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									June 18 - 2010 - Issue 40

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  MCS Forum Announces First Innovation Award
        for Gold Systems Social Center
   Social Networking Interface with Microsoft Communications
   Server Communicator and Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

 BOULDER - June 16 - MCS Forum (
 announced today the first MCS Forum Innovation Award has
 been presented to Gold Systems. "For almost 20 years, Gold
 Systems has been a proven innovator in emerging
 communications technologies and user interaction," noted
 Tom Cross, CEO of MCS Forum. "Gold Systems Social
 Center takes a major leap in integrating the key business
 social networking tools of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter
 together with Microsoft Communications Server, the leading
 unified communications presence tool. Users want 'one-click'
 communications and Social Center does that and more."
Terry Gold (left) & Tom Cross

"We appreciate being honored with this award and recognized
for Gold Systems' innovation in developing applications for     -
Microsoft Communications Server," said Terry Gold, CEO of
Gold Systems. "Gold Systems Social Center is an example of
a value-added solution that developers can create quickly and   -
easily using Microsoft unified communications technology to
meet the changing needs of the market."                         -
Background on Social Center
Microsoft Communications Server provides a set of rich
development tools and a comprehensive development
environment for easily creating applications that increase
productivity and add value for companies and users.
Because Microsoft Communications Server interoperates with
other Microsoft products, developers can respond to
important customer requirements using the available
application programming interfaces (APIs). The open
standards and environment demonstrate the ability to deliver
innovative software with useful communications features in
the workplace.

Gold Systems turned to core technology in Microsoft
Communications Server to build Gold Systems Social
Center. The company wanted to combine the up-to-date
information found on social networks with the power of real-
time communications and collaboration tools. Gold Systems
Social Center helps people work with the rich context
provided through social networks and react with the seamless
communications provided by Microsoft Communications
Using the APIs from Microsoft Communications Server, Gold
Systems developers created a "microblogging" application
that appears as a Notes feature in Microsoft Office
Communicator on each employee's desktop. The Social
Center application allows users to connect to social
networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
through their interaction with Microsoft Office Communicator.
The Gold Systems solution makes it possible for employees
to stay connected to their social network both inside and
outside the workplace. The application can be modified by
organizations for specific needs, such as security concerns or
policies to protect information due to legal or compliance

Terry Gold demonstrated Gold Systems Social Center at the
MCS Forum 2010 Expo, which was held June 15-16 in
Boulder, Colorado. Gold also discussed other Gold Systems
applications that bridge voice and data networks to add value
to Microsoft Communications Server, demonstrating the
power and flexibility of the technology to meet the needs of
business communications.

About Gold Systems
Through its award-winning products and services, Gold
Systems helps its customers identify where productivity can
be improved with voice-driven solutions. The company's
unified communications implementation services, as well as
its self-service speech recognition solutions, allow businesses
to improve productivity and profitability. Gold Systems is a
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a 2009 finalist in
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards in Unified
Communications Solutions, Voice. Since 1991, Gold Systems
software has automated more than 1 billion telephone calls
around the world. More information about Gold Systems can
be found at or by calling 303-447-2774 and
saying "Sales."

For advertiser, training and special event information call
Tom Cross or 303-594-1694.


Among the many evaluations received:

                "Awesome event." P.D.

"We're coming back and bringing all our team."
     "WOW, totally solved by problem." A.H.

 "Super networking, super time, and got super
              smart too." M.T

   "MCS Forum was a superlative summit on
 Microsoft communications Server. Insightful,
indepth and innovative presentations across all
     ideas and concepts including Microsoft
   executives. The summit brought also "one-
      stop" shopping for all elements for CS
  including 911, media gateways, phones and
    headsets, security, appliances and cloud
             This is a must-do event."
  Doug Green Published & Editor Telecom Reseller News.



 Here's what you missed at MCS Forum

Polycom presents MCS Solutions
Polycom offers a complete suite of integrated voice,
video and service solutions optimized for the Microsoft®
UC environment. The Polycom UC Solution for Microsoft
Office Communications Server 2007 includes the CX
family of IP phones, personal to immersive telepresence,
and conferencing solutions for Microsoft Exchange and
Microsoft Outlook.
Uncommon Solutions presents MCS Solutions
Uncommon Solutions' MCS-certified engineers design,
deploy and integrate MCS solutions. We are a Microsoft
Gold Partner with the 1st Microsoft-approved MCS
appliance designed to facilitate real-time communication
services and improve business processes. Uncommon
Solutions is uncommon in our ability to address
business goals with IT solutions that measure cost
against value. Click here
for more information.
Fontel Presents MCS Solutions
Fontel, Inc. is a wholesale distributor specializing in MCS
optimized end-point devices. Our GN Jabra headsets
offer a seamless intuitive communication
experience. Jabra has been working with Microsoft since
the very first deployment. Today, Jabra offers the most
extensive portfolio of headset solutions optimized
for MCS in the market. We also offer MCS optimized web
camera's and speakerphones! Call us at 800-238-0787, e-
mail or visit our web site at
911 ETC Presents MCS Solutions
VoIPConnect is a monthly subscription service that
provides organizations with E911 connectivity to PSAP-
Public Service Answering Point's. Using a SIP-Session
Initiation Protocol or PSTN-Public Switched Telephone
Network connection, 911 calls are routed to a Voice
Positioning Server, which then delivers the call and
precise location information to the appropriate PSAP. In
addition, 911 ETC's SoftLoc application can prompt a soft
phone client to update their location information in real
time for accurate 911 call delivery. For more information

