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									Depth and Pressure Practice Problems                                       Name:
Physics                                                                    Period:
1. A pipe breaks in the bathroom, flooding the entire room to a depth of 5 cm. Is there more pressure exerted
on the floor of the bathroom, or on the bottom of the 6 cm deep cup of water sitting on the counter? Explain.

2. Karen is building a sandcastle at the beach. She carries her pail to the ocean to fill it up with sea water.
   (a) While her pail is empty, how much pressure               (b) When she fills her pail, the water in it is 25
   is exerted on the bottom of her pail? From                   cm deep. How much pressure does the sea
   what?                                                        water exert on the bottom of the full pail?

   (c) How much force is exerted on the bottom of                (d) Next time, instead of making the walk down
   the full pail, which has a radius of 18 cm?                   to the ocean, Karen fills up her pail with water
                                                                 from her water bottle. How much pressure does
                                                                 the bottom of her pail experience?
3. Tyler, having heard that there is treasure at the bottom of Lake Oswego, decides to go diving there after
school. He puts on a 0.08 m2 mask, trapping a 0.008 m3 volume of air between his face and the mask.
   (a) He swims to a depth of 3 meters. What                      (b) He dives deeper, reaching the bottom at a
   pressure does he experience?                                   depth of 9 meters. What pressure does he

   (c) What is the net force on Tyler’s mask while he probes the bottom of the lake?

4. In an experiment, Marcus is trying to turn pennies into gold. He fills up a 12 cm tall beaker with acetic acid,
drops in a penny, and watches it fall to the bottom.
    (a) How much pressure is exerted on the penny as it sits on the bottom?

   (b) While he waits for the results, he decides to also try dropping the penny in a beaker of citric acid. If he
   wants the penny to be under the same pressure as the other penny in the acetic acid, to what depth should he
   fill the new beaker with citric acid?

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