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									President: Wayne Priestly                                                          3rd VP: KaTina Smith
1st VP: Chris Cyprien                                                              Treasurer: Jennifer McCoy
2nd VP: Rick Castanon                                                              Secretary: Amy Malone

                             Clear Brook Football Booster Club
                                                  P.O. Box 756
                                          Friendswood, Texas 77549-0756

                                    2012 Membership Form
                                                 (Please Print)

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________ City: _________________ Zip: _________

Player Name(s):___________________________________________

Grade(s) :___________(for 2012-13 school year)                Home Phone: ________________________

Cell Phone: ________________________ Work Phone: __________________________________

Email address: ___________________________________________________________________

Add. Email: ______________________________________________________________________

    Membership Levels (Please check one)                                  Committees (Please check)
o Gold - $100 includes membership for two with                            o Media Guide
  Media Guide recognition.
                                                                          o Fundraising
o Silver - $75 includes membership for two with                           o Concession stand
  Media Guide recognition.
                                                                          o Meet the Wolverines
o Bronze - $50 includes membership for two.
                                                                          o Merchandise
o Basic - $25 includes membership.
                                                                          o Homecoming
    All of the above include team updates and important
    Brook Football information via email.                                 o End of Season Banquets

                                                                          o Players Tunnel
        Concession Stand Buy-Out $20.00
                                                                          o Yes, I would like to volunteer
         Yes ____           No, I will work ____

              Total paid $________       Check #________ Cash________ CC________

          Turn this form and payment into a Booster Club officer or mail to address listed at top.
             Make checks payable to: Clear Brook Football Booster Club or CBFBC

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