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Funding Guidelines
(Including Frequently Asked Questions, Sample Budget and Application Instructions)
What is the Regional Arts Fund?
The Regional Arts Fund (RAF) is a devolved Australian Government funding program from the Department of
Prime Minister and Cabinet, Office for the Arts. RAF supports projects by regionally based artists and arts
organisations that result in arts and cultural development activity in regional, remote and isolated Queensland

The Regional Arts Fund is one of a number of programs that contribute towards twin Australian Government
        (a) a rich and stimulating environment; and
        (b) an Australia where the social fabric is strong – where people in Regional and metropolitan Australia
            understand, value and respect each other’s contribution; where people are optimistic about their
            future and can turn uncertainty into opportunity; an Australia where all Australians share in the
            wealth and opportunities of the new century, regardless of where they live.

Who can apply for RAF?
Applicants to either of the two RAF Program categories must meet regional and specific program eligibility
criteria required by the Australian Government.

Eligible regional organisations or individuals may submit projects that address community cultural
development, artform activity, cross artform or multi-arts activity. Regional Arts Fund proposals can be
submitted by individual regions (see definition below) or as part of a cross regional activity.

Projects must be managed or auspiced by a not-for-profit, legally incorporated organisation that is registered in

Applications that engage the services of Queensland’s statewide arts and cultural service organisations will be
considered where the application comes from a regional arts organisation or individual. The role/s of the
statewide organisation must be clearly defined in these submissions.
Please contact the RAF manager if you have access requirements.

What grants are available?
The RAF Community Project Program is assessed by the RAF Assessment Panel. All project proposals must
meet all RAF program criteria.

Assistance available for this program will be from a minimum of $5,000 up to a maximum of $30,000. It
is anticipated that the majority of grants awarded in this category will be for short-term projects in the range of
$10,000 - $15,000.Only in special circumstances will RAF support the entire cost of a project. Proposals that
identify support (both cash and in-kind) for projects from other funding sources or generate income will be
viewed more favorably.
Regional Eligibility Criteria
The term regional is interpreted by the Australian Government in these Guidelines as: An area with common
geographic, economic, statistical, social or common identifiers. It may include a regional centre, town or rural
area crossing one or more local government area/s. The term ‘Regional’ excludes:
   (a)     areas that are part of the dormitory catchment of major capital cities, including high density coastal
           developments and major Industrial cities close to the capital, such as the Brisbane/Ipswich/Moreton
           Bay/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast hub; and
   (b)     population centres of greater than 100,000 (with the exception of Cairns and Townsville).

Although ineligible to apply in their own right, individuals and organisations from within excluded areas can
participate in RAF funded project activity as project partners and paid participants where the applicant is an
eligible regional arts organisation or individual.

Specific Program Criteria
Applications for project support by the Regional Arts Fund must address the following assessment criteria.
RAF applications should explain (where applicable) how they will:
 Provide developmental opportunities for professional and/or emerging professional artists, arts
   organisations, and/or arts and cultural workers in regional Queensland. A clear statement of the expected
   outcomes of the proposed activity relating to the program criteria must be provided.

   Address a key issue/s in regional arts and cultural development as identified through your own regionally
    specific research, such as local government corporate plans and cultural audits.

   Contribute to longer-term arts and cultural development activity in regional communities.

   Develop collaborations and partnerships within and across regions.

   Demonstrate community support.

   Lead to regional skills development and provide access to information.

   Demonstrate viability through adequate financial planning, organisational structures and timelines,
    providing relevant support material and confirmation of artists’ roles and availability and stating clearly
    roles of project partners.

   In the case of Indigenous projects – should reflect support of their Community or Elders.
    Indigenous artists, arts organisations and Indigenous communities are actively encouraged to apply. Non-
    Indigenous artists and arts and cultural development organisations applying must demonstrate a
    partnership with an Indigenous individual, community or organisation where the project targets Indigenous
    artists or communities.

What RAF cannot support
In addition to the general regional eligibility requirements, projects will be considered ineligible where RAF
funds are sought for:
 Ongoing organisational administration costs associated with the project;
 Individual professional development that does not connect to regionally identified cultural priorities or have
    clear community benefit (e.g. individual exhibition costs, self-publishing, attending entertainment events);
 Infrastructure projects (e.g. building purchase, renovation or maintenance) or purchase of assets;
 Heritage activities (although arts projects located at heritage buildings or sites are eligible);

        2   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
            Artslink Queensland
   Ongoing activities of collecting institutions for collection development, maintenance, conservation and
    interpretation (although creative arts projects that meet the Program Objectives are eligible);
   Touring projects that primarily involve touring from major urban centres to Regional, Remote or Very
    Remote/Isolated communities;
   Components of projects that are already in receipt of funding through programs delivered by the
    Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts;
   Core costs of organising and running competitions, prizes, awards, or fund-raising events;
   Curriculum/school-based activities (including school musicals and excursions) or courses of ongoing
    education and vocational training in government or private institutions in Australia or overseas, academic
    activity, including wages or course work required as part of any academic program;
   Repeat projects or projects that have commenced or been completed, (Note: Further stages of a
    completed project are eligible);
   Projects managed by grantees who have not acquitted previous grants from the Regional Arts Fund or any
    other Australian Government arts and cultural funding program;
   Organisations and/or projects outside the geographic area designated as regional by the Australian
    Government for the Fund. Ineligible cities include Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Logan and Redland.
    Ineligible Regional Councils include Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast.

