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					                    Internal Affairs Response

This response is the one that is NOT on the record, that they
don't want the public to see. Ive got 2 of them??? Sgt David
Newlan tell's me I need to "REFRAIN FROM CORRESPONDENCE
WITH PUBLIC OFFICIALS" . Actually contacting them is pretty
much a waste of time in the first place. These low lifes here in Lee
County arent worth contacting for anything. They will do nothing
about Corruption because they are corrupt, and weak minded,
with absolutely no leadership.

Clearly Sgt Newlan, (NOW CAPTAIN) and Capt Mike Maher of
Internal Affairs heard my complaints and didnt need to
investigate anything because they already knew about this
misconduct of Fabrication of Police reports by Officer Vinny
Minnillo, in Violation of the Color of Law Federal Code's TItle 18
USC Section 241 and 242.

As well, anyone whom reads the emails by Minnillo cant believe
it, and apparently everyone feels a cop doing such a thing, is

I never Refrained from anything, and am still making all kinds of
noise and it will come to an end soon with Capt Newlan most
likely being demoted and hopefully jailed for his knowledge of
CONSPIRACY. Its real clear they wanted me to shut my mouth
and now over 4 years later and 23 months in jail, Im making more
noise than ever.

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