FYC 2010 room chartAcademic Networking by x9t8D0


									                                                  FYC 2010 Academic Networking
                                                    Saturday, February 20, 2010
  Session 1: 10:00 AM -- 11:00 AM                                                                   Session 2: 11:15 AM -- 12:15 PM

  Room           Panel        Session                        Majors and Programs Represented
Park Shops    Engineering     1&2     Chemical, Computer Science, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Materials Science, Textile,
   200                                   Biomedical, Construction, Environmental, Aerospace, Electrical, and Civil Engineering
Park shops        CALS        1&2        Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Animal Science, Microbiology, Nutrition
   210                                   (Information regarding all majors in CALS will be available.)
Park Shops    Education/      1&2        Elementary Education, Technology Engineering & Design, Curriculum Instruction, Middle
   215        Technology                 Grade Education, Science Education, Math Education
    SAS        CHASS-A   1&2             Psychology, Social Work, Criminology, Sociology, Anthropology
    SAS        PAMS      1&2             Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Applied Math, Geology, Marine Science,
   1108                                  Meteorology
    SAS      CHASS-B     1&2             International Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Women’s Studies &
   1216                                  Gender, Chinese Studies (minor)
    SAS       Textiles   1&2             Fashion and Textile Management- Brand Management and Marketing, Textile Technology,
1220&1218                                Medical Textiles, Textile Engineering, Supply Chain
    SAS      CHASS –D    1& 2            Arts Application, Film Studies (English), Non-profit, English
    SAS     Management 1 & 2             Business Administration (Marketing, Finance, Operations & Entrepreneurship, Human
   2203                                  Resources, IT) Accounting, Economics
    SAS       Natural    1&2             Park, Recreation & Tourism, Sport Management, Paper Science Engineering, Wood Products,
   2225      Resources                   Professional Golf Management, Forest Management
    SAS      CHASS-C     1&2             Communication, History, French, Spanish, Foreign Language Teacher Education
   2235                                  English (Creative Writing, Literature, Teacher Education), German
    SAS    Professionals Main           Physician, Nurse, Vet., Health, Teaching, Engineering, Prelaw, Music Minor, PE Minor, Social Work,
 1st & 2nd               level          Psychology, Counselor, Non-Profit, English, Communications, Peace Corp, Spanish, Math/Statistics,
                                        Environment, Entrepreneur, Health Consultant
   Floor                                Business, Accounting, Marketing/Sales, International, Banker, Investments, Economist, Real Estate,
                                        Telecommunications, AROTC,
                                        (Please attend Professional session according to the initial of your last name. Letters A –N
                                        should attend 1st session, O-Z should attend 2nd session.)
  SAS        CHECK-IN for     9:30-      Panelists check-in prior to program
  2202         Panelists      9:45
  Updated 2/16/10, m. simpson Please note this is subject to change and update regularly.

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