When can I apply?
There are two funding rounds each year, closing early March for projects commencing the following July and
early August for projects commencing the following January. Check the Artslink Queensland website: for this year’s exact closing dates.

How do I apply?
Applications must be submitted using the current RAF Application Form. Applicants are required to submit
one original copy of their application addressing the requirements of these Guidelines, following the format of
the RAF Application Form. Your Application should consist of one original copy of the fully completed
application form, which includes:
Section A
Section B
Section C
   1. Project Summary
   2. Project Description - a written statement of no more than 6 pages
   3. Project Budget
   4. Support material - should be restricted to relevant information and included with the application. All
       materials must be clearly labeled with the applicant’s name and project title and listed as an attachment
       to your application. MUST not exceed 8 pages in total. Only the first 8 pages will be read by the
       selection panel. Do not send originals of support material. Artslink Queensland does not take
       responsibility for the return of material submitted as part of an application.
   5. Application Checklist
   6. Certification

Your support material must include the following:
    Letters of support from the community/ies/partners to be involved in the project (showing they have
       been consulted). These letters should be signed by the supporter and on letterhead if applicable
    CVs of key creative and managerial personnel involved in the project and letters of confirmation from
       artists involved in the project
       And may include:
    quotations for the supply of goods and services;

        3   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
            Artslink Queensland
      An example of your previous or relevant work undertaken by the person/people to be employed on the
       project – you can only submit ONE of the following:
                up to 5 photographs or slides OR
                video tape (the Panel may not view more than 5 minutes) OR
                audio cassette or CD (the Panel may not listen to more than 5 minutes) OR
                up to 5 pages of manuscript OR
                CD/DVD (the Panel may not view more than 5 minutes)

Audiovisual support material should clearly indicate the specific 5 minutes that the Panel are to view/hear.
Please ensure that software used to produce support material is universally compatible. Submitted materials
may be viewed/played/accessed at the discretion of the Panel if the applicant provides no guidance.

What is the application process time frame?
RAF assessment takes place by a Panel of nominated arts industry representatives, appointed by the Federal
Minister, based on eligibility advice from the Regional Arts Fund Manager. The three stages of the
assessment process are:
Stage 1       Closing date – Applications are received, processed and forwarded to the Panel for
Stage 2       Approximately 5 weeks after closing date – The RAF Panel meets to consider project proposals
              and finalise recommendations to the Minister.
Stage 3       Approximately 12 weeks after closing date - The Federal Minister for the Arts announces
              successful applicants.

What are my responsibilities if I am successful?
Successful applicants agree that the Federal Minister for the Arts and Artslink Queensland may release details
of their project to the media. They will be required to enter into a legally binding Funding Agreement with
Artslink Queensland that specifies a range of conditions consistent with the accountability standards for the
use of public funds for arts projects.

All recipients of project funding must provide an Outcome Report within 8 weeks of completion of their
project, which includes both an artistic and financial report.

Who do I acknowledge for the funds?
All RAF recipients will be required to acknowledge the Australian Government’s support in all promotional
material associated with the project (this must include use of the Regional Arts Fund and Artslink Queensland
logos) and to invite the Federal Minister for the Arts and local Federal Members of Parliament to any events or
launches resulting from the RAF funded activity. Artslink Queensland will provide copies of logos and
appropriate acknowledgments to successful applicants.

Where do I go if I need help?
Applicants may contact RAF Secretariat staff at Artslink Queensland should they require further assistance:
Telephone:    07 3226 4008        Fax: 07 3846 7744 (applications not accepted by fax)
              Email:        Webpage:
              Artslink Queensland
              GPO Box 376
              BRISBANE QLD 4001

As the RAF Secretariat staff do not take part in the Panel’s formal decision making on funding
recommendations, they may provide information and engage in discussions about applications. While

        4   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
            Artslink Queensland
information and support are offered in good faith no inference should be drawn from any comments made by
the Secretariat regarding the likely outcome of an application.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.    Do I have to use the RAF Application form?
A.    Yes. Applications must be submitted on the standard application form. They may be retyped but must
      retain the content, order of questions and layout. The written part of the application must not exceed
      14 pages, which includes the Project Description (maximum of 6 pages) plus support material
      (maximum of 8 written pages). Applications that do not follow the required format and number of pages
      will not be considered and will be returned to the applicant.

