6 Week Clinic Syllabus

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					                      6 Week Clinic Syllabus
                   Mars-Bethel Driving Range
                Every Wednesday 4:00p-5:00p
                  July 11th through August 15th
Week 1: Introduction
Putting (1 Hour)
     Basic fundamentals of putting: grip, set-up, posture, ball-position,
       putting stroke
     Fundamentals of distance control
     Understand “lag” putting
     Reading Greens (Basics)
     Practice drills

Week 2: Chipping/ Course Etiquette
Chipping (40 minutes)
   Introduce the fundamentals of chipping
   Shoulder rotation
   7 o’ clock to 5 o’ clock
   8 to 4 o’ clock
   9 to 3 o’ clock
   Practice drills

Course Etiquette (10 minutes)
   Introduce etiquette on the putting green: ball marking, opponent’s line,
     repairing ball marks
   Introduce course etiquette: not talking during someone else’s backswing,
     replacing divots, not moving while someone is swinging, stay behind
     others while they are swinging, course safety

Closing/Games (10 minutes)

Week 3: Pitching/ Full Swing (Driving Range)
Introduction of Pitch Swing/Full Swing (1 hour)
    Introduce target line, body line, clubface angle at address, and pre shot
      routine (railroad tracks) (Allow time for independent practice)
    Introduce posture, knee angle, spine angles, ball-position, grip, and set-
      up (Allow time for independent practice)
    Introduce different swing positions: 9 o’clock, “L”, top of the backswing,
      downswing, and follow through (Allow time for independent practice)
    Practice on range
    Practice full swing but using “Half swing or Pitching Swing” Swing L to L
    Do not allow students to hit balls using full swing only use pitch swing

Week 4: Full Swing Review (Driving Range)
Review full swing basics (Pitch and full swing) (45 minutes)

      Review body orientation (railroad tracks), set-up, and swing positions (9
       o’clock, “L”, top of the backswing, downswing, and follow through)
      Introduce ball flight laws
      Practice on range

Target Games and Closing

Week 5: Play the Course (1 hour)

Week 6: Play the Course (1 hour)
Closing remarks and prizes

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