FaceTime Communications presents Security,
Management and Compliance for OC
Whether it's ensuring your users only utilize MCS and
blocking access to other real time communications tool,
or applying disclaimers, setting user policy and archiving
chats for compliance, FaceTime's solutions integrate full
with MCS. From MCS Platform reporting to ethical walls
in Group Chat, and Live Meeting management and
recording you'll find it all - click here.
  Gold Systems presents MCS Solutions
Gold Systems is a unified communications specialist and
a Microsoft Gold Certified Managed Partner, developing
voice-driven solutions using IVR and speech recognition.
Offerings include phone self-service and contact center
solutions built on Office Communications Server 2007
R2, and unified messaging deployment and telephony
interfaces to Exchange Server 2010. Phone 303-447-2774- email
SNOM presents MCS Solutions
snom technology is a global manufacturer of SIP-based
IP telephones for business, carrier and high-end
consumer markets. Based on open standards, feature-
rich and affordable, snom's products are engineered to
fulfill their vision of ubiquitous, standards-based
VoIP/SIP/MCS. Based in Berlin, snom's sales/distribution
network extends to over 40 countries at
 AudioCodes Presents MCS Solutions
AudioCodes is a leading manufacturer of Media
Gateways for Microsoft Unified Messaging & Unified
Communications, including Microsoft Office
Communications Server 2007 R2. Utilizing AudioCodes
Media Gateways, businesses are able to interface
Microsoft communications applications to a wide range
of TDM PBXs, IP-PBX, SIP Trunking and legacy PSTN
trunking facilities. With unsurpassed voice quality,
reliability, flexibility and scalability, AudioCodes Media
Gateways have earned many accolades and should be
your first choice when deploying Microsoft Unified
Communications. Visit for more information.
NOVUS presents MCS Solutions
Since 1983, Novus, LLC has been supporting
manufacturers' reseller channels worldwide, serving over
15 countries on 4-continents. Engaged at the inception of
VoIP, our thorough understanding of VAR's needs and
end-user expectations has positioned Novus as the
leading distributor of snom IP telephones deployed on
Microsoft's MCS platform at
 NET presents MCS Solutions
NET's VX Series Intelligent Voice Gateways and Switches
are specifically designed to provide the enterprise-class
integration, interoperability, and security with scalability
required for successful adoption of VoIP and Unified
Communications into new and existing voice and PBX
environments. Founded in 1983, NET (Network
Equipment Technologies Inc.) is headquartered in
Fremont California at
Aastra presents MCS Solutions
Aastra USA is the North American business unit of
Aastra Technologies Limited, (TSX:"AAH"), a leading
company at the forefront of the enterprise
communications market. With more than 50 million
installed lines around the world, offers one of the most
complete portfolios of unified communications solutions
available today.
FaxCore presents MCS Solutions at OCS Expo
FaxCore is the 21 century fax solution that combines the
Microsoft .NET platform, a web interface and innovative
fax over IP deployment opportunities into a single
solution. A strategic partner of Dialogic, means all the
advantages of the Dialogic platform are leveraged by
FaxCore for leading edge deployments and unparalleled
reliability. Click her for for more

GreenAppx presents MCS Solutions
GreenAppX has assembled the industry-leading
applications for corporate 1) email, 2) network security, 3)
data back-up and 4) office processes. These four
categories contain critical applications that are crucial to
the day-to-day management of any business. The start-up
and recurring expense associated with traditional
software deployments addressing these four categories
are beyond the budgets of most small to mid-size
enterprises. Click here for for more

TECHtionary Announces training on two
CompTIA certificate programs.
For complete details click here.
    Link to: Three Amigos - MS Education
    Like: Where is the latest PBX compatibility list
     for Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging or via

                    Get SIP Smart

 Proxies are signaling - Media servers
              are content
Click here for outline (please note all topics may not be
covered due to timeframe)
"The SIP/VoIP courses are more than a superb primer on
VoIP/SIP technology; they are an indepth business plan for a
VoIP/SIP implementation. In addition, the VoIP/SIP diagnostic
and troubleshooting guide is the most thorough approach to VoIP
QoS available. I need information that informs but does not
overwhelm. Information that guides but not drives you away. The
courses provide insights and actionable information that has
helped me get the technology we need sooner but saved me a
considerable amount in understanding what we didn't need. The
SIP course especially is a valuable one which provides much
needed information in a readily understandable format." Paul
Daubitz - President - ATI-TeleManagement

All Students in SIP Planning Guide Course
will receive this New Cisco SIP Trunking
Book (published 2-4-2010).

