Auction Game by CbDCunX0


									Auction Presentation/Game

What you will need: Play $$

At the start of the show, give to each guest $100 for:
1. Coming
2. Having their purse
3. Bringing a guest
4. If this is your 1st time to a Lia Sofia Show
5. Having a Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card w/ you

I'm going to start out by telling you about the company and our jewelry.
Lia Sofia was formerly Lady Remington. The company has been in existance for over
30 years.
Lia Sofia has the look and style you want at prices you can afford w/ our exclusive
lifetime replacement guarantee! So, hold on to your yellow receipt because all of the
details and instructions are on the back should you need to exchange or replace it!
Lia Sofa has great styles and w/ this seasons jewels, we have looks ranging from
delicate and flirty to exotic and edgy!!
Let me tell you why our jewelry is so great......
Our gold styles are electroplated in real gold and we use the thickest coating
industrial wide!!
Lia Sofiasilver jewelry w/ the exception of a few pieces, isn't silver at all! We go
beyond sterling silver to bring you rhodium- It's a metal in the platinum family to
bring you a shiney lustrous finish that never dulls! Unlike, sterling silver, rhodium will
not tarnish and requires no special care! Mild soap and warm water is all you will
ever need need to care for your Lia Sofia jewelry.
Now let me tell you about our Customer Save Plan.
When you buy 2 @ reg. price, get your 3rd, and most expensive item I might
add....@ 1/2 off!
Please use the wishlist to write down your favorite selections. It's not an order form:
It's just a scratch pad. Write down @ least 3 items, so you can see the advantage of
the customer save plan.

Questions reguarding our jewelry: Worth $100
1. How long is Lia Sofia's guarantee?
2. What are our silver pieces made of?
3. Our gold pieces are electroplated in what?
4. How should you clean your Lia Sofia jewerly?
5. What is our customer save plan?

I would like to THANK our hostess tonight for hostessing a show!
_________ received a hostess bonus buy for booking a show-
Anyone booking a show today will get to choose ANY Lia Sofia item priced $100 or
less for only $15. Or you may purchase a more expensive item @ the special Hostess
only price!
_________ what did you pick out?? (show the guests)

When your show sales are $250 or more you are entitled to:

20% of the show sales in FREE jewerly $$-
You also get to pick up to 4 more items at the special hostess bonus prices ($15
unless stated)
2 items @ 1/2 price
And, w/ 10 orders and 2 bookings, the hostess can recieve 40% (that's double) of
her show sales in jewelry credit for only $15 plus tax!

+she'll receive an additional 1/2 price item when she purchases @ a show booked
from hers!

Questions Reguarding the hostess program: Worth $200
1. How much in sales do you need for a qualifying show?
2. What % do you get in FREE jewerly?
3. How many TOTAL Hostess bonus buys do you get?
4. Can anyone explain the upgrade to me?
5. For every booking you get from your show, you get?
6. I will give $200 for any of my past hostesses who are here!

I will give $500 for every question asked about my job OR the opportunity to become
an Advisor!

Time To Auction off Prizes!!

This is my first post since my introduction, but I thought I'd just jump right in. I do
an auction show too, but with a little different spin. The entire show is based on the

When I mail my postcard invites I print the following at the top:
Fun AuctionParty!
Arrive on time $3000 “bucks”
Bring a friend $5000 “bucks”
Book a show $10,000 “bucks”
RSVP $5000 “bucks”

At the show I welcome everyone, thank the hostess and briefly introduce myself and tell why I
became advisor. I then remind everyone about the auction and explain that I will be auctioning off
3 items at the end of the show, one of which is a lia sophia collectible. I then explain that there
are two simple rules - no sharing auction money and the money cannot be used towards catalog
purchases (yes, some people have thought so), I then give $3000 in auction money to everyone
who arrived on time and $5000 in auction money to everyone who brought a guest.

The next thing I do is stack the hostess and tell all about lia sophia. Then I play the Ask Me game.
I allow 2 minutes for guest to ask me any question about my business or the company. For each
question asked, the person earns $2000 in auction bucks. People fire questions left and right,
even if they have no interest in the business, just to get the auction money. When the two mins.
are over, I move on to the jewelry.

I tell them about the quality and gurantee and highlight a few pieces and the versatility. I also use
this opportunity to explain the save plan and any specials and I tell them,"before you go shopping
I would like to give you a chance to earn extra auction money.''

I then ask everyone to grab their purses because I will give $2000 in auction bucks to the first
person who can reach in her purse and hold up the items I ask for. I usually ask to see 8 - 10
different things. The first 3 are always a $20 bill, a checkbook and a Visa, Mastercard or Discover
Card. I use this oppportunity to tell them that these are the 3 forms of payment I am able to
accept with their orders today. I continue asking for 5-7 more items. It's important to move
along quickly at this point with no more than 20 - 30 seconds between requested items.
This keeps the energy level high and the group primed for my last offer. I will say, " I now have
$10,000 in auction bucks for the first person who will jump up and say I want to have a show." At
that point usually 2 or 3 people will jump up and of course they all get $10,000.

From there it's time to go shopping I let them know that after about 20 mins of shopping I will
begin the auction. When the 20 mins are over I ask everyone that has already placed an order
and those who know they are going to order today to come and collect another $10,000 in auction
money. I then auction off the items. At this point the show is done and I thank everyone once
again for coming.


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