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					              Worship Committee Minutes…… February 4, 2004

In attendance: Earl Raeborn, Maxine Anderson, Fran Flin, Brenda Hankinson, Marilyn
               Henker, Shirley Kabachia, Kathy Kabatoff, Sharon Madge, Wendy
               Sterling Regrets: Myrna Martin

1. Earl opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Business arising from the minutes of last meeting:
      a. Pitcher & Goblets – Beth Hobbs is calling a friend re where we can have these
                      made for us.
      b. Joint meeting with C.E. – Wendy spoke with Linda Madge and the service on
                      Sunday, along with Easter, will be sufficient for intergenerational
                      services at this time. The Sunday School teachers and children are
                      feeling very comfortable with Earl and are appreciating the time
                      and attention he is giving them. The teachers are glad of the in-
                      creased communication between our two groups. They love being
                      advised of the songs and thank Sharon for her helpful suggestions.
      c. Sanctuary Committee – Anita McKay, Marie Smith, Maxine Anderson
                      will set up for Sunday worship, decorate for special occasions,
                      look after banners, etc. We will check with Jannie Smith re some
                      history of the banners we have. Earl suggested that perhaps we
                      should take a “banner tour” to some other churches.

3. Report from Needs Assessment –
      a. Shirley and Kathy explained our Celebration Sunday Service for Feb. 8
                    Those who wish to will present symbols of what St. Andrew’s
                    means to them. We will display these in the Narthex until June.
                    Earl will ask random members of the congregation to state why
                    St. Andrews is important to them. We will have a symbolistic
                    blending of the past and the present and will pass out felt leaves
                    and pens to write our hopes and wishes for the future on the leaves.
                    They will then be attached to the vine on the sanctuary wall.
                    Everyone will be given a green and gold ribbon to wear as a
                    symbol of our new beginning. We will have coffee and fruit bread
                    available in the Chapel after the service to allow the Thrift Shop
                    the use of the basement for their luncheon. Earl said there would
                    also be a baptism on Sunday.
      b. Shirley explained about the Dream Sharing Group Meetings
                    They will be held the week of Feb. 23 – 29. A poster will be set up
                    on Sunday for people to sign up for the meeting they wish to
                    attend. We will also send out a questionnaire and letter to all
                    members, adherents and former members to obtain information
                    from as many as possible.
      c. Shirley and Kathy talked about Dreams to Reality Weekend Workshop
                    This will be held March 19 – 21 and will involve discussion of the
                    information previously gathered and plans for a new Vision for
                    St. Andrews.
4. New Business:
     a. Thank you to Brenda and Maxine for joining us. We still need more
         members. Keep recruiting.
     b. Easter Services
                   - Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Supper hosted by the choir
                   - Ash Wednesday – Earl will do a service at 7 p.m. This is new
                        so we should encourage people to attend
                   - We will discuss the rest of the services at our March meeting
     c. Dedication and Anniversary Sunday
                   - Our church was dedicated 10 years ago Apr.24, 1994
                   - Jannie Smith suggested having 12 tables with 12 balloons and a
                        different flavoured birthday cake on each. Each person would
                        start at the table representing the month of their birth and then
                        could visit other tables for more cake! We thought this a great
                   - Fran had obtained a copy of the Thrift Shop history composed
                        by Fay and Ray Jones. Earl discovered a pamphlet with the
                        history of our church. Perhaps these could be combined in a
                        booklet with some pictures and a continuing history and given
                        to each on Anniversary Sunday
     d. Discussed letter from Tones “n” Treble and Wendy will pass it on to Steward-
                   ship and finance, as it is a suggested fundraiser
     e. Copies of the Lord’s Prayer will be typed in large print, on colored paper and
                   placed in the pews so children will be able to follow along and
                   learn the prayer
     f. Fran related an incident involving a small child and misunderstanding about
                   the crucifixion. Wendy will contact Linda to see when the child-
                   ren are first taught about Easter and it’s meaning.
     g. Fran showed a prayer request form used by another church. Do we use such a
                   form? There is a similar form on the bottom of the yellow page.
                   Earl cautioned that we must be sure the person we are praying for
                   is informed and okay with it and that we must be careful about
                   what we pray for. Is it what the person wants or in the person’s
                   best interest. Best to pray for God’s intervention and leave it in
                   His hands. Fran will pass this form on to Marie.
     h. Earl asked what our facilities were for toddlers and nursery – he was asked by
                   a parent during a baptism interview. Wendy will ask Linda Madge
                   about the plans C.E. has for this. We also have to find out where
                   we are regarding the installation of change tables in the
                   washrooms. Earl told us that one church used a system of sup-
                   ervision in the nursery that included a grandparent, a parent and a
                   big brother or sister. These people would work on a rotation basis.
                   Wendy will pass this on to Linda. We will also raise these needs in
                   the JNAC meetings.

5. Music:
     a. Marilyn reported on the Break Forth Weekend. She is ordering some musical
                  instruments and has a combo ready to start practice – Leah
                  Kabatoff and the Gilmore boys. Pierre Jacques will join later and
                  others will be added. They will play during Sing Song. She and
                     Brian are getting quotes on lapel mics and power point on the
                     request of Gail Palivoda from the Thrift Shop.
       b. Jannie attended different sessions on alternative worship services and will
                     send her report at a later date.

6. Hymn selection was done up to and including the Mar. 7 service.

7. Next meeting Wednesday, March 3 at 7 p.m.

8. The meeting adjourned at 10:40 p.m.

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