Tests are complete
   Students and Teachers have a
    difficult time continuing on as usual
   Attendance and attention is less
    than desirable
What to do?

   Give finals
   End regular classes
   Schedule field trips for the last two
   Spend the last to weeks of school in
    special classes
   Perform credit recovery
    What Do We Do The Last Two Weeks?

   Credit Recovery
   Special Interest Classes Such As:
       Cross Curricular Activities/Classes
       Educational Field Trips
       School Projects
       Exploration Classes
       Introduction Classes
       College Readiness Classes
       Important Issues not Referenced in the
        Core Content
How do We Decide What to Teach?

   Survey the Staff, Community, and
    students for talent
   Survey the Students for interest
   Have conversations with
    administration for legalities and
   Sign up students and have fun
  Some Sample Classes
Aerobics               Cooking
Fitness                Healthy/Yummy
Ballroom Dancing
                       History in Movies
Brain Teasers          Psychology in Movies
Boat Building/Design   Sign Language
Caving                 Vietnam
Chess                  Yoga
CSI Goshen             Visual Arts in
College Prep Cooking   Kentucky
Students Who Don’t Want to Play

   Ask them to come up with projects
   Allow them to shadow or learn in
    the real world
   Allow them to tour colleges
   We want real world education
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