SIP Trunking is one of the first complete books to planning,
evaluating, and implementing high-value SIP trunking solutions.
Most large enterprises have switched to IP telephony, and service
provider backbone networks have largely converted to VoIP
transport. But there's a key missing link: most businesses still
connect to their service providers via old-fashioned, inflexible
TDM-Time Division Multiplexed trunks. Cisco® authors show how
to use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking to eliminate
legacy interconnects and gain the full benefits of end-to-end VoIP.
Written for enterprise decision-makers, network architects,
consultants, and service providers, this book demystifies SIP
trunking technology and trends and brings unprecedented clarity
to the transition from TDM to SIP interconnects. The authors
"separate the true benefits of SIP trunking from the myths and
help you systematically evaluate and compare service provider
offerings. This book includes detailed cost analyses, including
guidance on identifying realistic, achievable savings." SIP
Trunking also introduces essential techniques for optimizing
network design and security, introduces proven best practices for
implementation, and shows how to apply them through a start-to-
finish case study. Some of the concepts explored in the book are
· Discover the advanced Unified Communications solutions that
SIP trunking facilitates
· Systematically plan and prepare your network for SIP trunking
· Generate effective RFPs for SIP trunking
· Compare SIP deployment models and assess their tradeoffs
· Address key network design issues, including security, call
admission control, and call flows
· Manage SIP/TDM interworking throughout the transition
· This IP communications book is part of the Cisco Press®
Networking Technology Series. IP communications titles from
Cisco Press - SIP Trunking book by Christina Hattingh, Darryl
Sladden, ATM Zakaria Swapan was first published February 4 -

Click here for early registration

 NEW - Cisco's Tim Szigeti Speaks at T/P Expo and
       signs his book "Cisco TelePresence

Speech Title: Best Practices: TelePresence Design
- TelePresence Technologies Overview
   - Simplicity, Quality & Reliability
- TelePresence "Best Practices"
   - System
   - Room
   - Network

Tim Szigeti, CCIE#9794, is a Technical Leader in the Enterprise
Systems Engineering team at Cisco Systems. His role is to design
network architectures for the next wave of medianet applications,
including TelePresence, IP video surveillance, digital media
systems and desktop video. He has also specialized in Quality of
Service technologies for the past decade, during which he has
authored many technical papers, including the Enterprise QoS
Design Guide and the TelePresence Design guide. He has also
co-authored the Cisco Press Books: End-to-End QoS Network
Design and Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals.

  Understanding and Troubleshooting Video Conferencing

 Tele-Presence Forum provides learning and educational
services on audio, video - tele/presence, web conferencing
 and other aspects of tele/presence and is the sponsor of
Tele/Presence Forum Expo. More information can be found

From MS Team MCS - helpful MCS TechTips

Click here for NextHop

Whether you're new to Microsoft Communications Server
and Unified Communications, simply looking for some
helpful hints, or trying to get some serious
information, we'll help you find what you need.

The developer sandbox is open
for registration
We are a group of Microsoft Communications Server
developers working together through a web-community to
promote Communications Server development, to increase our
skills and assist others. The founders of this site are firm believers
in the potential of MCS and are committed to doing our part to
make this community grow. On this site you will find many
Microsoft MVPs for MCS who are willing to share their expertise
with others. We are big evangelists for OCS and seek every
available opportunity to speak out about it.

           CrossTalk Named One of the Top-10
               Telecommunications Blogs
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MCS Forum provides classroom and webseminar training as well as a non-production
environment for those IT departments without additional equipment, budget or time. This allows
planners and users to test ideas, dial in and dial back out, IM file transfers, remote desktop
sharing, video conferencing, run scenarios, review logs, break linkages and learning about new
telephony features and network access. MCS Forum is also designed for both the system
integrator/consultant who wants to learn about MCS without having to build their own system as
well as the enterprise customer who doesn't have the time, resources or knowledge to develop
one. MCS Forum Labs are designed to be "hands-on" or "over-the-shoulder" with experts
available for Q&A and classes for feature-specific review.

About MCS Forum

MCS Forum is a vendor-independent laboratory environment designed for learning, technical
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