The Wreckers Review Notes by T4nRGwP


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Chapter 16:
1. Parson Tweed was the one who had tried to kill Eli with a pitchfork. (p. 164)
2. _ Parson Tweed ______ is the puppet-master. (p. 164)
3. He tells Mary that the gold is not for him but rather for the _church and for
   Pendennis_________. (p. 164)
4. Parson Tweed wants to trade John for the _gold_____. (p. 165)
5. When John falls through the drain into the harbor, he dislodges
   _Stumps_____________ when he kicks his feet. (p. 166)
6. Just as Parson Tweed is about to kill Mary, Father kills him instead with an__iron
   spike__. (p. 167)
7. The parson’s body ends up in a little boat along with _Stumps’s corpse. (p. 167)
8. John’s father was not smuggling gold but rather was being cheated himself. The
   Spaniards had sold them barrels of wine that were only partly full; the rest
   contained _sawdust________. (p. 168)
9. John is now more convinced more than ever that _Simon________ is one of the
   wreckers. (p. 169)
10. Mary doesn’t think she will be going _home______ tonight. (p. 169)
11. At the end of the chapter, Father and John are leaving for _London___. (p. 169)

Chapter 17:
1. When they hear the signal for a ship in the bay, John and his father decide they
   cannot leave, knowing that the _wreckers____ are at work. (p. 172)
2. On the cliffs that were said to be haunted, they find Simon Mawgan all in black_,
   and on the ground before him is a __lantern________. (p. 174)
3. After an infuriated John smashes the lantern, and he realizes that the lantern’s
   glass is blue, Simon admits that he is the _cropse lights _________. (p.176)
4. Every time there is a wrecking, Simon tries to shine these lights so that the
   wreckers will __run____ away, thus freeing the embayed ship. (p. 177)
5. He couldn’t however, help the ‘Isle of Skye’ because Parson Tweed__ had “kept
   him half the night” on purpose. (p. 177)
6. ___Simon_______ is the one who weeds and waters Mary’s garden. (p. 177)
7. The ‘Rose of Sharon’ was wrecked (and Mary’s parents as well as her aunt and
   cousin killed) by none other than __Simon__________. (p. 178)
8. The widdy-woman is Simon and Eli’s __Mother_______. (p. 179)
9. However, _Mary___ doesn’t know who the widdy woman really is, and now
   Simon lives in dread that someone will tell. (p. 178 – 179)
10. Mary is going to make good on her promise: she is down by the Tombstones,
   planning to _swim_____ out to the wreck. (p.179)
11. When _Caleb_______ sees the boat with Parson Tweed and Stumps in it, he
   becomes terrified because he thinks it is Stumps come back to life and that he has
   __legs___ again! (p. 183)

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