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									             Detroit Chapter

                                                                                                                 February, 2006
          2005-2006                    President’s Message
   James A. Steel                                               March 2, 2006
       Flint Ink Corporation
   John H. Clough                                               Dear Fellow Chapter Members,
       KenSa, LLC
SECRETARY                                                                There are a number of items we’d like to bring to your
   Mark Rusch                                                   attention this month.
       PME Companies
   Jan P. Lower                                                         We’re sure you noticed the new format of the
       Blue Line FoodService                                    newsletter. It’s another way to improve on how we
       Distribution                                             communicate to all of you, the chapter members. Mark
                                                                Rusch and Terry Howard are to be thanked for their efforts.
    Richard P. Blotner                                                   For Spouse’s Night, we’re finalizing plans for a wine
        Oracle Corporation                                      tasting evening to be held at the Detroit Historical Museum.
    Robert M. Carrigan, Jr.                                     Please reserve Saturday, June 3, 2006 on your calendar for
        Bay Colony Equity                    James A. Steel
        Partners, Inc.                         President        this event.
    Kevin J. Dunivin
        Arrow Uniform                                                  Please be sure to attend our March 27 meeting
    Hermann G. Eichner                                          when we will be electing Officers and Directors for the
        Immersion Graphics, Inc.
    Michael Foran                                               2006/2007 year. Anyone interested in serving on a
        University of Michigan-                                 committee for next year should see John Clough or any
        Dearborn                                                Board member.
   Bruce C. Greening
    James M. McGraw
                                                                        Look forward to seeing you in March.
    Eugene Swinnerton
        University of Detroit Mercy
    Carolyn Walton
        Blue Cross Blue Shield of
        Michigan                        Upcoming Events of Note
    Thomas G. Wolfe
        Cooper Standard                 March 27, 2006        Academic Recognition Awards
        Automotive                                            American Express Expense Statement - Panel Discussion
   Richard S. Abbey                     April 9-11, 2006      Summit 2006
       Consultant                                             San Francisco Marriott
   John D. Bohrer
       Bio-Serv Corporation             April 24, 2006        Sarbanes-Oxley, Sustained Compliance
   Leonard B. Carleton
       Community Choice Credit                                Professional Development – 5 p.m.
   Suzanne H. Gilbert                   April 24, 2006        Dana Johnson. Chief Economist Comerica
   Robert R. Scherba
       Williams International           May 4-5, 2006         Private Company Forum
   Gregory W. Ulferts                                         Ritz Carleton, Atlanta
       University of Detroit Mercy
   Neil C. Wester                       May 26, 2006          Golf Outing
       Kolene Corporation
                                        June 3, 2006          Spouses Night
       Membership Committee

                                                    Membership application and dues payments can
Many of us come into contact with other financial
                                                    all be done online at www.fei.org. The web site
executives, but may be reluctant to mention fei
                                                    also includes quality information about the
because we are unsure of the requirements for
                                                    organization and upcoming events.
membership. To qualify, FEI members must hold
an eligible position and be employed by a
                                                    Should you have any questions or would like us
company which meets one of these criteria:
                                                    to contact a prospective new member, please
                                                    contact either Kevin Dunivin or Bruce Greening
      $5 million in net worth, or                  from our membership committee at:
      $15 million in capital (combined net worth
       & long-term debt), or                        kevin.dunivin@arrowuniform.com
      $20 million in operating expense.            (313) 299-5270
      Banking institutions must have $500
       million in total assets.                     bruce.c.greening@smithbarney.com
      Government corporations/authorities must     (248) 740-7142
       have $100 million total assets.

The Chief Financial Officer of any SEC-registered
company is eligible for membership regardless of
company size.

Assistant Financial Executive: Requirement is                    Career Services
4x the criterion for financial executive.
Subsidiary or Division: Requirement is the
same criterion as parent company. Senior
Specialist: Applicant must be employed by a
company with $1 billion in revenues or $250
million of employee benefit investments under       The Career Services Committee will be meeting
management, or a banking institution with $20       at the Silverman Companies on Monday, March
billion in assets. Audit Committee Member:
                                                    13, 2006 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. The Silverman
Applicant must serve on Audit Committee of a
company that meets FEI size criteria. Academic:     address is 32100 Telegraph Road, Suite 220,
Only educators with the academic rank of dean,      Bingham, Farms, MI 48025. If you know someone
assistant dean, professor or associate professor    with a senior financial background that is in
are eligible.                                       career transition or needs some career advice,
                                                    invite them to join us at this meeting.
Typical titles: CFO, Controller, Assistant
Controller, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, VP-      FEI members should consider whether you want
Finance, General Auditor, VP-Investor Relations,
                                                    to be added to our distribution list to receive job
VP-Planning and Analysis, VP-Pension Fund
Investments, VP-Taxes, Director of Taxes or         leads and other career information
Treasury or Accounting or Finance, Chief
Accounting Officer, Member - Audit Committee.       If you want to be added to the e-mail list or have
                                                    questions, call Pat Zurlinden at 248-740-7152.
Additionally there is a discretionary application
for those outside the above parameters.

