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									 Actions from TAO Steering Committee Call 8-25-2009

Send Leslie comments on draft TAO backgrounder by 8-26             All

Post Water Use BMPs already received on TAO intranet site           Leslie

Follow up with Dana on BMP Task Force and determine next steps for
gathering those documents from committee                         Leslie

Touch base with Greg Lyman, GCSAA, regarding report on sustainability
presented at Golf 20/20 meeting held at PGA Championship. Understand if
we can share with TAO Committee. Coordinate follow-up call with Greg and
Ted Horton on TAO involvement.                                    Leslie

Invite TAO Committee members that did not attend MCO Retreat to
participate at GIS
  Circulate list of names                                          Leslie
  Initiate contact                                         Collier & Jeff
Actions from TAO Steering Committee Call 8-25-2009

Share update on carbon/nutrient credits to TAO Committee by Oct. 1
  Provide information                                       Walt & Rick
  Draft update                                                  Collier
  Distribute to committee                                        Leslie

Prepare agenda draft for GIS meeting                         Leslie/Greg

Prepare Carbon/Nutrient presentation for GIS                  Rick/Greg

Prepare MCO Career Workshop outline for 2011 GIS             Leslie/Greg

Set up conference calls in late Sept, Oct and early Dec to
benchmark progress and determine next steps                      Leslie


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