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					         KS5 Long Term Overview          Subject: ___Economics_ Exam Board: __AQA____

                                                        Year 13
         Autumn Term 2012                         Spring Term 2013                         Summer Term 2013
Half Term 1                             Half Term 1                               Half Term 1
Unit Focus:                             Unit Focus:                               Unit Focus:
 Unit 3                                 Unit 3                                     Unit 3
 The Objectives of Firms                 Monopoly and Oligopoly                  The Determination of Relative Wage
 The Divorce of Ownership from           Price Makers and Price Takers           Rates and Levels of Employment in
    Control                               The Growth of Firms                        Perfectly Competitive Labour Markets
 The Law of Diminishing Returns          Sources of Monopoly Power               The Determination of Relative Wage
    and Returns to Scale                  The Model of Monopoly                      Rates and Levels of Employment in
 Fixed and Variable Costs, Marginal,     Collusive and Non- Collusive               Imperfectly Competitive Labour
    Average and Total Costs,                 Oligopoly                                Markets
 Short-run and Long‑run Costs            Interdependence in Oligopolistic        The Influence of Trade Unions in
 Economies and Diseconomies of              Markets                                  Determining Wages and Levels of
    Scale                               Unit 4                                        Employment
 Unit 4                                      Exchange Rate Policy                 The Impact of a National Minimum
    Sustainable Economic Growth             Government intervention in              Wage Rate
    Uses of National Income Data                exchange rate                     Discrimination in the Labour Market
    Unemployment (Full                      Globalisation                        The Distribution of Income and Wealth
        employment)                          Innovation vs exploitation           Unit 4
    N.A.I.R.U and Phillips Curve                                                       Exchange Rate Systems
    Inflation and Deflation                                                            Gold standard, fixed, floating
                                                                                           exchange rates
                                                                                        The European Union (EU)
Assessment Method:                      Assessment Method:
                                                                                        The uses of the EU
Written exam                            Written exam
                                                                                        Common markets
                                                                                        The Euro

                                                                                  Assessment Method:
                                                                                  Group presentation
Half Term 2                             Half Term 2                               Half Term 2
 Unit Focus:                            Unit Focus:                               Unit Focus:
 Unit 3                                 Unit 3                                    Unit 3
 Technological Change                    Price Discrimination                     Market Failure and Government
 Total, Average and Marginal             Consumer and Producer Surplus               Failure
    Revenue                               Contestable and Non-contestable          Competition Policy Public
 The Model of Perfect Competition           Markets                                   Ownership, Privatisation,
 Competition and the Efficient           Market Structure, Static Efficiency,     Regulation and De-regulation of
    Allocation of Resources                  Dynamic Efficiency and Resource           Markets
 The Dynamics of Competition and            Allocation                             Notions of Equity
    Competitive Market Processes          The Demand for Labour, Marginal          The Problem of Poverty
                                             Productivity Theory                    Government Policies to Alleviate
Unit 4                                    Influences upon the Supply of Labour        Poverty and to Influence the
         Macroeconomic Models and           to Different Markets                      Distribution of Income and Wealth
          Policies                                                                  Cost Benefit Analysis
         Fiscal Policy                 Unit 4
         Supply-Side Policies                  Trade                            Unit 4
         Monetary Policy                       International trade                      Revision towards Unit 4 exam
         Money Supply                          Theory of comparative
         Interest Rates                         advantage                        Assessment Method:
                                                Specialisation                   Written exam
Assessment Method:                              Protectionist policies
Written exam                                    Tariffs and Quotas
                                                The Balance of Payments          % of final grade:
                                        Assessment Method:                        Unit 3 – 25%
                                        Case studies                              Unit 4 – 25%
                                        Mock exam (in exam conditions)

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