If you know someone that may qualify for
membership, why not tell them about fei and
invite them to the next dinner meeting?
       Nominations 2006-2007
                                                        Chapter Survey Drawing

               FEI Detroit
    Nominations for Officers and Board             The winners of the drawing for responding to the
               2006-2007                           Chapter Survey are Joe Lordan and Benson
                                                   Woo. They are each entitled to $100 gift
                                                   certificates at a fine restaurant.
The following nominations will be presented to
                                                   Thanks to everyone who participated
the membership for an official vote at our March
27, 2006 dinner meeting.
                                                   John Zimmerman
                                                   Thomas Wolfe

President             John Clough
Vice President        Mark Rusch
Secretary             Jan Lower                                March Sponsor
Treasurer             Kevin Dunivin


   Term expiring 7/31/2007
                    Richard Blotner
                    Robert Carrigan
                    Ron Egan
                    Thomas Wolfe
   Term expiring 7/31/2008
                    Hermann Eichner
                    Eugene Swinnerton
                    Carolyn Walton
                                                     The American Express Company
   Term expiring 7/31/2009                        The American Express Company is a diversified
                    Thomas Butler                  worldwide travel, financial and network services
                    Bruce Greening                 company founded in 1850. It is a leader in
                    John Zimmerman                 charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques,
                                                   travel, financial planning, investment products,
                                                   insurance and international banking.
         Bolded names require
       membership vote of approval                 American Express Global Corporate Services is
                                                   the leading commercial card issuer in the U.S.,
                                                   and its satisfied customers include literally
                                                   thousands of organizations, which use the
                                                   company’s Corporate Card and Corporate
                                                   Purchasing Card programs and Corporate Travel
If you would like to get involved in a Chapter     services. More information on expense
Committee, please contact Len Carleton             management tools from Corporate Services can
at 734-762-6947 or lencarleton@aol.com             be found at
                                                FEI Detroit Golf Outing and Dinner
                                                           May 26, 2006

Save the date of Friday, May 26, 2006 for the annual FEI Detroit golf outing at the Detroit Golf Club. Golfing is in the
afternoon (have lunch there before golf if time permits) followed by cocktails and dinner. This is a great opportunity to
start the summer. Last year we had a record number of attendees.

Date:             Friday, May 26, 2006                                                 Join us even if you don’t golf.
Place:            Detroit Golf Club                                                    It’s a great time to network!
Times:            12:00 - 2:00 p.m. tee times for golfers
                  5:30 p.m. Networking and refreshments (Coats, no ties required)
                  6:30 p.m. Dinner followed by prizes

Join fellow FEI members for one of the most entertaining dinner meetings of the year. All chapter members are invited to
attend this final, informal dinner meeting of the chapter year. The dinner cost is included in you chapter dues. It's a fun
event and an enjoyable evening with your fellow members and our host Detroit Golf Club members.

The Detroit Golf Club is located at 17911 Hamilton Rd. off Ponchartrain south of 7 Mile Rd. and west of Woodward and
east of Lodge expressway. The entrance is hidden among the hedges on the West Side of the road, which runs along the
west side of the Palmer Park golf course.

Golfers are invited to participate in the golf event that will begin mid-day on the two classic Donald Ross courses at the
Detroit Golf Club. This is a fun event and proof that our members are dedicated financial executives who spend the
majority of their time in the office and not on the golf course.

A member of the Detroit Golf Club will accompany each golf foursome. Dick Walsh, a long time member of FEI and the
Detroit Golf Club is our host. You can sign-up as a group of three or as an individual. There is a greens fee charge for
golf that will be billed to you by FEI.

Prizes are awarded for unique golf accomplishments. Members who are able are encouraged to donate a prize or two to
the event. These can be brought to the club on the day of the event.

Enroll by Friday, May 19, 2006 on the Internet site, www.feidetroit.org, by phone, e-mail, or by faxing the RSVP form
below to:

TO:      Rich Colletta
         Phone: 586 668-0909
         Fax: 519 969-5357
         Email: richcolletta@comcast.net

I plan to attend dinner.   Your name_______________________________________________ Steak_____ Fish____

I plan to play golf.       Preferred course: North: ____    South: ____ No preference:_____

Your fax: ________________              Your phone:____________________

Preferred starting time:    _____________      (12:00 - 2:00)

Preferred playing partners: _____________      _____________       _____________      _____________       (not required)

Expected prize donation:    _____________      (not required; bring to event)
                                           March Dinner Meeting
                                            Terry Bodensteiner

DATE:           Monday, March 27, 2006

PLACE:          Detroit Athletic Club

TIME:           6:00 p.m. Networking and refreshments
                6:30 p.m. Dinner
                7:15 p.m. Presentation

Program Title: Expense Management: Driving Savings Through Better Information and Spending Policies

Participants: Terry Bodensteiner, Regional Vice President American Express and 3 Panelists

In this session, Mr. Bodensteiner will share findings of a recent survey commissioned by American Express of more than
300 senior financial executives at mid-sized firms across the country. The study, conducted by CFO Research, was
designed to explore how today's growing companies drive savings through the management of expenditures on travel and
entertainment, office supplies and other indirect spending. The panelists will explore how they are using these techniques
successfully in their companies.

The findings in Expense Management: Driving Savings Through Better Information and Spending Policies, underscore
that financial executives haven't forgotten lessons learned during the economic downturn and slow recovery, and still
actively seek more.

Enroll on the Internet site (www.fei.org/chapter/Detroit), by phone, e-mail or by faxing the RSVP form below to:

        Steve Schmith                                    phone: (248) 722-9006
        FEI Detroit                                      fax: (313) 566-0243
                                                         e-mail: sschmith@deloitte.com

        ( ) I prefer to receive my FEI communications via regular mail.

        ( ) I plan to attend.    Your name ___________________________________
                                 Regular Entrée ( )    Fish Entrée ( )

        ( ) I will have the following guests:
                                Name:           _____________________________
                                Company name: _____________________________
                                Regular Entrée ( )      Fish Entrée ( )

                                Please respond by March 20, 2006
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