Q.    Can I make the print size smaller to fit in more information?
A.    No. Applications using smaller fonts would gain an unfair advantage. DO NOT use a font size smaller
      than 11-point. In the interests of equity, applications with font size smaller than 11 point will be
      returned unread.

Q.    Do I have to answer every question?
A.    Yes. The Panel do not consider incomplete applications.

Q.    Can I Fax or e-mail my application?
A.    No. As the fund requires an original signature in the Certification Section of the application, your
      application must be posted or hand delivered in the form of one original copy of the application.

Q.    Can I get some advice or feedback on my application before it is due to be lodged?
A.    Yes. During the drafting phase, QAC staff are able to provide advice on application drafts provided
      they are received no later than three weeks prior to the closing date.

Q.    How much can I apply for?
A.    Community Projects that meet the RAF criteria may be supported from a minimum of $5,000 to a
      maximum of $30,000. It is anticipated that the majority of grants awarded will be in the range of
      $10,000 - $15,000. Applicants should be aware that there are limited funds available for distribution
      through the Regional Arts Fund and that the process is highly competitive.

Q.    Can I apply for 100% of the project cost?
A.    Only in very special circumstances will RAF support the entire cost of a project. Proposals that identify
      support (both cash and in-kind) for projects from other funding sources or generate income will be
      viewed favorably. Applicants are also encouraged to put a realistic value on ‘in-kind’ assistance from
      the community for the project.

Q.    Can I apply for a grant if I have received Regional Arts Funding before?
A.    Yes. However, recurrent projects will not be considered. Applications also will not be considered from
      individuals or organisations that have not satisfactorily acquitted previous grants from the Fund or other
      Commonwealth Arts and Cultural funds.

Q.    Can I apply for more than one project in the round?
A.    No. For equity reasons, and due to the size of the funding pool and the demand on funds, applicants
      are restricted to one application per round. However, applicants may be put forward as partners or
      project workers on other eligible projects in any funding round.

        5   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
            Artslink Queensland
Q.   What is the auspicing process?
A.   If you are an individual or an organisation/body that is not incorporated, your grant must be auspiced
     by a not-for-profit incorporated organisation registered in Queensland. This means that the auspicing
     organisation will sign a funding agreement with Artslink Queensland, requiring it to administer and
     acquit the funds on your behalf. You may approach your local council, a statewide service provider or
     incorporated cultural organisation to auspice your grant for you. Before nominating the auspicing body
     in your application, you must obtain their agreement. If an auspicing fee is being charged, it can be
     included in the amount requested and should be noted as an expense on the budget page. Applicants
     are advised to negotiate the best possible auspicing rate.

Q.   In general terms, what does the Panel look for in an application?
               Applications that address RAF guidelines and Program Criteria.
               Projects that support new, innovative arts and cultural development activity in the identified
               A clearly defined and workable description of the project and what it will achieve.
               Projects that have a clear regional as opposed to local focus.
               Projects that develop the capability of regional artists/organisations and their arts practice.
               Projects that identify and strengthen partnerships and collaborations within and across the
               Relevance to the regional community.
               Names, CVs and confirmations of involvement of key creative and management personnel.
               Projects that pay artists/artsworkers industry relevant fees for their products and services.
               Evidence of community support for the project, particularly from those who the project will
                directly engage or target.
               Successful acquittal of previous RAF grants.
               Funding and ‘in-kind’ support sought and obtained from other sources.
               Realistic budgets with correct calculations.

Q.   What are some errors frequently made by applicants?
            Applications requesting less than the minimum or more than the maximum support available.
            Project does not have clearly defined objectives.
            Applications that are incomplete, unsigned or do not address the Specific Program Criteria.
            Budgets that are incomplete or contain errors in the calculations.
            Applications that do not follow the required format.
            Excessive length of Project Descriptions or amounts of Support Material.
            Font size too small.
            Application is not posted and postmarked by the closing date.

Q.   Unsure about the Budget? (PLEASE SEE NEXT PAGE FOR SAMPLE BUDGET)
            In column 1 (Expected Income), write all expected income including grants and sponsorship, please
             mark with a (C) - confirmed or (NC) – not confirmed, to indicate the status of those funds at the time
             of applying.
            In column 5 – (RAF $), please indicate what amount of the cost for each item is to be covered by
             the RAF fund. What portion of each Expense (in column 4) are you asking RAF to fund?

