Activity11 Links Creactivity Cross Curricular by QZ5R8I9


									                                                         Primary Science Quality MarkTM

           Activity 11 – Links, Creativity and Cross Curricular
   Extract from Criteria
D1: Science supports and links with other curriculum areas and contributes to
maximising whole school initiatives while retaining its unique status
Teachers maximise curriculum              Through their planning, teachers           Effective links with other subjects
opportunities by making                   have successfully identified               are made explicit via planning, with
appropriate links with other subject      appropriate links with other subject       Science maintaining its distinctive
areas.                                    areas. Pupil work demonstrates the         character. The contribution of
                                          use of Science as a context for work       Science to whole school initiatives is
                                          in core curriculum areas.                  clear e.g. PHSE and Citizenship, the
                                                                                     spiritual development of pupils, and
                                                                                     environmental and sustainability
   Further criteria that this task may help to evidence:
   A1: There is an effective subject leader for Science
   A2: There is a clear vision for the teaching and learning of Science.
   B1: Staff continue to have opportunities for CPD within science that increases their skills,
       knowledge and understanding.
   B2: There is a range of teaching and learning approaches
   B3: There is a range of up-to-date, quality resources specifically for teaching and learning science.
       ICT is used both as a tool and as a resource for teaching
   C3: Children enjoy their science experiences in school

   Questions to consider:
   Real life applications: Is there a developing list of real life applications linking to science topics/
                           projects undertaken by children?
                           Is this supported by appropriate resources (see Activity 8)?
   How Science Works:         Is there a developing list/ bank of stories/ examples of How Science Works
                              linked to topics/ projects undertaken by children?
   Creativity:                How is this encouraged?
                              How is this monitored?
                              Are there examples of good work? (See Activity 5)
   Cross curricular:          Is this encouraged/ supported?
                              How do you ensure that science is not lost/ watered down?
                              Are there examples of successful cross curricular work/ (See Activity 5)

   Evidence in submissions from schools during 2011 has shown that many schools are working on developing the
   creative curriculum or cross curriculum approaches to the teaching. Where schools have adopted an already
   existing package in these areas, they have tended to highlight the issue of science being very easily lost if they
   are not careful. Tweaking of the package has therefore been required.
   The support required of the subject leader as this is developed can be very informative for a number of the
   criteria. Environmental work is often the first aspect of science that is tackled in this area, especially in response
   to the issue of promoting the outdoor classroom. We would question whether this is all there is to the outdoor
   classroom. : 13ff6980-7250-4486-85c6-0ca382a2559c.doc                                                     Page 1

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