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Thesis: William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the littleuns leave Ralph's democratic
government to establish a Hobbesian commonwealth under the guidance of Jack.

In society, the need for government arises as human tendencies become evident.
Following Hobbesian principles, when a human lives without governmental principles,
they are in a natural state. In a natural state, there are no laws to restrain mankind, and
destruction along with the incessant pursuit of power take hold of many individuals. The
boys on the island existed in this natural state and were promptly forced to establish a
government. In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the littleuns leave Ralph's
democratic government to establish a Hobbesian commonwealth under the guidance of
A Hobbesian commonwealth consists of a multitude of people who together consent to a
sovereign authority, established by contract to have absolute power over them all for the
primary purposes of providing peace and common defense. Ralph is first put in a
leadership position because of his possession of the conch. "Let him be chief with the
trumpet thing (22)." Jack himself, is seen as a natural leader among the littluns and even
biguns like Ralph because of his establishment as the top choirboy and his natural ruling
presence. "Ralph picked out Jack easily...inevitably leading the procession (68)." Since
Ralph was quickly chosen in the beginning when the natural state had not quite set in for
the littluns, Ralph was democratically appointed when their original ideals were still not
lost. But even though Ralph had elements of democracy on his side when he came into
power, Jack was already eager to defy this democratic system.
Ralph: "I'm chief. I was chosen. "
Jack: "Why should choosing make any difference (78)?"

Jack serves to introduce these savage ideals as he integrates hunting as a well-respected
and important position. Jack also overstates the importance of meat as though death
would ensue without it.
Jack: "Take them some meat."
The boys with the spit each gave Ralph and Piggy a succulent chunk. They took the gift,
dribbling (149).
This meat lust represents the savage qualities that lies within each boy, big or little, and
serves as one of their primal driving points towards Jack's commonwealth.
A Hobbesian society cannot be created without a strong leader. The boys slowly begin to
falter under Ralph's control as the novel progresses. "Ralp watched [Jack and the littluns],
envious and resentful (74)." This shift towards popular support for Jack becomes more
evident as misunderstandings escalate between the two. Ralph begins to surrender to
Jack's hunting and eats his meat, signaling the collapse of his own ideals. "Jack looked
around [the littleuns] for understanding, but found only respect. Ralph stood among the
ashes of the signal fire, his hands full of meat, saying nothing (74)." The littleuns realize
that Ralph cannot give them the proper necessities of protection and better food. They
live in fear of the beast and Jack uses this fear to lull the littluns to his tribe.
Jack's tribe could not have been established without the presence of the littleuns. Here the
littluns represent a simple-minded, easily swayed mass of people whose personal
preference determines whether Ralph or Jack may be in power. "Apart from food and
sleep, they found time for play, aimless and trivial (59)." They do nothing of true
importance, as they neglect to make shelters or keep the fire going, but remain of high
importance in the politics of the tribe. "But he was not old enough to understand this and
if he had been told that the other boy had gone home early in an aircraft, he would have
accepted the statement without fuss or disbelief (60)." Towards the beginning of the
book, The littluns quickly determine because of their easily malleable minds that Jack has
better intent for them. "Clearly they were in the opinion that Jack had done a decent
thing, he had put himself in the right by his generous apology, and Ralph, obscurely in
the wrong (72)." From this point on, Ralph can do almost nothing to remain an effective
leader for the littluns.
The Hobbesian governmental ideal is established as soon as the littleuns and biguns on
the island feel that rescue is not likely to occur. Then, they drop the ideals that should
have been carried along from England and adapt new ones. "Of all the boys there,
[Maurice] was the most at home there, but today irked by the mention of rescue, the
useless, footling mention of rescue... (65)." This mind set makes way for Jack's
domination of the tribe as well as the regression to savage mask wearing and blood
chanting among the boys. This tribal infatuation devours the littleuns, evident when they
express no need for rescue, because it appeals to their newfound freedom desires and
leads to later atrocities like the hunt for Ralph and the torturing of Samneric.
As the mass of the society is swayed, the new leader can control as he pleases. This is
what Jack Merridew manages to do with his new commonwealth. He offers the littluns
food and protection and has their servitude in return. In this type of new and primitive
society, democracy would be nearly impossible because of the take over of instinctual
drives and the littleun's exposure to their natural state. The commonwealth is established
when the littluns lack of sense leads them to choose an unwise leader. Henceforth, Ralph
fails upon the island, despite his rational ideas of rescue.


thesis william golding lord flies littleuns leave ralph democratic government establish
hobbesian commonwealth under guidance jack society need government arises human
tendencies become evident following hobbesian principles when human lives without
governmental principles they natural state natural state there laws restrain mankind
destruction along with incessant pursuit power take hold many individuals boys island
existed this natural state were promptly forced establish government william golding lord
flies littleuns leave ralph democratic establish hobbesian commonwealth under guidance
jack commonwealth consists multitude people together consent sovereign authority
established contract have absolute power over them primary purposes providing peace
common defense ralph first leadership position because possession conch chief with
trumpet thing jack himself seen leader among littluns even biguns like because
establishment choirboy ruling presence picked easily inevitably leading procession since
quickly chosen beginning when quite littluns democratically appointed when their
original ideals were still lost even though elements democracy side came into power
already eager defy this democratic system chief chosen should choosing make difference
serves introduce these savage ideals integrates hunting well respected important position
also overstates importance meat though death would ensue without take them some meat
boys with spit each gave piggy succulent chunk they took gift dribbling this meat lust
represents savage qualities that lies within each little serves their primal driving points
towards society cannot created without strong leader boys slowly begin falter under
control novel progresses ralp watched littluns envious resentful shift towards popular
support becomes more evident misunderstandings escalate between begins surrender
hunting eats signaling collapse ideals looked around littleuns understanding found only
respect stood among ashes signal fire hands full saying nothing realize that cannot give
them proper necessities protection better food they live fear beast uses fear lull tribe tribe
could have been established presence here represent simple minded easily swayed mass
people whose personal preference determines whether apart from food sleep found time
play aimless trivial nothing true importance neglect make shelters keep fire going remain
high importance politics tribe enough understand been told that other gone home early
aircraft would have accepted statement fuss disbelief towards beginning book quickly
determine because their easily malleable minds better intent clearly were opinion done
decent thing himself right generous apology obscurely wrong from point almost nothing
remain effective leader governmental ideal established soon biguns island feel rescue
likely occur then drop should been carried along from england adapt ones there maurice
most home there today irked mention rescue useless footling mention rescue mind makes
domination well regression savage mask wearing blood chanting among tribal infatuation
devours evident express need appeals newfound freedom desires leads later atrocities like
hunt torturing samneric mass society swayed control pleases what merridew manages
offers food protection servitude return type primitive democracy would nearly impossible
take over instinctual drives littleun exposure lack sense leads choose unwise henceforth
fails upon island despite rational ideas

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