         6   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
             Artslink Queensland
          Record the amount requested from RAF in the shaded income line. The total amount sought from
           the RAF (shaded column 2) must EQUAL the RAF funds costed within your project expenditure
           (foot of column 5).
         On Costs (column 3 in expenditure) includes such things as Workcover, Superannuation and
           Holiday Pay (if applicable).Any costs related to access should be included here.
         In-kind means the dollar value of time, labour, services and materials donated to the project by you
           or others. Make sure that the in-kind amount is also entered under the appropriate item on the
           Expenditure side.
         Ensure that your budget balances. The Total Income (foot of column 2) EQUALS Total
           Expenditure (foot of column 4).
COLUMN:        1                         2                       3                        4           5
 EXPECTED INCOME                         $     EXPECTED EXPENDITURE                       $          RAF $
 Earned Income                                 Wages/ Fees
 Workshop Fees:                                Artist’s Fees:
 30 @ $20 x 1 w/shop.                     600    4 @ $ 850 X 2 wks                       6 800       4 000
                                               Art’s Worker Fees:
 Box Office:                                     1 @ $ 750 X 3 wks                       2 250       1 000
 80 @ $20 x 3 perf.                     4 800  Coordinators:
                                                 1 @ $ 800 X         6 wks               4 800
                                               On-costs:                                 1 500
                                               In-kind Labour                            5 600
                        Sub Total $ 5 400                                 Sub Total $ 20 950 $ 5 000
 Applicant’s Contribution                      Travel/Accommodation Costs
 Cash                                   3 000  Motor Vehicle Allowance
                                               Hire Vehicles:
 In-kind:                                        20 days @ $ 50                          1 000
                                               Fuel                                         300
 Volunteer Labour:                             Airfares: 4 @ $750 + 1 @ $ 1 000          4 000       2 000
 280 hours @ $20/hr                     5 600  Other Travel
                                                 77 nights @ $60/night                   4 620       2 000
                        Sub Total $ 8 600      Living Away from Home Allow.
 Sponsorship (list)                              4 @ $ 240 X 2 wks                       1 920       1 000
 Cash                                            1 @ $ 240 X 3 wks                          720
   Local Business        (C)            1 700                             Sub Total $ 12 560 $ 5 000
                                               Direct Project Costs
 In-kind                                       Materials                                 7 100       3 500
   Venue (Shire Council) (C)            1 500 Equipment Hire                             4 290       1 000
                                               Venue Hire                                1 500
                        Sub Total $ 3 200 Insurance                                      2 400
                                               Postal/Phone                                 400
 Government Grants                                                        Sub Total $ 15 690 $ 4 500
 Local (RADF)            (C)            5 000 Marketing Costs
                                               Advertising                               3 200
 State (Arts Qld)         (C)           7 800 Programs                                      800
 Other:                                        Publications
 Federal (Oz Co)        (NC)           10 000 Documentation Costs                        1 500          500
 RAF                                   15 000 Auspicing Fees                                300
                        Sub Total $ 37 800                                Sub Total $ 5 800 $ 500
                       Total Income $ 55 000                                       Total Expenditure $ 55 000   $ 15 000

           7   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
               Artslink Queensland
   Excluding the Form itself, the written pages of the Application must be no more than 14 pages in length
     (6 pages of Project Description + 8 pages of support documents). The Panel will not assess written
     material over this limit.
   Applicants must have had at least ONE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION regarding their application with
     the Regional Arts Fund management staff prior to lodging their application.
      Your application should be typed or printed legibly in black ink on one side of the page in NO LESS
       THAN 11-POINT FONT SIZE – it is in your own interest that the Panel can easily read your application.
      To enable photocopying, applications and support material should not be bound.
      An application that is incomplete, not in the required format, or does not include requested
       documentation, will not be considered as eligible by the panel.
      Applications from Individuals or unincorporated organisations must be auspiced by an incorporated
       not-for-profit organisation registered in Queensland.
      Faxed or emailed applications will NOT be accepted for Panel assessment, but can be provided in draft
       form to the QAC/RAF Secretariat for the purpose of gaining advice during the application process up to
       three weeks prior to the closing dates.
      Applications that are posted on the closing date will be accepted but must bear the postmark of that
       date or will not be considered eligible.
      GST – All applicants or auspicing bodies should have an ABN
       If your organisation is also GST registered, or intends to be registered, the project budget should be
       provided net of any GST on either expenses or income.
       If your organisation is not registered for the GST, the project budget should be provided on the basis of
       forecast expenditure that will include GST where applicable.
      Do not submit these Guideline pages with your application – they are for your information only.
      Lodgment details. Please send your application to: Regional Arts Fund
                                                          Artslink Queensland
                                                          GPO Box 376
                                                          BRISBANE QLD 4001
       Applications must be Post Marked (showing date) by the specified closing date.
       Applications may be hand delivered by the closing date to: Artslink Queensland
                                                                  8 Lochaber Street
                                                                  DUTTON PARK QLD 4102

        8   Regional Arts Fund – Community Project Program Funding Guidelines
            Artslink Queensland

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