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									EIGHTH                       W: HEAT TRANSFER                                   NAME___________

1. Name AND define the three methods of heat transfer.




2. Give an example of heating by each of the three above methods.




3. Circle the object in each pair below that would change temperature faster.

     gold                        water                             glass
     aluminum                    iron                              metal
4. Why do some objects change temperature faster than others?

5. Define the term convection current.

6. Circle all the materials below in which you could have convection currents at room temperature.

        glass         air            water          metal          wax          wood           gasoline

7. Explain how convection currents work.

8. Explain how a radiator heats a room.

9. What two ways does a fireplace heat a room?

10. Define the term conductor AND give one example.

11. Define the term insulator AND give one example.

12. What is happening to the molecules of a substance when it:

   a. radiates heat
   b. conducts heat

   c. convects heat

13. Define the term specific heat.

14. Write the equation for determining the amount of heat an object gains or loses.

15. Determine the heat lost by 100g of glass as it cools from 80oC to 50oC.

16. Determine the heat gained by 100g of iron as it heats from 80oC to 50oC.

17. Why did the glass lose more heat than the iron gained?

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