EAL Swimming Guidelines

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					                          EAL Swimming Guidelines
                               Revised 1-03
Dual Meets

1.    All National Federation Swimming Rules, CIF, and NSCIF rules are official.

2.    The effective starting date for all rules will be no later than the fourth Monday in
      August. The first contest of a swimmer will also serve as the starting date for that

3.    All dual meets start at 3:30pm. (Warm-ups beginning at 2:45-3:20 PM.)

4.    All scheduled League dual meets are for League schools only.

5.    All dual meets will be scheduled on Wednesdays. Alternate dates may be
      selected if agreed to by participating schools.
      a.      During dual meets the home team will be assigned odd lanes and the
              visitors even lanes.

6.    The first heat of a dual meet is the Varsity scoring heat. All other heats will be
      non-scoring timed exhibition heats. See Rule 3 Section 2 Art. 1 (a) National
      Federation Rules. Exhibition competitors.
      Multiple heats must be run to accommodate swimmers in non-scoring heats. No
      specific co-ed heats or heats of mixed distances will be swum. Extra heats will
      be swam in the 50 free, 100 free, 100 back, 100 breast, and in other events
      when the coaches agree.

7.    Scoring, order of events, all meet management rules, and all other rules. See the
      National Federation Rules.

      NOTE: A team must complete a dual meet schedule in order to win the
      championship. Unless waived by a league vote.

                              EAL Championships
1.    All National Federation Swimming Rules, CIF, and NSCIF rules are official.

2.    The score of the Championship Meet will determine the EAL Champions. The
      meet will be scored to eight places.
3.      Each school will field the following teams:
        Varsity Girls: Grades 9-12.
        Varsity Boys: Grades 9-12.
        JV Girls:      Grades 9-10.
        JV Boys:       Grades 9-10.

4. Awards:
   All League Awards will be awarded to the first place finishers in each individual and
   relay event and anyone in the top 12 individual point scores who didn’t win an
   individual or relay event.

     Team plaques for winners in the Varsity Division.

5. Each member school shall be responsible to furnish three adults (18 years old), to be
   assigned as officials for the EAL Championship Meet. They will serve as timers or in
   any other official position.

6. Swimmers may move up or down between varsity and novice divisions until the EAL
   Championship Meet.

7. All participating swimmers must represent their school in two high school dual meets
   during the current season to qualify for the EAL Championship meet.

8. Only schools, which are members of the EAL, will be allowed to participate in the
   EAL Championship Meet.

9. The League shall pay four officials at the EAL Championship Meet.
      Clerk of the Course $250.00
      Referee                 $25.00
      Lifeguard      (Hourly minimum wage.)

10. EAL entries for the League Championship Meet must be faxed or received by the
    entry chairman or the appointee no later than 5:00 PM on the Saturday prior to the
    meet. Late entries will be accepted as deck entries. They will not be scored or
    awarded as a team or individual. It is each coach’s responsibility to ensure the entries
    are received. It is recommended that a coach keep conformation of faxed entries. If a
    swimmer is entered in more than three individual events the swimmer will be
    scratched from his/her numerically third event.

11. Order of events:

        JV Girls       JV Boys        Event               Var. Girls        Var Boys
        1              2              200 yard Med. Relay 3                 4
        5              6              200 yard Free       7                 8
       9              10             200 yard IM            11             12
       13             14             50 yard Free           15             16
                                     10 Minute Break
       17             18             100 yard Fly           19             20
       21             22             100 yard Free          23             24
       25             26             500 yard Free          27             28
       29             30             200 yard Free Relay    31             32
       33             34             100 yard Back          35             36
       37             38             100 yard Breast        39             40
                                     10 Minute Break
       41             42             400 yard Free Relay    43             44

12. Shasta, Red Bluff or Enterprise will host the swim meet.

                                    Article 26 Page 45
606.   Unattached Competition in Individual Sports
       Unattached competition is permissible for student in other than school contests
       during the season of sport provided the student enters in the individual sports of
       badminton (singles and doubles), cross country, golf, gymnastics, skiing,
       swimming (including unattached entry on relays), tennis (singles and doubles),
       track and field (including unattached entry on relays), and wrestling. Swimmers
       may compete for an amateur team during the season of sport in the United States
       Junior and Senior National Championship Meet and the YMCA National Meet.

2600. Refer to Section Bylaws.

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