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Retail Store Operations VP in Dallas Ft Worth TX Resume Steven Arendt


Steven Arendt is seeking a leadership role in a high value, customer centric, specialty products sales driven organization.

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									Steven M. Arendt
Bedford, TX 76021
Cell Phone: 817-542-7549
Objective: Leadership role in a high value, customer centric, specialty products sales driven organization.
Industry Alignment: Sales/Business Development, Specialty Retail, Financial Services, Franchising & Supply
Chain Management
Accomplishment Highlights: Verify Inc. 1) Highest New Account / Sales Growth FY 2010. 2) Top line revenue
+24% and operating margin by 2%. Previous Company Achievements: 1) Increased mature store revenue
24% & contribution margin 33%. 3) Opened 29 new units in nine months. 4) New business startup: zero to
$130K/month in sales in 5 months.
Expected Results: 1) Develop a team oriented performance based culture focused on delivering sales &
profit targets. 2) Deliver rapid, measurable improvements in customer satisfaction. 3) Recruit, hire, train,
develop and mentor talent resources.
Education: B.S. Ferris State University, Big Rapids Michigan.
Verify, Inc. - Irving, TX Office 3/09 – Current
Regional Manager – Sales & Operations (W2)              3/09 – 6/22/12
Business Development – Contract (1099)                  6/22/12 - Current
Verify provides on demand field personnel resources to large aerospace and defense customers focused on
improving the performance of their supply chain in terms of product quality, on time delivery and on cost
objectives. I was responsible for the Central Regional Office producing $10 million in revenue with 7 of the
company’s top 20 clients. Responsibilities: 1) Business Development/Sales, 2) Account Management
(contract development/compliance, client satisfaction, LOB growth), 3) Office Staffing, 4) Facility
* Top Sales Person 2010
* Revenue increase of +24% in 2 years & margin improvement of +2% without increasing office headcount.
* Improved customer satisfaction scores 10 percent.
* Achieved CRO ISO:9001-2008 certification in 2011 and re-certification in 2012; no findings in either audit.
TitleMax, Inc. – Savannah, GA            5/07 – 7/08
Vice President – Sales & Operations
TitleMax is a provider of small sub-prime collateralized auto loans, up to five thousand dollars. I rotated
through a series of training positions at the store and district levels in anticipation of expansion efforts and
additional responsibilities.
Valued Services (CompuCredit Subsidiary) – Atlanta, GA         7/05 – 2/07
Vice President – Western Sales & Operations
Led a team of 6 regional managers with 262 micro-lending branches operating under four brand names in
twelve states. Full profit and loss responsibility with $110MM+ revenues and 500+ associates.

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* Opened 29 new stores in four states in nine months while rolling out new operating software.
* Launched new operating platform in Arkansas following negative FDIC ruling.
* Increased mature store revenue growth 24% and contribution margin by 33% in 2006.
* Personally recruited five senior level candidates to fill key company management vacancies.

RentWay, Inc. – Erie, PA         2004 - 2005
Executive Vice President – New Business Development
Negotiated the strategic relationship, developed the operating platform and launched a consumer credit to
lease purchase conversion enterprise.
* Developed an approval matrix for credit denied, lease purchase conversions.
* Grew retail sales from zero to over $130,000.00/month in five months.
* Identified key strategic platform components for national expansion effort.
ColorTyme, Inc. (Rent-A-Center subsidiary) – Plano, TX           1999- 2004
President / CEO/COO
ColorTyme, Inc., (subsidiary of NASDAQ: RCII), is a durable home furnishing rent-to-own franchiser. As CEO
we operated over 350 domestic units serving approximately 100 franchisees. Total system revenue
exceeded $200MM. ColorTyme, Inc. total revenue range between 55 and 60 million dollars.
* Negotiated a 50 million dollar syndicated bank financing agreement.
* Achieved record profits of over 6.1 million dollars. Increased average store revenues 15.2%.
* Reduced new franchisee turnover by over 80%.
* Introduced store PC based training program & ColorTyme University management development program.
Chief Operating Officer Highlights (1/99 8/00)
Provided operations support to system franchisees via 3 Field Franchise Support Managers and a Manager of
Dealer Support Materials. Responsibilities included oversight of the company web site, corporate human
resource administration and shared responsibilities in franchise development, marketing and purchasing
with the president/CEO.
* Decentralized and regionalized the Field Franchise Support Managers for increased franchisee
* Introduced a performance based incentive program tied to strategic plan achievement.
* Developed an early warning problem identification system for new franchisees.
* Redesigned the company website for improved visibility and ease of use.
* Redesigned operational evaluation tools and the internal approval process improving store image

Prior to 1999 I was employed by Rent-A-Center in a variety of sales and store operations functional

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