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									                                                                            Staff Senate Minutes
                                                                                      October 20, 2010

Members                                  Present       Excused        Unexcused      Comments
Lance Alexis
Cyndi Ammons                                                                X
Mike Burnett                                  X
Mike Corelli                                  X
Keith Corzine                                                X
William Frady                                 X
Sheila Frizzell                               X
Tammy Frizzell                                X
Homer Harris                                  X
April Karby                                   X
Jason Lavigne                                 X
Eric Margiotta                                X
David Porter                                  X
Kathleen Prindiville                                         X
Laura Simons                                                 X
Scott Swartzentruber                          X
Jeff Tatham                                   X
Walter Turner                                 X
Dianne Lynch (Ex-Officio Member)              X
Kathy Wong (Ex-Officio Member)                               X
Special Guest, Brenda Holcombe,               X
Former Staff Senate Chair

   I.   Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
        Motion         Mike Corelli
        Second         Jason Lavigne

  II.   Approval of the Meeting Agenda
        Motion         Homer Harris
        Second         Mike Corelli

 III.   Chancellor’s Office Update (Dianne Lynch, ex-officio member)
           a. The Search for a new chancellor
                     i. Steve Warren (Board of Trustees) will be heading the search committee.
                            1. There will be forums.
                    ii. Faculty and students must be represented on the committee.
                   iii. The Board of Trustees will be on retreat October 28 and 29.
                   iv. The Board of Trustees will be interviewing 3 search firms on the 29th and hope
                        to have one named that Friday.
                    v. The Board of Trustees will focus on finding a chancellor that will support the
                        QEP and the Boyer Model.

                                                                              Staff Senate Minutes
                                                                                        October 20, 2010
                 vi. The next 9 months are critical.
                           1. Chancellor Search
                           2. Budget (Legislative Turn in January 2011)
                vii. The Board of Governors hopes to have the new chancellor named by April 2011.
                           1. Dr. Bardo would step down at the end of June 2011.
                           2. The new chancellor will take the reins on July 1, 2011.
               viii. There are not any camps presentations during a chancellor’s search.
                           1. Institutions will get a better pool of applicants. Anonymity helps
                              candidates come forward.
         b. Vice Chancellor and Provost Searches
                   i. Chuck Wooten will be retiring January 2011 and the Provost’s position is still
                      vacant. The new chancellor will be given the opportunity to fill these open
         c. Chancellor’s Residence
                   i. The residence has not received any major work since 1985. It will be necessary
                      to remodel the house before the new chancellor arrives.
                  ii. Accessibility issues will be addressed during the upgrade. A meeting to discuss
                      the issue will take place on November 11, 2011.
IV.   New Business
         a. Staff Assembly Meeting (Jeff Tatham)
                   i. Thank you to the Staff Senate members that helped.
                           1. David Porter attended via video conference.
                           2. Jason Lavigne attended via video conference.
                           3. Walter Turner volunteered to attend.
                  ii. The Staff Assembly voted in new officers.
                           1. The new chair elect is Chuck Brink from UNC Chapel Hill.
                           2. The Secretary position is still open.
                 iii. Anne Ponder from UNC Asheville spoke.
                 iv. President Bowles gave a farewell and said the new President would do a good
         b. Chancellor’s Retirement (William Frady)
                   i. William Frady has contacted Steve Warren (Board of Trustees) about guidance
                      on the staff’s role in the search for a new chancellor.
                  ii. William Frady has spoken to the Staff Assembly about including staff in the
                      search for new chancellors.
                 iii. Chancellor Bardo was with Western Carolina University for 16 years.
                 iv. Golden Parachutes? (Made famous by the NC State Scandal)
                           1. If a retiring chancellor was going back to the faculty at their institution,
                              they used to receive a full year off at their chancellor’s pay rate. This
                              practice was known as a golden parachute. The time off would allow
                              the administrator time to study up on their academic discipline.

                                                                    Staff Senate Minutes
                                                                              October 20, 2010
                   2. This practice came under fire. Some chancellors were taking the year’s
                       pay and not staying in the state.
                   3. Therefore, the Board of Governors acted. Now chancellors that return
                       to the faculty do not receive that year of “chancellor pay,” but they are
                       paid. They must agree to return to their campus or return the funds.
          v. Chancellor Emeritus?
                   1. Dr. Coulter will continue as the Chancellor Emeritus.
                   2. It is not a paid position.
                   3. The University must provide the Chancellor Emeritus with an office.
c.   Committee Reports (William Frady)
           i. The committees have nothing to report at this time.
          ii. All committees must meet before the next Staff Senate meeting and choose a
d.   Staff Senate Buttons (William Frady/Tammy Frizzell)
           i. Creative Services provided the Staff Senate with 3 options. There was some
              concern that the buttons did not capture the idea that the Staff Senate wished
              to convey. (“Spice it up.”)
          ii. William Frady will forward a picture of the old buttons.
         iii. The Senate wants the buttons to embody helping students/student success.
         iv. The buttons must feature the University’s colors (Purple and Gold).
e.   Meeting with the Chancellor on November 30, 2010 (William Frady)
           i. The Senate will be meeting in the Hospitality Room. An amended meeting
              request will be sent out by Tammy Frizzell.
f.   WCU 2020 (William Frady)
           i. The staff was well represented.
          ii. Is there a move toward performance based budgeting? It seems that this may
              become a reality. Is there a way to galvanize people?
g.   MCD Policy (William Frady)
           i. This policy affects the use of smart phones. (IT considers tablets the same as
              smart phones.)
                   1. This is partially a security measure (lost devices) and a cost issue (IT
                   2. If an employee feels that they must be notified when new messages
                            a. There will be an annual fee that can be paid by the department.
                            b. The employee will be the owner of the phone. The University
                                will no longer have devices that it pays for.
          ii. Employees are also eligible for a stipend to help defray the costs associated with
              having a phone for business purposes. (Contact the Office of
              Telecommunications for more information.)
         iii. Employees will still be able to log-in remotely using a web browser.

                                                                           Staff Senate Minutes
                                                                                     October 20, 2010
           h. PAW Printing
           i. The devices do store digital images, but their hard drives are removed before they leave
              campus. (No security risk)
           j. IT Governance and Prioritization (William Frady)
                    i. The Staff Senate will have 2 representatives.
                            1. Information Technology Council
                            2. Administrative Technology Council
 V.    Old Business
           a. Child Care (Eric Margiotta)
                    i. The person spearheading the effort on the Faculty Senate side has left the
                       Senate. Eric will gather more details and report back to the Staff Senate.
           b. Flex Time/ Holiday Schedule (Jeff Tatham)
                    i. Jeff will create a survey and send it to the Staff Senate for suggestions. The
                       Senate should have the survey data in hand by December 2010/January 2011.
                   ii. There will be printed versions of the survey disseminated.
                  iii. Memos will be sent to publicize the survey.
 VI.   Informational Items
           a. Ornaments (Tammy Frizzell)
                    i. The paperwork to establish the fund has been sent through.
           b. EEAF (Tammy Frizzell)
                    i. The final documents have been sent to legal counsel.
           c. Meeting with the Chancellor on November 30, 2010 in the Hospitality Room.

Brenda Holcombe (former Staff Senate Chair) was presented with a certificate of recognition from the
Staff Assembly. The Staff Senate greatly appreciates Brenda’s contributions.


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