INSTRUCTIONS FOR 4-H EXHIBIT
                  BUILDING ENTRY FORMS
This form is to be filled out for all projects that will be brought to the 4-H
Building on Tuesday, July 24th! EXCEPT livestock. The livestock entry forms
are included in this packet & in the fair book. Please place your GRADE (as of
last fall) in the appropriate space on the entry form.

1.    One of these sheets will be filled out for each 4-H member. If a member has
      more projects than can be listed on the sheet, make out two sheets for the

2.    The gold copy will be kept by the family after it is completed. The pink
      copy will be kept by the 4-H leader and the white and yellow copy turned
      into the office. This form was new last year.

3.    On judging day, the 4-H leader will pick up all of the entries for their club
      and distribute them to the respective 4-H members.

4.    4-H members will take this sheet around with them as they are judged and
      the ribbon placing will be placed on the sheet as the judging is
      completed. It is the leaders’ responsibility to make sure the ribbon
      placing is on the sheet before they are returned to Extension Staff or the

5.    If an exhibit is not brought to the fair, please cross it off.

6.    After the judging, the 4-H member will turn these into the 4-H leaders.

7.    The 4-H leader will keep the yellow copy and turn the white copy in at the
      check-in stand.

8.    It is very important that these white copies are turned in, as it is the only
      record we will have of the ribbon placing to pay the premiums.

9.    We are requesting that any extra blank copies of the 4-H Entry Form be
      turned into the Extension Office so that we can keep these and use them
      next year. Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter.

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